Never say goodbye update Sunday 3 July 2022

Never say goodbye 3 July 2022: The Episode starts with Vividha exposing Chintu. She says I identified him when he has shut me and Madhav in basement, I have seen his bracelet, I saw him wearing this in Ajmer too. Suman asks Chintu what is he doing in this clothes, Maha Maya is a woman, she was here, you took her place right, tell me, Maha Maya told me about Maha Amavasya night, I just had to push Madhav. Atharv says so you have thrown him down. Suman says no, I did not do anything, I was going to push, Madhav cried and then Chintu pushed him.

Ravish says but you did planning to push Madhav. Suman says I did this as we have curse on us, on our happiness, this was only way to get rid of this curse. Vividha says she is saying about the curse which a dying woman gave her 30 years ago, she has killed that woman. They all get shocked.Vividha says she thinks the curse is following her and snatching happiness from her and Ravish’s happiness. Atharv says it means I have no mum and family, I don’t know who I m, what’s all this. Vividha says Suman has done all this, she planned all this 4 years ago, she planned your accident, then on your memory getting lost, she said she is your mum, she gave you new life, but she always manipulated you to use you, she made you Raghav Suman from Atharv Sujata, to hide this truth, she made this fake family, so that she removes you from her way, she has told all this to me. Sujata cries.

Ravish looks at Suman with tearful eyes. Vividha tells what all Suman said.Ravish asks what did you do, how can you think about ruining so many lives, just for a curse, for superstitions, you wanted to take revenge from them, I was your son, you did not think about me, when I get to know my mum…. Sujata asks why did you do this, did you come here saying about tirat yatra. Vividha says yes, she had to lie and live dual life.Ravish says Vividha told me many times that Madhav has seen you here, I did not believe her, as I trusted you. Suman says so what, will anyone listen to me, I was made to do this, Maha Maya said this is the way to get our happiness. Ravish asks what Maha Maya, he is fooling you, there is no woman. Suman says this is Chintu, he is not Maha Maya, she is really a woman, she knew everything, she knew how Kajri died by my hands 30 years old, she told me Kajri’s soul is here and she will not let me stay here, she was right, I have seen Kajri’s spirit following me, the anklet sound rings my ears.

Vividha asks which girl, this one….. She gets Kajri. Suman gets shocked seeing her. Suman says Kajri, she is a spirit. Vividha says she is not a spirit, she is a human, see here. She shows Kajri’s hand wound. Suman says but Kajri died 30 years old. Vividha says she is not Kajri, she is her granddaughter. Suman gets shocked.FB shows Vividha saying you are alive, you did not die, please help me go out from here, my son needs me, even you are a woman, understand my pain. The girl shows the window. Vividha asks who are you. The girl signs she is mute. She gets the newspaper and shows to Vividha. Vividha says its you. The girl signs no, and writes Kajri was her grandmum. FB ends. Vividha says someone has sent her in front of you to scare you, she is mute and can’t say anything, this was done to make you believe that a bad spirit is haunting you. Suman says how can this happen, Maha Maya told me what to do. Ravish says someone made Chintu do this. Atharv gets dizzy.

Ravish says Chintu can’t do this alone, tell me who is behind all this. He shouts on Chintu. Suman asks Chintu to say who told him to do this. Ravish says he will not say this way. He catches Chintu and asks him to say who is behind all this, else I will…. Chintu does not say. Ravish scolds him. Guddi looks on. Vividha says who can do this, its someone who knows Suman’s past, he has fooled Suman to make her do this crime. Suman cries. Ravish says such crime where Madhav and Atharv die together, someone has benefit by doing all this. Chintu sees Kalindi and signs. Kalindi gets back. She sees Atharv feeling unwell.

Vividha says but who can do all this, if Atharv, Madhav and Suman are made away from all this, the property will go to Ravish, it means the person will try to kill Ravish also, who can it be, that person planned all this, its someone from this house. She sees Atharv gone. She says where is he. They all look for Atharv. Ravish and everyone realize Kalindi took Atharv. They hear the car sound and run out to see. Kalindi takes Atharv in the car. He is unconscious. Ravish asks Vividha to come along. They leave in the car. Sujata worries and says I will come along. Vipul says I will get the car.

