Once there was a King February 2022 teasers

Zee world once there was a King February teasers 2022.

Tuesday 1st February 2022

Avdesh can fool Indravadhan and Gayatri, who think that Avdesh is interested in an alliance. Indravadhan and Avdesh decide to play a game of chess. The game begins and the two contenders start betting on different things. Indravadhan wins the next move and asks Avdesh’s horse as a reward.

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Indravadhan bets on Ameerkot and both the contenders roll their dice. Indravadhan feels guilty losing Ameerkot to Avdesh Singh in gambling. Later, Gayatri receives a note and she learns that someone has a solution for Indravadhan’s problem.

Thursday 3rd February 2022

Avdesh tells Indravadhan that he had promised Gayatri to return everything to Indravadhan if she accepts to become his queen. Sartaj blackmails Raj Mata claiming to leak some secrets about her.

Friday 4th February 2022

Raj Mata changes her mind and for her well being, offers the kingdom near mount Abu to Avdesh. Avdesh begins to plan against Ranaji. It is also learnt that the woman who pretended to be Sulakshana developed a grudge against Indravadhan.

Saturday 5th February 2022

Indravadhan learns that Raj Mata has cancelled an event that is to be held at the Raj Mahal. Avdesh wants to know about the secret Raj Mata is hiding from Indravadhan. He meets Sartaj and gambles with him to learn Raj Mata’s secret.

Sunday 6th February 2022

Survi and Kartik disguise themselves and reach Raj Mahal. They decide to marry each other but before that, they decide to find a way out of the Raj Mahal.

More teasers to be updated



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