Never say goodbye update Thursday 28 April 2022

Never say goodbye 28 April 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish asking who am I to make anyone leave from house but the situation is, I can’t leave them and none can accept them, I have one way now, to leave the house with them. Sujata says you will not do anything. Ravish asks her to pack bags, we will leave. Sujata says I know to spend life alone, Atharv and I will do something. Ravish says we will go together, wherever we go. He apologizes to Suman. Suman and Aditi cry.

Suman gets angry and gets a gun. She says you snatched my husband from me, you snatched my first child and now you want to snatch my son, you can’t take Ravish, I will not let you take Ravish. She shouts and aims gun at Sujata. Everyone get shocked. Ravish comes in between. He says Sujata is not taking me along, I m going with her, if you don’t want this to happen, you have to shoot me, not her. Everyone get shocked.Ravish explains Suman. Suman says I m ready to let them stay here if you want this, I have lost, first I lost to your dad, its a woman’s fate to see her wish failing.

He hugs her and says everyone has a wish, but everyone’s fate does not have wish fulfilment, someone people do not get rights, but duty in fate, we both are soldiers, we have to move ahead, and not lose. Daddy ji says how can you agree Suman, this is injustice with you. Suman says we have to agree this, as we have share in Ramakant’s deeds too, and now his deeds have sent them as our responsibility in our house.She says they will stay here from today, with all equality, maybe this will give peace to Ramakant’s soul. She asks Ravish to keep their bags.

Atharv shows drawing of all the family members together in a line and says everyone united. Ravish asks Sujata to come, I will get guest room ready. Sujata tells Vividha that everyone is already hurt because of her and Atharv, I don’t want to hurt them more by bringing your and Atharv’s truth out.Guddi comes home scared and hugs Uma. Uma asks what happened. Guddi cries in fear and is unable to talk. Vividha stops Ravish. He says I know what you are thinking right now. She says I know the day was hectic for you, all this happened in one day.

He says it was for you too, don’t worry, I will manage everything, I know you are thinking when will the other truth come out infront of everyone, I remember my promise.She cries and says I m not thinking this, Suman is going through a tough phase, even then she stood today by shattering past pieces, Suman is imp, she needs you, don’t think anything else. He says I m glad hearing you thought for my mum, even then I remember my promise.Vividha goes to Atharv. He plays. Sujata and Vividha look on. Ravish comes and sees Vviidha smiling.

He gives medicines to Atharv. Vividha signs Ravish and makes Atharv have medicines. Suman comes. Atharv throws cushion and that hits Suman. Atharv gets tensed and turns. Suman leaves.Its night, Sujata and Atharv dine with Vividha. Daddy ji is upset seeing Atharv. Atharv asks for veg dish. Ravish asks Vividha to pass to him. He serves the dish to Atharv. Atharv asks Daddy ji to have food and jokes. Vividha signs no to Atharv. Atharv eats spicy dish and drinks water. Suman looks at Sujata and goes. She gets jaggery water for Atharv and asks Ravish to feed him. Ravish gets glad and feeds that to Atharv.

Later, Vividha thinks so much happened in past few days, don’t know where is life taking me. Atharv comes to her and asks her to play hide and seek with him. She says not now. He says then I will sleep. She asks him to promise. He ties cloth to her eyes and asks where am I. He ties cloth to her mouth and hands. He asks where will you go now. Vividha realizes its fake Atharv and screams. He shuts the door and tries to molest her. Suman comes and moves him away. Suman slaps him hard. His mask peels out a bit. He runs away. Suman frees Vividha and angrily takes a gun to shoot Atharv.

Atharv is in room with Sujata. Atharv says icecream is good, even Ravish’s mother is good. Suman comes and aims gun at his head. Sujata gets shocked. Vividha comes after Suman and gets shocked. She shouts Maa…..Suman taking a gun and going to Atharv. She aims gun at Atharv’s head. Suman asks how dare you do this. Vividha says Atharv did not do anything. Suman scolds Sujata and Atharv. Vividha says that is not Atharv, its someone who looks like Atharv. Suman recalls the man with mask, and says yes, that man had mask, who was he, Atharv’s face is clean.