Kalindi says enough now, I have waited for property, now I will do it and show them. Vividha says where would Kalindi take Atharv, we can’t see her car. Ravish says I know where she is going. Kalindi says it will be fun when I kill everyone, I will start this death game with Atharv first. Ravish and Vividha follow them.Kalindi doing some puja. She says it is just mine, I waited for this day since many years. She hangs Atharv by the ropes, near the river. She sees Ravish and Vividha come there. They shout Atharv. Kalindi asks Ravish to stop, you know whoever goes inside this river, never comes back. She shows the ropes tied to the boulder. She sees the family coming. Sujata shouts Atharv. Vipul, Guddi, Madhav and Bhoomi get shocked seeing Atharv hanging to the tree branch. Kalindi says its good you came, you were worried thinking your son is alive or dead, today your son will die in front of you.

Ravish says it means you were behind whatever happened, Maha Maya, Chintu and this curse, you fooled my mum since 30 years, why. Kalindi says yes, it was my plan, you think someone else has mind to plan such clever thing, your mum is a fool, you know its easy to fool her, as she is already foolish, today none can stop me. Sujata and Vividha cry. Kalindi says I want my rights. Vividha asks why did you do this. Kalindi says I want my dad’s property, not any outsiders/women, Sujata and Suman are strangers, if they got my share, I understood rights are snatched, foolish Suman did everything on Atharv and Sujata’s names, I decided to get free of Suman and Sujata together, I will do this today. Sujata begs her to leave Atharv.

Kalindi asks her not to come ahead, else… Sujata says no, don’t do this, take anything, leave my Atharv. Vividha says you can’t do this, please leave Atharv. Sujata says take anything, take property, I will give whatever I have, just give me my son. Kalindi asks what, you will give the money you have, you think I m a thief, I just want justice, not your charity, I want my rights. Sujata says you take everything, we had no hope from this house, I just want my son.

Vividha says we all will sign wherever you say, just leave Atharv. Kalindi says saying and doing have difference, why did Sujata stay with us if she did not wish anything. Sujata says I did not come by my wish. Kalindi says yes, Suman and Ravish stopped you, today none can stop me, I will get my rights, enough of this story, I will kill Atharv today.

Everyone look on. Ravish asks Kalindi to stop and aims gun at her. Kalindi goes to push the stones to make Atharv fall. Sujata says no. Ravish says don’t make me helpless please. Kalindi says you are helpless, if anything happens to me, my son will get my property, if Atharv dies…. throw the pistol Ravish. Vividha stops Ravish.

Ravish keeps the gun down. Suman comes there and calls out Kalindi. Suman says you fooled me till now. Kalindi taunts her. She says why shall I explain you, you took foolishness degree, if you did like I said, many things would have ended, you did not do anything right. Suman asks how did you do with me, when your marriage broke, I gave you roof to stay and supported you. Kalindi says its my dad’s house, who are you to give me roof, because of you, dad taunted me that you kept your marriage, when my marriage broke, i was standing alone, none came to share my pain. Ravish slowly goes out. Kalindi says you did not just snatch my property, but also dad. She cries. Suman says I did not do anything.

Ravish goes to save Atharv. Kalindi says dad gave you all respect, I will never forget how I stayed in house, as an outsider. Vividha worries for Atharv and says open eyes Atharv, we all are here. Ravish tries reaching Atharv. Vividha says you can’t lose this way Atharv, please open eyes.

Atharv opens eyes and looks around. Suman says its not such, you are mistaken. Suman sees Atharv getting conscious, I have always loved you more than my own sister. She pushes Kalindi. Vividha shouts Maa. Suman holds the stick to throw the stone. Kalindi says you are such sister. Suman says I had to do this. Kalindi says you are always helpless, you had to give property, son and husband, you will live a life of a servant now. Suman says I know what to do, I don’t have to repeat my mistakes, I have to rectify it, I have the chance in front of me.

Kalindi gets shocked realizing Suman’s intentions. Suman moves the boulder. Vividha, Sujata and everyone get shocked. Suman throws the stone down. Vividha and Sujata shout Atharv. Atharv starts falling down. Ravish hears Vividha shouting Atharv. Sujata cries and recalls Atharv.

Vividha asks Suman why did you do this. Ravish comes back to Suman and Vividha. Vividha says Ravish, Maa has thrown Atharv. Ravish looks down in the river. He turns and sees Suman. Suman says Ravish. He signs her to stay away. Suman says I had to rectify my mistake, this had to happen, I waited to change everything and take revenge since 30 years, I should have killed Sujata and Atharv the day I got to know about them, they did not let me live happily, I was Ramakant’s wife and became second woman in his life because of Sujata, he never loved me, I stayed in that house as furniture, because of this woman, you did not get happiness because of Atharv, he was not letting you live peacefully, now everything is yours Ravish. Ravish signs no. Vividha and Sujata cry. Ravish gets tearful eyes and sees Suman.

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