Never say goodbye update Tuesday 1 March 2022


Never say goodbye 1 March 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha asking Kailash not to go, my life is incomplete without both of you. He leaves. She shouts I love Atharv. Atharv is outside and hears her. Vividha cries and family consoles her. Meri adhuri kahani lo dastan ban gayi……plays………… Atharv thinks of Vividha and cries. Guddi calls out Atharv and leaves Vividha in balcony. Atharv cries seeing Vividha crying. He turns and then shows his smiling face to Vividha to cheer her up. They talk via signs. He signs her to smile. She wipes her tears and smiles.

Atharv signs her that he loves her and he will always be with her, holding her hand. He turns to control his tears and signs her that they will always be together. Mere aasmaan se…………plays……………. She smiles. Both get tearful eyes and see each other. He hides his tears from her. He asks her to wait and goes. He sits on stairs and cries, while it rains. He gets drenched in water. O Saiyyan……….plays……… He thinks its big day, Vividha accepted love and me infront of her dad, Kailash did not accept me, I want to keep her happy and can’t see her tears, where are you Maa.

Sujata comes to some temple and sees her husband. She cries. Her husband turns to her. Guddi asks Vividha why is she crying, Papa won’t agree, but your decision is right, Atharv loves you a lot and is made for you, don’t cry, we all are with you, and want to see and Atharv getting married.Abdul uncle asks Dadi what does she want. Dadi says she wants his bike for sometime. Abdul uncle says this bike is my only property, why do you want. Dadi says there is some sensitive issue, give this to me, you will earn many prayers. He refuses. She says I m Indumati, give it to me, else I will rob it. He asks what.

Sujata says you. He says you got old. She says so many years… He says 27 years. She tells her pain and her long wait. They both cry. Guddi asks Vividha to come with her and takes her out. Vividha sees Dadi ready on the bike. Dadi smiles. Vividha asks what are you doing. Guddi asks her to just sit. Vividha refuses. Guddi makes Vividha sit. Vividha asks where to go. Dadi says Jai Mata Di and rides the bike. Abdul uncle prays for his bike and Vividha’s life.Sujata’s husband hugs her. They cry. Vividha asks Dadi where is she taking her. Dadi asks her to just see, and its her date. Vividha gets surprised seeing Atharv there.

Atharv thanks Dadi for doing this. Dadi flirts with Atharv. Dadi asks him to make Vividha’s mood better and sends them. Sujata gets away and asks her husband why did he leave her, and whats the reason of his comeback now. He says I came to rectify my mistakes which happened unknowingly.She says some mistakes pass with life, it can’t be rectified. He says if distance ends, meaning of waiting also ends. He holds her hand and says I did not see you all these years, but I have just seen you in my heart. He describes her big eyes, big smile and fat nose. She says no and smiles. He tells her that he got her fav. thing, and asks her to see. He jokes and laughs. She calls him kiddish.

He then shows some eatable which she liked to eat. They smile. He makes her eat that. She cries and they talk about his leaving from her life. He is about to wipe her tears, and she wipes her tears. She asks why did he comeback after many years suddenly. He says I want to meet Atharv.Vividha asking Atharv whats all this. Atharv smiles and switches on the lights. Jaana na dil se door………..plays……….. She smiles getting surprised by the lovely decorations and lights. She asks him when did you do this. He hugs her and they smile. Manzilon se parey ho apni ….plays………… Atharv thanks her and says I had a strange fear in my heart, when you did not come to temple.

He says what happened with my mum, I was afraid that could happen with me too, I felt even I won’t get my love like my mum, but you proved my fear wrong, you came for me, thanks. He gets tearful eyes.Sujata asks her husband why did he comeback after so many years. He says I want to meet Atharv. She asks why. He says I have some rights on him. She says yes, but after so many years you…. He says I left an incomplete story, I feel like I have to complete something. She says Atharv won’t meet you, he…. He says he hates me right, I know, I would be surprised if he did not hate me. She says I tried to explain him a lot, that it was not your mistake, you were helpless.

He says Atharv knew me as that husband who left his wife, the father who made his son an orphan, such man who did not see his family. Atharv says my father left my mum when she needed him the most, because that man did not had courage to face the world, but you faced your dad for me, now see, whatever happens will be good, you, me and mum…. Just we three, our every dream will turn true. She asks did you forget cow and calf and throws pillow at him. He says no, you won’t let me forget me being calf’s Mausi. They sit and talk about their future. He says this looks like 70’s, we will talk about today’s times, you will go college, I will go for work, when we come home, we will have food made by Sujata. She asks why will Sujata cook.

He says you both decide, I just want you both, no one will come in our lives now, we will see everything. They hold hands and smile.Sujata’s husband says I left you both when you needed me the most, this realization is making me feel guilty since 27 years, maybe nothing will get fine today, but let me make a try, please, just get Atharv to me once. Sujata says Atharv won’t come ever. He requests Sujata to just give one chance to tell his life’s story to Atharv. He says I don’t want Atharv to hate me till my last breath.Atharv hugs Vividha and they say everything will be fine now. She says just Papa should agree.

He looks at her and gets up. She asks what happened. He asks what did you say. She says that Papa should agree. He asks do you think your Papa will agree. She says yes. He asks in which world are you living, he loves you and hates me equally, he will never agree. She says everything will be fine, give some time. He says he would have agreed till now, we would be together. She says yes, but I told Papa today that I love you, I m sure he will agree, he will need some time. He says your dad hates my status more than me, he hates as I m a milkman, your dad wants the guy to belong to good class and family, he values family more than person, I don’t even have my father’s name, this truth won’t change and your dad’s thinking won’t change too.

She says everything will change, my dad has seen all dreams for me, so how can I make him leave from my dreams. He says I understand your feelings, but you are not able to understand me. She says you taught me nothing is impossible, this is just tough and we can make this possible. He worries.She says my Papa loves me, he always wanted to see me happy, when I was small, I wanted a doll, he had no money, then he made that for me by his own hands. Atharv says I m not a doll that your Papa gives me to you happily. She says but you are my happiness, he can need time but he will see our love.

He says you are saying we won’t marry if your dad does not agree. She says he will agree. He asks what if he does not agree. She says we will wait. He says its tough for me to live without you, I don’t want you to go away from my sight. She says we are together and will be together, its matter of some time. He gets angry.Sujata comes home and recalls her husband’s words. Uma looks at Sujata. She tells Sujata that Kailash will never agree for this, you have to stop Atharv. Sujata says I tried so much, I should have known that one day this would happen. Uma asks what are you saying. She shakes Sujata and asks are you listening, Vividha took a big step, she told Kailash that she just wants to marry Atharv.

Sujata smiles and thanks Lord for not breaking Atharv’s trust, now his love story will complete and he will settle. She asks Uma why is she scared, she likes Atharv and she should be happy. Uma says no, house is not made around volcano, as its eruption does not happen by giving alarm, Kailash is that volcano, he is silent and I m scared, he will burn all of us.Atharv says if I sat silently by believing time, nothing would have happened, your dad hates me, he will never agree. She asks him to relax. He cries and throws things. He says he will try to send me to jail or do something to you, he won’t agree. She hugs him and calms him. Ore piya….plays…………

He says Kailash won’t agree and you won’t understand, we will stand at same point, if he makes you marry someone else then…. He cries. She says you are the start and end of my love story. She promises him he will not marry anyone, she is just Atharv’s and will always be. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…………They hug.

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