Once there was a king update Sunday 19 December 2021

Once there was a king 19 December 2021: Kunwar says to Raaj Mata to see what her son has done, there are other ways of denial they why denying a big British officer. He must not forget that British are the owners and the rulers of the land. Rana ji says that British were never the owners of the state, they are ruling this state and transferring the money to their own country. Rana ji says that some of the country men are helping British rob us of our money. He tells Raaj Mata that the tax on water is filling the pockets of British and Kunwar chacha.

Kunwar minds it, Raaj Mata asks him to apologize Kunwar. Rana ji says he is sorry, but he only said what he listened to. Kunwar says that Raaj Mata herself signed the papers of taxations. Raaj Mata takes a seat and says she doesn’t know anything, she was told to sign so she did. What she could do, he had left after Surakshna’s death, Raaj Mata was burdenized with the responsibility of the state. Rana ji tells Raaj Mata not to worry, he is no here to save them all from British and the Kunwar’s disloyalty.Seth ji asks about Gayatri at the dinner table. Maa says she had dinner and went to sleep soon, she wasn’t feeling well. Seth ji gets worried.

Gayatri was lying on the bed thinking about her mother’s words, and the Rana ji. Seth ji comes to the room and calls her, she sits up. He asks how is she now, then notices her as lost. He asks what happened? Gayatri asks when she was a child, he used to teach her. He says he remembers, she was always afraid of maths questions. Gayatri says today there is a question that makes her fearful, why is right and wrong different for a girl in the world? Seth ji says someone has really made her afraid, he says that according to God everything is equal for men and women. But in the eye of world, wrong is a bit heavy for girls than right. Gayatri asks isn’t it that one knows when she is right and when wrong. Seth ji says that whenever there is a burden on heart after doing something, it means it is wrong.

When one feels happy doing something, it means it is right. Maa calls Seth ji that Munshi ji has come. Gayatri thinks that she would feel angry at the touch of anyone else, but Rana ji’s touch doesn’t make her feel awkward.Govind Seth is enraged at the pride of Raaj Mata, saying he always was loyal to elder Rana ji. Raaj mata disrespected him this way. It seems this is time to defeat Royal Palace.Raaj Mata was worried and says she did a mistake about tearing Govind Seth’s letter. She says no there is a single way. The maid suggests if she is talking about Rana ji’s marriage to Kinor’s princess. She says she will have to make up Rana ji’s mind to do this.

On the dinner table, everyone tells Rana ji that on the 55th birthday of Raaj Mata there is a party arranged. It was a lavish one, on which Rana ji objects saying the state is already on a debt. Raaj Mata tells Rana ji that the people won’t bear the expenses. Rana ji says that he will do pooja before this, working on the footsteps of his father. Raaj Mata asks Lukshvardan to brings his wife Suvarnlekha back for party. Rana ji says he will get a chance to meet his sister in law this way. Raaj Mata tells her maid to inform Pandit ji they will come to temple.

Gayatri thinks about Rana ji as she sits with his coat on her lap. She thinks he saved her life, she must also do something for him. He brings about a handkerchief from a box, then smiles. She sews a horse on it.Raaj Mata says to associate that it is really important for Kinour’s king, queen and specially Princess Sharmila to come to the party. Deewan ji suggests about inviting Govind Seth to the party as well. Raaj Mata doesn’t agree, Dewaan says that they are even unable to pay the interest of Govind Seth today. Raaj Mata says she is doing it all for purpose, things will change. Deewan ji says that when one is unable to sew a shoe one must try to soften it. Her act will make Govind Seth a bit soft as well. Raaj Mata promises to think about it.

Maa scolded Gayatri for touching the pickle with wet hands. Gayatri was lost, she asks if she said something. Her mother scolds her again. A maid asks Maa for a leave because Rana ji is coming to temple tonight. Gayatri takes Kaka aside, she says that she won’t get a better chance to return the coat to Rana ji. Kaka offers to take it for him, Gayatri says she will do it herself. She will take the gift along her as well. She asks Kaka to manage it after she has left. Kaka says in temples, people go to look at their Gods. Gayatri says she did the same.Gayatri completes the handkerchief that she had prepared as a gift and packs the coat of Rana ji.

In the kitchen, Bhabi was arguing with maa ji, the younger one notices Gayatri leaving the house. Kaka asks her what she is doing, what he will reply to everyone at home if she goes to temple without telling anyone. Gayatri says she doesn’t know, she just know that she can’t stop herself. The younger bhabi says that she must know what is Gayatri upto and leaves the house to follow her.At the temple Rana ji and Raaj Mata come to temple. Pandit ji welcomes them and takes them along. Gayatri was among the people there and stares continuously at Rana ji, smiling.

Rana ji brings gift pack for everyone and hands one to Gayatri as well that she takes with a smile. He move on, then comes back to her and smiles at her. She smiles back. He forwards his hand towards her, she gives him hers and stands up. Both look at each other, Rana ji uncovers her head. The bell rings, Gayatri comes to realization that she had been day dreaming, she watches Rana ji and Raaj mata leaving and thinks she couldn’t give him his gift. The guard stops her as she runs behind him, he says she can’t go behind him. Gayatri insists that Rana ji recognizes her, but the guard doesn’t listen to her plea. Bhabi watches Gayatri speaking to the guard but the guard was behind the wall, she thinks that this is who Gayatri is having an affair with. Gayatri asks the guard to give the pack to Rana ji.

Seth ji dictates a request to a lawyer to appoint him for the case against the State as the State doesn’t reply him to return his debt. Munshi ji tells Seth ji to think again, but Seth ji is determined.At the palace, Munshi asks Raaj Mata what she thought about inviting Govind Seth. Raaj Mata says she told Yashoda to invite him too, but she will never bend in front of anyone. She wants that business man to come to party and leave as soon as possible. Munshi tells her to change herself as time is changing. Raaj Mata says she will neither bend nor she will lose.

Kokila comes to Kunwar and tells him that Raaj Mata wants Rana ji to marry Kinour’s princess. If this happens, Rana ji will get rid of all her loans, then they will never leave the crown. Kunwar says they can’t let this proposal be accepted.The maid told elder bhabi that Gayatri fell into the stream in village and was saved by someone from the royal family. Bhabi doesn’t agree, but maid is ready to swear. The younger bhabi comes to tells them she followed Gayatri to the temple where she met someone from royal palace. Bhabi’s think about telling this all to maa.

Seth ji was still with Munshi ji when a guard brings him the invitation of Raaj Mata. He is shocked, and reads that it was an invitation for 55th birthday of Raaj Mata. Seth ji thanks the guard, then he says to Munshi that first Mata ji broke the bridge by herself and now is trying to repair it. Munshi ji asks if he will go there. He says he is also loyal to royal family, he doesn’t want to bring everything to market. He tells Munshi to cancel the letter for advocate, Munshi tells him he didn’t send it in the first place.At home, Gayatri enters through the main door and was running inside when her maa calls her. She hides herself worried and peeks through her mother shouting her name.

Her brothers tap at her back and asks if she was again out of the home, her mother was calling her since last five minutes. Gayatri was worried and asks what to do again. She takes his brothers hand in hand, they come inside and tells maa that he and Gayatri were sitting on the roof talking to each other. He says that only good luck brings such daughters at home. Bhabis come and say they will expose her true characteristics. They come to maa, when Seth ji comes inside. He announces that Raaj Mata has invited him on his 55th birthday with family. Everyone at home is left open-mouthed.

Gayatri can’t believe the news. Bhabis are excited and boasts that this will increase their respect in the family. Gayatri thinks about who sent the invitation, Raaj mata or Rana ji.

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