Once there was a king update Thursday 16 December 2021

Once there was a king 16 December 2021: The Series starts by the introduction towards a story that was never heard nor remembered.Some Englishmen come to visit a palace and as they are shown the different parts they appreciate its architechture.Raj Mata was getting ready in front of the mirror, a maid brings her a necklace, she tries it then is worried to see her neck and denies wearing it. The maid tells her this is a special necklace that she inherited and she always wear it.

Raj Mata asks for another necklace, the maid says what is important is the proud head of the inhabitants of the kingdom not the wrinkles on her neck. Raj Mata hears this, then asks her to go.The maid comes to Englishmen and informs them that Raj Mata wants a good photoshoot of herself in Europeon styles that were actually inherited from her. The photographer notices the lines on her neck and points at her to cover them, but she repeats maids’ words. Raj Mata takes a leave saying she has important matters to handle. The maid says today Rana ji is arriving after years of foreign stay as a soldier for the purpose of war.

The photographer asks for a photosession with him as well, Raj Mata says the less the Royal family comes in front of public, more will be the public demand to know about them. She wants to keep the curiosity about Rana ji in the minds of the public.Raja ji climbs out of a personal jet, he is given a prestigious welcome with the sound of 21 cannons. Rana ji remembers a devastating incident of firework and war that had taken many important lives in front of him. He heads to get into his car.

A girl was driving her cycle, a watchman stops her that she can’t pass this place right now. She says she needs to go towards library. The guard says library is closed right now, she says it will open up at 10 o clock. The guard asks her for a library card, she shows a man’s library card but doesn’t accept and says that the writing has faded. She introduces herself as Shama instead of Sham written on the card, the librarian comes from behind and recognizes her as Shama. The guard apologizes and leaves, the librarian scolds her for being naughty again and calls her by real name that is Gayatri. Gayatri says that she knows her mother will never allow her to get this card for herself so she uses her brother’s card. They talk about Rana ji’s arrival. Gyatri says she is really sure that Rana ji is different from all other prince of times. He will care for his subjects.

The librarian is shocked to see Gayatri having read all the three books she got issued. She says this time she will issue 4 books. The librarian tells her to leave soon as the roadways will be sealed because Rana ji is arriving.A young man stood with a middle aged man and asked if after Rana Ji’s death he had to get the seat he still had to wait for Rana ji here. The middle aged man scolds the younger one that Rana ji is the heir of the Kingdom and he will never get this.Raj Mata was waiting for her son, she remembered her deceased husband saying he must be proud as well that his son is returning from war.

The time bomb had been installed in the royal cart in which Rana ji was travelling, people waited him in the way. Suddenly there is a bomb blast and the car catches fire. Many soldiers and their horses were also burnt alive.Gayatri was in the library when two children arrive there. They tell Gayatri that she didn’t press aunt’s saree and there is a fire at home. Gayatri asks where they have to go getting so ready. They tell her that Rana ji’s cart is going to pass their road. Gayatri was excited, in the way her books fell down and the kids tease her, but she says she has not excited because of Rana ji.

The rival uncle and his son who stood in the way of Rana ji were shocked to see that after the burns of fire there came a horse man, when he came closed it was Rana Ji. He stepped down the horse and come to greet the elderly man standing on the doorway for his welcome.Rana ji he is happy to see him alive. Rana ji asks if he is shocked or happy to see him alive. He says it wasn’t God but Bhalu who brought horse along him as he knows how much he likes horse riding. He questions who arranged for the cart, and who is responsible for the security. Kunwar uncle who stood there also scolds the old man.

Rana ji says normally the most suspected comes out to be innocent. He comes to ask if he is right to Kunwar? Kunwar asks him to take blessings, he touches Kunwar’s feet.Gayatri and kids come home, the uncle asks where she was, he had been looking for her. She asks where he didn’t look for her. He says he looked everywhere and suggests names. Gayatri asks if he looked for her in Pooja house. He says no, she says alright then she was in Pooja house. Her mother gets her on the door, she says she was in Pooja house. Her mother says she wasn’t there, and scolds her for wandering here and there. She asks what is she hiding behind in her hands, Gayatri hands them to the boy standing behind her and says only some fate lines are there on her hands.

Her mother says she wanted her married till yet, but Gayatri says she loves this house. Her bhabi calls from above for her, Gayatri tells her mom there is such a demand of her in the house.Her bhabi was scolding the maid for not pressing her saree properly. Gayatri takes it from her. Her younger bhabi comes to butter Gayatri and asks her to make a Jora of her hair. Both bhabi’s winks at each other which her mother notices, she comes inside the room and asks Gayatri to get ready by herself as she can’t go like that to the welcome. When the mother and daughter leave, the elder bhabi curses Gayatri for not getting married and being a burden on them. The younger one, Champakali says that they must bear the burder happily as Gayatri does a lot of house chores for them.

The security man and Kunwar tells Rana ji to go straight to palace. But Rana ji reminds them that he is the king now, he doesn’t want his subjects to believe that they are insecure and their king is a coward. Kunwar Luksh also suggests him to take care of himself, but Rana ji doesn’t agree.Gayatri was ready with makeup and jewellery on, her maa comes tear eyed. She says she wants Gyatri to get married as soon as possible, Gayatri says she doesn’t want to marry and will always live with her parents. Her mother asks if their parents will live forever. She was sad at the taunts of her daughter in laws. Gayatri overlooks this all and runs towards the roof as it was the time for royal cart to pass by their road.

Other ladies also run upstairs. They peeked down but the cart had an umbrella over it and the face of Rana ji was covered fully. Gyatri watched him excitedly bending down when the pot of plant on the roof fell down, the horses of the cart get restless immediately. Rana ji stands over the cart, jumps over the horses and take control of the cart’s front horse and is successful in making him calm. The guard comes to help but Rana ji says he is fine. Soldiers are ordered to find out who threw the pot. The soldiers come inside and asks the whole house been searched. The mother was worried what will happen now, Gaytri was ready to confess she did this but the bhabis say they don’t want any more trouble.

Kaka stops the soldiers from entering as the Seth ji isn’t home and only ladies are there. Kaka says the Seth ji has always been loyal to Royal family. The soldier doesn’t agree for loyalty of the family, Gayatri says they are also not labelled for loyalty. Rana ji comes to hear all the argument between Gayatri and the soldier. Rana ji says that he orders the search to end at once, after hearing both sides’ stance. The soldiers leave on the orders, deterring Gaytri. Gayatri thinks that Rana ji ordered this, means the horse rider was Rana ji. She runs to the door to look at him but could only see his back on horse, but smiles.

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