Never say goodbye update Sunday 31 july 2022


Never say goodbye 31 July 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish saying I will see how you get Madhav now. Atharv says we don’t divide the thing which is ours, Madhav is like Kashmir for me, I will not give him to anyone. Ravish says Kashmir is part of India as its by India, like Madhav is part of Kangana. He goes with Kangana. Vividha asks Atharv to see how Ravish was behaving, he does not have sense to understand right and wrong. He asks her not to get angry. She asks shall I forget my best friend cheated me, Ravish is with Kangana, she can’t raise Madhav, she is clever, how can Ravish be foolish, he threatened us openly, what happened to him. He asks her to calm down. They see Madhav.

He asks her is she angry on him. She hugs him and says its nothing like that, mumma can’t be angry on you. He says you are angry on me as I went to Kangana, I promise I won’t go to her if you say. She asks do you like Kangana. He says yes, she makes good food for me and loves me, like you do. She hugs him and cries.Ankit recalls Ravish’s words and worries. He drops phone and says I will not leave him/her. Its night, Ravish sees his dad’s pic. He cries and recalls Vividha. He lights the diya. He says life gets me to that point again and again, where I find myself standing alone while doing right, I got away from my family, its same pain again. Atharv comes there. Ravish sees his reflection in photoframe and says you here… Atharv says I knew I will find you here, we have fought many wars together, how did you leave support this time. Ravish says my life is playing hide and seek with me.

Atharv says this is not that Ravish whom I know, who loved and respected Vividha, who stood against his mum for right. Ravish says sometimes we have to stand against family for right, sometimes we don’t see what we are going to do, what we are doing is right. Atharv says its difference in thinking, our thinking will choose our rights and wrongs. He goes. Ravish says life looks like poison sometimes, some poison is enough to live, but lots of it is needed to die.Ravish recalls everyone’s words. He says I wish you all understood why I did this, I had no other option. He recalls…. FB shows lawyer asking Ravish to sign on papers.

Ravish asks Atharv to go home, he will come. Kangana cries and says how does it matter, child will be with them. Ravish sees her crying and running. He asks lawyer to keep papers ready and runs after Kangana. Kangana takes a taxi and leaves. Ravish also takes a taxi and follows her. They reach somewhere. He calls her out. She runs upstairs. He stops her and asks what is she doing. She says let me die, what will I do if my son is not with me. She faints. Ravish holds her. He takes her to hospital. Doctor checks Kangana. He says she is stable, but she is mentally fragile, she can’t beat mental stress, someone close to him should be with her, she will get fine. Kangana takes Madhav’s name in sleep. FB ends.

Kangana comes to Ravish. She says let me say, its imp, I know you are much worried, I m sorry. He says no need to apologize. She says its needed, you are getting away from family because of me, I feel like everyone is badly sighting our marriage, Vividha is scolding me. He says Vividha was much upset today. She says she has said right. He asks what do you mean. She says sorry, I did all this for Madhav, I broke down in court seeing my case falling weak, then I have seen you coming, I saw worry for me in your eyes, I have run intentionally knowing you will come after me. He gets shocked. She says I had to do this, I took taxi and did suicide drama. He says it means you have fooled me, you cheated me and my humanity, I thought you are helpless, but you are clever woman, Vividha said right.

She says no, I m really helpless, I did this for Madhav.He asks what it a drama in hospital. She says no, doctor said true, I need love and my Madhav. She holds his face. He says you have used me. He stops her from touching him. He asks what do you think, I m hurt by this scratch, your cheats are much deeper, you can’t think what you did with my family, you can’t be forgiven.Vividha recalls Kangana. Atharv makes Khushi sleep. Vividha asks what do you think, Madhav will miss Kangana.

Atharv saying Madhav will miss Kangana. Vividha says he is my son. He says Kangana is Madhav’s mum, I m supporting you, but its wrong. She says Kangana can’t become a mum, shall I send Madhav with her. Kangana says I did this for Madhav. Ravish says you are not helpless, you are clever. Vividha says she is not helpless, she is very clever, she wants to snatch my son. Atharv says we have to be careful and use mind, not heart.Ravish says I always heard my heart and never gave place to regretting, today you are making me regret, you cheated me twice. Atharv says Kangana cheated us many times, we have to take every step carefully, Kangana is Madhav’s biological mum, its wrong to separate her from her son.


