Never say goodbye update Wednesday 4 May 2022

Never say goodbye 4 May 2022:  The Episode starts with Aditi telling Vividha that this is Bhoomi’s scarf, I borrowed this from her. Bhoomi tells Kalindi that when I heard Aditi saying her phone is missing, I understood you took the phone, I was surprised that Guddi took the phone. Kalindi smiles. Bhoomi asks how did Guddi get that phone. Kalindi recalls how she was aiming to take revenge from Suman using Aditi’s phone, but the phone got missing. FB ends.Bhoomi says the one who hides secrets is more clever, some secrets should be secret. Vividha goes and thinks what is it she is not understand.

She gets shocked seeing the black cat. Someone feeds the cat and caresses it. Vividha tries to see the person, and Atharv stops her, asking her to see something. Vividha says later. He says we will go now. She turns and sees cat gone. She thinks if Bhoomi took the cat.Avinash says sorry Ravish, you are my best buddy, I did not wish our friendship to suffer, I did not wish to cheat you. Ravish says buddy means trust, you broke my trust. Avinash says please Ravish, I know I did mistake, I did not know I will get so serious about Aditi, we love each other. Ravish says I have no problem by love, the way the matter cam out is bad, its tough now.

Atharv shows the paintings. She smiles. He asks is it nice, I m smart. She says yes, you are very smart and talented since ever. She sees a drawing and asks who is this. He says Bhoomi, she had knife in hand, I saw her binocular. She asks what was she saying. He says yes I know, Bhoomi was seeing Guddi, bad Vipul was seeing Guddi and went to Guddi in the room, Bhoomi was standing with knife. Vividha thinks Bhoomi would have known Vipul is eyeing Guddi, so she killed Guddi, how to find out.

Atharv says I will show you one more thing. He shows hand print on a paper. She calls someone. Its morning, everyone make plans for the day. Vividha says no one is going out today, everyone has to stay at home. Ravish asks why. Vividha says inspector called me, he said Guddi’s post mortem report is obtained, they got someone’s fingerprints on Guddi’s neck, police wants to check fingerprints of everyone so that no one is out of doubt. She asks Bhoomi where is she going, and asks her to stay back. Bhoomi says yes, I was just clearing table. Vividha says fine, but none can go out of house. Bhoomi says yes I will not go anywhere.

Inspector comes and tells everyone that Guddi’s neck was suffocated, we have to collect fingerprints of everyone, you all come one by one and get fingerprint scanned. Everyone get the scan done. Vividha asks Bhoomi to get her tests done. Bhoomi gets tensed. Bhoomi shows her burnt hand. They all get shocked. Kalindi and Vipul ask how did her hand burn. Bhoomi tells about touching hot utensil unknowingly and her hand burnt. Vipul gets the ice and applies to her burns.

Vividha thinks I did not think Bhoomi can go to this extent to hide her crime. Vividha says its so convenient, you burnt your hand before test. Bhoomi says what do you mean, this was an accident. Kalindi says accidents can happen with anyone. Vividha says accident does not happen on timing, I m not blaming, I m sure Bhoomi has killed Guddi. Ravish tells Vividha that its not Bhoomi’s fingerprints, we can clearly see the marks, there is no match with Bhoomi, the culprit’s hand fingers are longer. Vividha goes. Ravish goes after her.

Ravish says Bhoomi is not culprit, why do you want to investigate on doubt. She asks what shall I do, shall I sit quiet, my sister is murdered, till I find the culprit, I will not be quiet. He says try to understand, the culprit is dangerous, if you find him, you can fall in danger. She says I don’t worry for myself. He says but I do, please sit down. He requests her to have water. He says we will work as a team, don’t worry, who told you about Bhoomi. She says Atharv said.Vividha asking Atharv to make sketch of that person, when Guddi fell down. Atharv says it was a black cat.

Ravish says Atharv is smart, he will tell us. Atharv says i will make a plan, we will play. Vividha asks him to make sketch. Atharv says no, else the black cat will kick you. She asks who was with the black cat, there will be someone. Atharv says I have just seen a black cat. Ravish asks how can a cat do this. Atharv says cat can do, cat has pushed Guddi.Ravish says he is calling some person as cat. Atharv calls them mad and says I m calling a cat as cat. Vividha says if he is calling a person as cat, who is that person. Ravish thinks. Ravish and Vividha look at all the family members. Vividha says I got a way to solve this riddle. Aditi tells what happened that night, Guddi went till I turned.

Vividha says you said Guddi was looking upstairs. Aditi says yes, there was darkness there, I went to find my phone. Ravish says we will repeat this incident, pretend you are Guddi and I m Aditi.Aditi tells him that she fell from here. Ravish says I will fall like you by off balance and falls down. He says to turn back will take 3 seconds, where will Guddi run in so less time. Vividha asks in which direction was Guddi seeing. Aditi says that way. Vividha says someone has pulled Guddi back below the stairs. Ravish says it means someone has caught Guddi. Vividha says it means Guddi would have tried to get free, who can it be.

Daddy ji does aid to his wounds. Suman comes to Daddy ji and gives medicines.He asks is there any problem. She says I m worried for Vividha, she is after finding Guddi’s culprit, this can affect Vividha’s mind. Daddy ji says its natural, Guddi was her sister. She says till when will she do this. He says she is from non army family, she is behaving like that, she will find the culprit. She says Guddi is responsible for this herself, Guddi was coming between Ravish and Vividha, she wanted to get Ravish, I know you know all this, when Vividha came to tell me Guddi wants to go back, she looked worried, I thought to talk to them, when I went to talk to Guddi. FB shows Guddi planning to stay back and get Ravish. Daddy ji and Suman heard Guddi. Daddy ji says after Guddi came back, she was eyeing Ravish, it was clearly seen, the way she looked Ravish and spoke to him, I understood everything, I did not tell you.

She says I know you got angry, I thought you will do something. He says its not right to decide without thinking, you know Guddi was Vividha’s sister.Suman says you can understand my state when I heard Guddi, I felt my life is repeated, a woman will snatch someone’s husband, I could not control my anger. The black cat comes there. He asks how did this cat came in this house. She says its since some days, black cat brings bad fate. He says I don’t believe all this, its superstitions. She says but I m sure that I will face all problems that come on my son and bahu, I could not see Guddi ruining their house, I had to do something else don’t know what would Guddi do.

He asks do you mean you are involved in Guddi’s accident. Suman says I just wanted no one to come between Ravish and Vividha, not even Guddi, now I want Vividha to stay away from these matters, she is wasting time. He says Vividha will not listen to anyone. She says I know, I don’t know to convince her or force her to listen.Vividha lies down to sleep. She gets shocked seeing a scorpion on her hand. Ravish picks it and gets bitten. She worries for him. He asks her to get up and check the bed. She asks Ravish are you fine. He says yes, I took anti allergic injection, scorpion was not poisonous, it means it was to scare you, not kill you.

She asks what, why will anyone do this, did you see anyone outside. He says no, and sees something. He says there is a letter left for you here. He reads the threatening letter for Vividha… your sister will not come back, if you don’t stop spying, you will also go to her, I promise…. They both get shocked.

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