Never say goodbye update Thursday 31 March 2022

Never say goodbye 31 March 2022: The Episode starts with Uma stopping Suman and saying I need to talk something about Vividha. Suman asks what is it, tell me. Uma says actually….. Kailash sees them and comes there to stop Uma. He asks whats Uma trying to tell Suman, if Vividha needs warm milk, go and get it, why to trouble Suman. Suman asks what are you saying, there is nothing like trouble, I will go and get warm milk for Vividha. She goes. Kailash stares at Uma.A boy herds the flock of sheep. Ravish and his group proceeds. A herd of sheep come in between their way and stop.

Ravish says why is this flock of sheep stand in middle of the jungle, there is something fishy. He sees through binoculars and says some people are hiding behind sheep and trying to leave. He shoots at the men. The men catch the little boy/caretaker of the sheep. Ravish says they have a little boy, don’t fire at them, come.Kailash takes Uma to the room and asks her what were you going to tell Suman. Uma says I was going to tell her Vividha’s entire truth. Kailash says your mind has rotten cow dung. Uma asks him not to do this, Suman and family are good family, it will be cheat to not tell them Vividha’s truth.

Kailash scolds her and raises hand. Dadi stops him and says I will break your hand. Kailash says this marriage will happen at any cost, if you can’t be part of it, atleast don’t try to ruin it, Vividha got a good family and good groom, can’t I regard myself world’s happiest father.Dadi says yes, you have burnt daughter’s happiness, you are doing this for your happiness and ego. Uma says Vividha is keeping promise to save Atharv’s life, else we would have take her, but I will not ruin her life by any fear, I will take her and leave. He says if my respect spoils, I will kill Vividha.

Uma, Dadi, Guddi and Vividha get shocked. Vividha says dead body is not killed, its burnt or buried, I have died seeing Atharv’s state, now this dead body will go to mandap for Atharv’s life, this dead body’s marriage will surely happy. Dadi and Uma cry.Uma asks Vividha not to think and say this. She asks Vividha to come with her. Vividha gets her hand freed from Uma. Vividha says I have decided, I will do this marriage. Suman and others come there. Kailash gets worried. Suman says sorry, I did not get to trouble you all, I got this warm milk and breakfast for Vividha, why are you all so worried, is everything fine.

Kailash says its fine, they have cried a lot as Vividha is ours for some hours now, then she will be yours forever.Suman says I can understand. She tells Uma that I can understand the sorrow of sending off a daughter, but you don’t worry, I will not let sorrow’s shadow fall on Vividha. She tells Vividha that these moments with your family are very precious, I will not disturb you, be happy. She leaves.Kailash asks Uma to understand what he said, it will be happen as he wants. He asks her to welcome Ravish, this marriage will not stop, Ravish and Vividha’s relation is of many births.

Ravish shoots at a man. Suman calls Ravish and wishes he answers. Daddy ji comes to Suman and says its not possible to contact Ravish, I spoke to base official, they have info that terrorists attacked at the border. Suman says it means Ravish is on his duty. Kalindi says if anything happens to Ravish…. Suman stops her from saying so. Ravish and his group reach a deserted house. He tells his plan of attack.Suman says how can you think so. Kalindi says I m also scared and said whats the part of soldier’s life. Daddy ji says Suman does not need tuition from you to know a soldier’s life, Suman knows soldier’s respect well.

Kalindi says Ramakant was my brother. Daddy ji asks her to stop it now. Suman says I think we should tell this matter to Vividha and her family.Kalindi says Vividha will not understand or bear this, if you tell her Ravish is not reachable, will she understand, you can bear this as you are habitual to this, civilians are not strong. Suman says no mother can be strong to see son in danger, but I have courage knowing my son is protecting country, its our duty to tell Vividha the truth. Kalindi disagrees. Kalindi’s son supports Suman and apologizes from Kalindi’s side. Suman and family go to Kailash, Vividha, Uma, Guddi, Ankit and Dadi.