Kangana says I gave birth to Madhav, what’s wrong to get him. Ravish says wrong is to cheat people, how long will you cheat people. She says till I get my son.Vividha says fine, tell her she can meet Madhav, I have no problem. Atharv goes. Ravish says now if Atharv and Vviidha get ready to let you meet Madhav, I will see that you don’t see Madhav, I will tell your truth to everyone. Kangana says no Ravish. He goes. She says no, Ravish can’t tell truth to everyone. Vividha says no, this can’t happen and runs out of room. Atharv is in corridor. Vividha runs to stop him.

Kangana runs to stop Ravish. She holds his feet and stops him. Vividha holds Atharv’s hand and stops him. Ravish asks Kangana to leave his leg. Kangana asks him not to say anything. He says you mean after doing all this, I should lie to them. She begs. Vividha asks Atharv not to tell anything to Kangana, Madhav said he likes Kangana, if he loves her then. Kangana says I just did this for Madhav, trust me, I did acting, but whatever doctor said was true.

Ravish says I don’t trust you now. Atharv says I know you are feeling bad, what will we answer Madhav. Vividha says once I get custody, I will not stop her. Ravish says you have fooled me, you just used me. Kangana says I know its tough to trust me, but please trust me. She cries and asks him to trust his instinct, does he not see love for Madhav in her eyes. Vividha says Madhav is our son. Kangana says I would have not told you truth even today, how would you know then, I did not wish to cheat you, just get me my Madhav, I promise I will go away, I will not stop you all from meeting Madhav, I believe now Madhav is our son. Ravish says leave my hand. She leaves his hand. Atharv hugs Vividha.

Ravish takes pillow and asks Kangana not to hope that he will stay in room with her. She says our case can fall weak, please understand. He says there is a limit to become selfish, now I have a doubt to trust you or not, are you good mum for Madhav or not, you should care for my doubt, not others. She requests. He sleeps on the sofa.Its morning, Vividha cooks food. Guddi comes. Vividha tries to talk to her and helps. Guddi taunts her. Vividha says you are my sister. Guddi says you remember this, I m surprised, you just care for yourself. Sujata comes and sees them arguing. Guddi says you just think of yourself, you don’t have place for anyone in your heart and mind. Vividha says I wanted to come to talk, but did not understand.

Guddi says you left me alone to die. Sujata says its not like that. Vividha says I want your happiness. Guddi asks her can she get Ravish back, then stop acting to care for my happiness.Vividha says enough, I m trying to talk well, you are behaving rude, what happened to you, did you think about me. Guddi says why should be everything about you, do you any word bigger than selfish. Vividha says enough, I don’t need to say what I did for you, don’t call me selfish. Sujata asks them to stop it. Atharv comes and looks on. Vividha and Guddi leave. Atharv says I know, Vividha is worried and afraid to lose Madhav.

Khushi tears the papers. Madhav packs his bag. Vividha asks Khushi to have food. Madhav says I got ready. Vividha says wait for 2 mins. She asks Khushi to have food fast. Madhav’s school bus comes. He says I will miss school bus. Vividha asks him to wait. Madhav says I missed my school bus. Vividha says I will drop you, wait. She asks Khushi not to throw things and shouts to Atharv. Madhav says its my book. Kangana comes and sees them.

She says come Madhav, I will drop you. Vividha shouts on her, asking her to leave. Kangana goes. Atharv looks on. Vividha asks Atharv to see what Khushi did, Madhav’s school bus is missed, I will drop Madhav to school and come, what all shall I see alone. Ravish and Sujata come and look on.Vividha asks Kangana not to go near Madhav. She takes him to school. Madhav waves bye to Kangana. Atharv looks for Khushi. Sujata and Ravish see Madhav waving to Kangana.

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