Never say goodbye update Tuesday 26 April 2022

Never say goodbye 26 April 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish telling Vividha that that man is very clever, we have to be careful while catching him, that man’s left hand is burnt. They see Vipul coming wearing glovers in hand. Ravish asks from where are you coming. Vipul says nothing, I was doing some work.Ravish asks wearing gloves. Vipul says yes, I was checking the electric meter, lights were fluctuating. Ravish tells Vipul about the bet and says you have won. Vipul asks him to give money. Ravvish asks him to remove gloves and take money. Vipul says fine and forwards hand. Ravish sees his hand clear and gives him money. Vipul gets glad and goes.

Vividha asks Ravish will you doubt on your brother too. Ravish asks are you sure about the burn mark, we are trained in army that danger has no face and doubt is out friend, my duty is to keep you safe and I m doing that, come. Ravish tells Vividha that I can’t leave you alone and take risk, as you are attacked many times, I will stay here. Vividha goes to sleep. Ravish looks on and guards her all night.Its morning, Vividha wakes up and sees Ravish. She asks did you not sleep all night. He says there was no danger movement, but it does not mean danger is gone, we have to be careful.

She says I will get tea for you. He says no, I will ask Situram to get your breakfast to room. Vividha cooks food along with Suman. Flour gets on her forehead, and Suman laughs. Ravish smiles seeing Vividha. Ravish helps Vividha in the work. Jaana na dil se door……plays……… Vividha takes care of Atharv and feeds him food. Atharv dances with her and calls Ravish. Ravish signs no. He looks at them. Vividha cries seeing Atharv’s state. Ravish goes. Days pass……….Vividha sits crying. Ravish looks on.

Uma feeds the cows and asks Dadi to get the grass cut, maybe cow wants more food. Someone passes the grass to Uma. Uma says we have to get grass for them from market tomorrow. She turns and does not see Dadi. She says where did Maa ji go. She goes.Vividha says nothing happened since last few days, it means he knows you are with me all the time, and now he can’t harm me. Ravish says it does not mean he will not try again, if we try to think like him, he will attack you again. The man applies makeup and fake skin to his hand to cover up the burn mark. Ravish says he will take risk and make mistake again. The man applies Atharv’s mask again.

Vividha gets worried. Ravish asks her not to worry, I m saying he will try, but its my duty to fail his every attempt. He pacifies her. He says when I get him, even mirror will not identify him. She asks him to take rest. He says I m fine, till there is danger on you, I will be awake, please sleep. She says its cold, you take the blanket. He switches off the lights. She sees him and thinks we all are going through tough phase, mostly Ravish, Atharv you have to get fine soon so that you can share our pain.

Sujata makes a plane and asks Sujata to see. Sujata is sleeping. Someone comes there. Atharv asks Sujata who is it, will he play with me, shall I go to play. Atharv goes towards the door and asks who are you, will you play with me. Atharv opens the door. The man holds the knife and throws at him. Atharv bends to pick he plane and the knife goes over his head. The knife falls inside the room. Atharv wakes up Sujata and says see this flying knife. She worries and asks Atharv not to touch the knife.

She calls Ravish. Ravish answers and thinks to send Situram. He says I have sent Situram out, and goes to see Atharv. He checks the knife. Sujata says if Atharv did not bend to pick plane, he would have got hurt by knife. Atharv asks where do we get flying knife. Ravish asks Atharv are you fine. Atharv says yes.Sujata asks did the man get angry on you for protecting Vividha and did this attack on Vividha. Ravish says no, that man’s focus is on Vividha. He asks Sujata to lock door and not open it. He runs to protect Vividha.

The man/fake Atharv enters Vividha’s room. Ravish runs through the corridors. Vividha is sleeping. The man gets a burning cigarette. Ravish comes in the room and calls out Vividha. He sees Vividha missing and gets shocked.Ravish calling out Vividha. She comes. He holds her hand and asks are you fine. She looks at him. He leaves her hand. She says I m fine. He asks did you see anyone in room. She says no. He gets cigarette smell and gets the burning cigarette. He picks it. He says someone has come here. Its morning, Uma and Guddi do puja. Uma tells Guddi that Dadi gave me grass yesterday and went. Guddi says Dadi was with me and did not come out.

The man comes and says this is your medicines. Uma says we did not order medicines. The man says this was the address, I did not do any mistake. Uma pays the man. Guddi asks why did you pay the man when this is not our packet. Uma asks her to go after the guy and find out from which chemist shop he has come and who ordered medicines. Uma checks medicines.Ravish talks to Suman. Suman says your Mausi’s phone is not connection. Ravish says her landline is not working, she called me from neighbor and insisted us to come in puja.

Suman says it would be good if you both came along. Ravish says I need to be with Vividha, she needs rest, Situram will drop you. He gets a call about urgent meeting and says fine, I will reach. He says I m sorry, I have imp meeting and have to go. Suman says Vividha will be alone. Ravish says its matter of 2 hours. Vividha says I will manage. Bhoomi tells Vipul does not want to come with us. Vipul says I have to make imp presentation. Kalindi says let him stay back home. Daddy ji says Vipul, you should come with us, it won’t look good. Vipul agrees. They leave. Vipul stares at Vividha and leaves in the car.

Uma sees the medicine packet gone. Guddi comes back and says the chemist said he does not remember the person who ordered the medicines. Uma says let it be, the person took the medicines. They wonder who took the medicine packet. Someone is shown healing the wounds by the medicines and tying bandages to his face again.Vividha is in hall. She asks who is there. She feels like someone is watching her. Situram drives the car. The car stops. Daddy ji asks what happened. Situram says there is some problem and checks car. He says I have to find mechanic, you all sit here, it could take some time, I will go and see mechanic.

He goes. Vipul says I will try to arrange some food, I will see where can I find shop here. He goes.Someone knocks the door. Vividha thinks who is knocking door this way. She takes a vase to hit and opens the door. She sees a courier boy. She signs and takes the box. She shuts door. She goes to Atharv. Sujata asks Atharv to have medicines. He refuses. Vividha comes and asks him to have medicines, then she will feed him food. He takes medicines and asks him to have food. He runs out. Vividha runs after her and the door gets locked. Sujata gets locked in room and knocks. Atharv runs and asks Vividha to find him. Vividha asks him to listen.

He says I m here, find me. She asks where are you. Fake Atharv comes and holds her. She says you should not roam like this in house for some days, come to room now. He stops her and holds her hand. He pushes her on the sofa. She sees mark on his right hand and thinks of the incident. She says burn mark is on the right hand…… and cries.He removes the makeup and shows the burn mark. She thinks Vipul has shown his left hand. She says don’t come close, I know who you are. She says please help me Ravish. He turns and looks. He checks her hair and gets bluetooth.

She recalls Ravish’s plan to send everyone and then he will make excuse of meeting, this plan is to catch that man. Ravish promises that he will not let anything happen to her. He hears Ravish connected to the call. Ravish asks Vividha is she listening. FB shows Ravish telling Vividha that he is close and asks her not to worry. She asks Ravish to please come fast. The man throws the bluetooth and says no one will come to save you, its just you and your Atharv today.

She says I know who you are, you are not my Atharv, where are you Atharv. Atharv is seen lying unconscious on the ground. Fake Atharv smiles and gets close to Vividha. Ravish runs on the road.

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