Atharv says yes, its not me and its me, shall I beat him.Vividha says he has attacked me before also. Suman says what, attacks are happening on you? Ravish comes and says Vividha is right. Suman scolds him for hiding this matter and says I made this house a man, its my responsibility to manage family, you did not tell me when someone has attacked on my bahu to ruin her respect. She says there are two young bahus and one young sister, why did you not tell Daddy ji, we know this man roams with Atharv’s looks, what else do we know. Atharv goes out playing. Everyone come, and even Vipul. Vividha looks at Vipul.

Vipul asks what happened, is there any tension. Suman says we know that man changes his looks, how to know who is he. Vividha says I know everything, it was my and Ravish’s plan to catch the man red handed before you all come, but this could not happen, when he attacked on me last time, I burnt his hand with diya, his hands should have burn mark, no one was there at home, except me, Atharv and Sujata, when Ravish reaches, he had run away.

Daddy ji says it means he has run away. Ravish says no, he is still in this room. They all get shocked. Vipul asks why are you all seeing me. Vividha says I will give you an answer. Vividha tells everything. She says Vipul changed face and came to us, so that we should think he came from imp meeting. Vipul says you are making any story, how can you think such thing, its wrong, I did not do this. She says you know what you did.

Kalindi says enough, you are blaming my son. She scolds Vividha. Bhoomi asks Ravish do you think so. Ravish says yes, situation says so. Kalindi asks Daddy ji to say something. Vividha says I can prove this, when I was attacked, I have hit on that man’s head, his mask got off. They see Vipul hurt. Ravish asks Vipul how did he get hurt. Vipul says I went to take food items and got hurt.

Vividha says fine, show me your hand. Vipul shows hand and asks them to see. Kalindi asks did they see well. Vividha says not this, the other hand. He says whats this joke, I will not show my hand, I don’t have to prove anything, I m going. He goes. Kalindi shouts to them and says no one will go to my son, he is innocent. Suman says enough, why did Vipul run away, his running is proof that he is culprit, you are born to soldier family, if your son did this cheap thing, you should kill him by your hands, if he has this bad thing in him.

They hear some sound, and rush to see. Vividha says Atharv….. Atharv catches the fake Atharv. Everyone come there and see two Atharv. Fake Atharv sees everyone and gets shocked. Fake Atharv starts Atharv’s acting and asks Sujata to see, they are beating me. Atharv says its not me, its me, Sujata, leave her. They both pull Sujata’s hands. Ravish and everyone get confused seeing both of them.Sujata says Atharv, its hurting me, leave me. Atharv leaves Sujata. Fake Atharv says you are my mum. Suman slaps fake Atharv.

Sujata says my Atharv can’t hurt his mum even in this state, so he left me, this is not my Atharv. Ravish catches the fake Atharv and pulls off the mask from his face.They all get shocked seeing Situram. Atharv says its Sita. Everyone look on. Ravish and Vividha think. Situram recalls how he has cleared all evidence against him. Its shown how Situram heard Sujata and Atharv’s whereabouts, schedule always and has cheated them. He tells everyone how he executed his duty planning. They all get shocked.

Ravish says Situram….. Suman says yes, that day after car stopped. Situram went to get mechanic and did not come back. She asks Situram why did he do this. Ravish asks why did you do this. Situram apologizes and comes to his true form.Ravish says so this was your loyalty and work, you tried to ruin Vividha’s respect by taking advantage of Atharv’s stage, I trusted you a lot, I left everything on you, my life and secrets, what did you do in return. Situram says secrets, I know many secrets. He smiles. Ravish, Vividha, and Sujata get worried.

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