Once there was a king update Tuesday 1 March 2022

Once there was a king 1 March 2022: Rana ji smiles watching Savitri make Rangoli. He clears his throat but she doesn’t look up at him, he ruins the rangoli. She comes complaining. He says he had been standing here for a long time, why she didn’t listen to him. She says she has a single mind that can work at only one place. Rana ji says he has to talk to her, she says she has to finish her rangoli. He sits beside her, ruins the colours again and says she is a maid and must listen to him. Savitri says even maids have some rights, she knows what her right is; she asks if he wants coffee or tea? He says no.

She asks what he will take to leave then. He must go and do some work. He asks what he must do. Savitri says he must do the duties of a Raja and must go away from here, else the rangoli she started at Holi will end at Diwali. Rana ji stares at him, she tells him to make this ruined Rangoli she will go to some other work.Lakhan tells Swarna that Kunwar ji is restless, if he doesn’t get an heir soon he must throw him out. Swarna says he will throw him out even after getting the heir. Swarna says the princess are only a sourse of heir, only this palace is rightful over her life.

Lakhan says she is a sparrow, he will take her away from this palace soon. He asks if she will go with him. Swarna turns away and goes inside. Lakhan smiles.Rajeshwari comes to Rana ji in the corridor, she says this is their first Holi. She can’t wait when he will put on a colour on her. She says the one who will put the color before will be weighted in the relationship. Rana ji says he won’t play such an idiotic ritual. Rajeshwari asks if he is angry at her because of the Savitri thing. She says since his memory loss, he has forgotten her. She was jealoused of watching Savitri with him. Gayatri thinks that this is their first Holi, and she can’t even play Holi with him.

There, Rajeshwari says she is apologizing him again, if he has forgiven her he will play Holi with her for sure. Rana ji says he will play. Rajeshwari cheers. Rana ji says he only plays to win, and he will win this game as well; he will put the colour first. Rajeshwari asks what if she puts the color first. Rana ji says she will get what she asks for and leaves. Rajeshwari thinks she only needs an heir of Amirkot from him, once she becomes a mother of his child she will be rooted here strongly.Lakhan watches Swarna get ready in front of mirror. He vanishes.

She opens the sindoor box and thinks when a relation has died what is the need for its mark. She won’t live an incomplete life, when Laksh hasn’t given her any respect of a wife why she must put on sindoor. She says she won’t show off anymore. Kokilla asks Cheetah why she didn’t get an heir till now, its Holi and he must accomplish his goal on this festival. Lakhan says he knows what he has to do, he says he will do it tonight. She asks him to leave. Laksh watches Lakhan from the window.

In the corridor, Laksh questions Gayatri. Gayatri says Lakhan has said yes only, he won’t do it. Laksh says it would be better for them both, else he won’t take a minute to open up her secret. Gayari was worried, her dupatta was about to catch fire. Rana ji comes there and saves her. She complains if she had got burnt, how it must have affected him. Rana ji says alright he was mistaken while putting the blame over Rana ji. He came to talk to her because she is the only one who tells him the whole truth. Savitri says there was a buffalo in their village, it was her responsibility to give her water but she never drank it. Her mother scolded her but never understood that it was buffalo who never drank the water herself though it was provided.

She says he is a Raja, he must listen to his heart only and not about the fox and the dogs around. She leave Rana ji thoughtful.
In the evening, Rana ji lights the mount, he asks Rajeshwari about Bari Rani Maa. Rajeshwari says she is unwell and slept soon. They do the pooja together. Savitri watches them hurt. Swarna does the pooja with Laksh. Rana ji thinks that this fire burns all the masks, and only the truth remains. He prays that all the masks are burnt today, he only wants to see the truth today. He shuts his eyes and visualize Savitri in Gayatri’s dress. He opens his eyes at once and watches Savitri standing at her place. She leaves the place of fire.