Suman says we want to tell something to all of you. Suman tells Vividha that you know moments with family are precious, we should not hide anything and waste such moments, She says Ravish is at his duty and there is a war with terrorists at the border, we have no news about Ravish and his team. Kailash says it will be normal thing. Suman says truth is we can’t say anything at such times.Kailash says we will go there and see him. Daddy ji says we got news that Ravish is not there, marriage did not happen yet, if you have any fear or thought, we can cancel this marriage. Kailash and everyone get shocked.

Daddy ji saying we can cancel this marriage if you have any fear. Kailash gets shocked. Suman tells Daddy ji that this was Ramakant’s last wish and Ravish will really come to fulfill his father’s last wish, you all have courage, there is time for mahurat. Kailash apologizes and says I m just worried, I m also a father. Daddy ji says you don’t worry, courage is soldier’s rigidness, not a need, and our family is based on this courage, everything will be fine. Suman tells Vividha that you are marrying a soldier, they know to live as they are not afraid of death, Ravish promised me he will come, your fate will bring him here, I m a soldier’s daughter, bahu, wife and mother, so I know very well, the men who wear uniform, they are very different, their family has to become their strength, not weakness.

Kalindi says I told you Suman, you can understand this as you are from army background, but Vividha is a civilian. Suman says look at Vividha’s face, she has no complains or worry, I don’t know her well, but I can surely say that she has much courage.Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and cries. Suman sees her tear and says person has right on courage and Lord has right on decision, have belief, Ravish will surely come. She recalls Atharv’s words and says yes, he will come back. Uma looks at Kailash. Suman hugs Vividha and cries, saying Ramakant’s decision was not wrong, there can’t be anyone better for Ravish. She says I just came to say that Ravish will get late. Suman and her family leave.

Kailash says whats happening this suddenly. Vividha tells Kailash that Lord’s stick does not have sound, but it hurts a lot, you got scared before the stick hit you, you have made my love away from me, you made my would be husband away, think once, for one whom you cheated us and did all this, if he did not return, what will you do. Kailash gets shocked.Scene shifts to Ravish. Ravish and his team get inside the house and shoot down the enemies. The fight and shoot out continues. Ravish sees a man and shoots at that side. He runs towards him.

Vividha says you wanted to write my fate by snatching from Lord, now tell me whats in my fate. Uma asks Vividha do you know what are you saying, Ravish is someone’s son, and his mum is waiting for him, you can’t….. Vividha says I m not cursing anyone, I did not see that guy till now, but you would know this that children has to bear the punishment for parents’ deeds. Kailash says get this madness out of your mind, you should have peace only then things will be fine, you are saying all this for your would be husband, don’t forget your promise you will do whatever I tell you, Atharv will be alive till Ravish and Vividha’s relation stays fine. He threatens her and goes.

Uma asks Vividha whats going on in your heart, do you want that guy not to come back, we can’t think what is his family going through, Suman lost her husband, that guy lost her father…. Vividha says even I lost my father, when Atharv was beaten up and left to die, there was no one there, did you think what would have happened of Sujata, Atharv is life’s support for Sujata, I m not against this family, I m not cursing them, the guy is fighting for the country and risking his life, he would be brave but he is not my Atharv.

Ravish shoots at terrorist. He sees the terrorist holding a boy captive. Terrorist asks him to put gun down, else he will shoot this boy. Ravish puts his gun down and asks him to talk to him, let the boy go. The man says you killed my brothers, see whom I shoot you. Ravish shoots at his head. The boy gets scared. Ravish wipes his tears and hugs him. His team comes there and say mission is completed and all our commandos are safe. Ravish says good, we have to control situation here and inform base, count the dead bodies and seal this place, give food to this boy. He goes.

Vividha says I madly love Atharv and this love was his strength, I did not know this love can take his life, don’t know in which state he is and where, who would be handling him. Uma says refuse for this marriage, don’t prepare to weave an incomplete relation, if you want to marry, then do this heartily and with honesty, else come back. Vividha says no, I can’t do neither of these, I want to see what does my fate has. Ravish salutes the flag. A terrorist aims and shoots at him. Ravish gets shot at his shoulder. The team hears the gunshot. Ravish shoots at the terrorist and falls down. He bleeds and lies on the ground. His team reaches there. Ravish recalls his words to Suman.

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