Rajeshwari picks up the colour to throw at Rana ji but he had already gone behind Savitri and the color goes to Laksh. Rana ji comes behind Savitri and was about to put a color over her, she tells him not to and goes away from him. Rana ji says today even an enemy can’t be stopped from putting on the color, won’t she give him this right. Savitri says he himself doesn’t know his right, she can’t play this game with him. Rana ji says he doesn’t know why she hates these colors but he will put the color on her today. Savitri thinks that she can’t put the color of lie over her, for a moment only but she will show him the truth today; and then all the fallasies will break. Lakhan comes to Swarna and puts on color on her face.

Savitri comes to Raaj mata, she wish her a happy holi. Raaj Mata tells her to continue on her way, her destination will itself move towards her; she will get Rana ji’s love back and the family will reunite. This is a mother’s prayer. Gayatri tells her that soon she and Rana ji will come to take blessings from her. They hug each other.In the morning in palace, the crowd cheer as Rana ji comes to terrace to wish all his people a Happy Holi. He throws the color in the air to begin the festivities. Kokilla tells Bari Rani maa that next time her Kunwar ji will be there in place of Rana ji. Rana ji touches Bari Rani Maa’s feet and wish her a happy Holi. Rajeshwari thinks that in Holi, the biggest Raja also feels the festivity.

She thinks she won’t allow Rana ji put color on herself and takes the color from the plate but Rana ji had left. Bari Rani maa prays that Rajeshwari gets near to Rana ji and become one. She asks Rajeshwari if she isn’t playing the Holi, Rajeshwari says she will play. First she will put color on Rana ji, then he. Bari Rani maa asks what if someone else puts the color on her? She puts the color on Rajeshwari and laughs saying sorry. Rajeshwari was curt and wonders where Rana ji is.Rana ji comes to the kitchen, he wishes all the servants and asks about Savitri. They men say they didn’t see Savitri. Rana ji wonders where Savitri has gone and comes out.

Rajeshwari comes behind Rana ji, smiles and heads towards him. Rana ji smiled watching Savitri with a guard and moves towards her before Rajeshwari could throw the color. The color goes to Kokilla wo scolds Rajeshwari that she is her aunt in laws. Rana ji smiles as he comes to Rajeshwari from behind her and says no matter how much she tries she can’t color him. Rajeshwari asks who can do it then. Rana ji says he himself doesn’t know. Rajeshwari says she knows, it is only her right; now she must catch him when he is really lost.Rana ji comes to confront Savitri ans says she lied to him, takes the plate from her and shows her face.

She said she can’t let him put color on him. Savitri says she is his maid, not his property; she will decide who can put color over him. Rana ji asks what about his will. He wants to put color on her and he will do it. Rajeshwari watches this. Savitri leaves saying if he doesn’t know his own self, how she should make him apply color over her. Rajeshwari asks a man to take the drink to Rana ji, Rana ji denies it but the man says it will be a disrespect of Prasad. He engulps a glass. Rajeshwari asks Rana ji to take another glass, he engulps it too. He begins to dance at once, drunk. Savitri was worried watching him dance with Rajeshwari. Savitri leaves inside crying. Laksh finds Swarna while Rajeshwari looks for Rana ji.

Swrana swirls around on the terrace, Lakhan comes to hold her. She smiles watching him. She hugs him and asks him to take her away from here.
Savitri runs inside the corridor, happily hides herself and throws a bangle on the floor. Rana ji comes following it.
Swarna’s hair gets stuck in Lakhan’s shirt’s button. Laksh comes looking for her and wonders where she has gone. There, Rajeshwari was finding Rana ji while Rana ji looked around for Savitri.
Swarna and Lakhan come to a room. Lakhan try to get intimate with her, they get in bed with each other. Laksh looks around in different rooms for Swarna and Lakhan. Savitri comes to her room, and washes her face thinking about her promise to Rana ji.

Laksh finds Swarna’s anklet on the doorway and was enraged that Gayatri must now give her life to pay for breaking her promise.
Rana ji opens the door, Gayatri had been crying. She turns to Rana ji.
Laksh comes to talk to Kunwar ji but he doesn’t listen to him. He goes to Kokilla.
Rana ji says she can’t stop him from putting colour over her, Gayatri!. He fills her face in red color. She colors his face holding it in her hands. She hugs him crying. He hugs her back.

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