Never say goodbye update Sunday 20 February 2022

Never say goodbye 20 February 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv falling down the balcony. Vividha gets shocked and worried. She calls out Atharv. Vividha calls out Vividha and walks to her home. She gets tensed and cries. Atharv holds the railing and comes up, saying hi, were you finding me, were you scared to make me fall by a push, strange, you can’t lie to Papa and can’t see me in trouble. He also hears Kailash’s call. She asks him to go please. Atharv asks her to kiss the file please. She says please go…. Atharv also insists and asks her to give just one kiss. She kisses the file and asks him to go now. She shuts the balcony door.

Atharv smiles and kisses on her kiss mark on the file. Vividha opens the door. Kailash says you did not sleep till now, I knew you would be awake, did Guddi sleep. She says yes. He says you work a lot, you also need rest, you looked so pretty today, I thought how did time pass so soon, you grew up and I will do your marriage and bidaai, my house will get lonely. She hugs him and says she won’t go leaving him. He says few things are time demands, you have to marry me, sleep now. Guddi sees Kailash in room and hides. Kailash asks Vividha to shut window and doors, take care of Guddi, she is growing up, how Atharv was saying nonsense about Guddi.

He shuts the door and goes. Vividha goes to balcony and looks for Atharv. Guddi enters the room and goes to sleep. Atharv whistles and signs Vividha. He kisses on the file and smiles. She goes to her room and sees Guddi. She asks where were you. Guddi says I was hungry and went to kitchen to have something, why what happened.Vividha asks why did you keep pillows here. Guddi says use specs, you are getting old before time. Guddi sees Chintu from the window and gives him a flying kiss. Vividha shuts the window.

Its morning, Dadi sees Atharv taking bath and just goes Haye, haye…. She says why did he not meet me some years ago. Guddi comes and takes comb. Dadi thinks how did Guddi not ask for binoculars, whats the problem. She asks Guddi will she not stare at Atharv today. Guddi says no, I m in hurry. Dadi asks what hurry, there is something fishy, I will go and see. She keeps binoculars there and goes. Vividha comes there and wonders what Dadi and Guddi see with binoculars. She sees Atharv bathing and gets shocked. She says OMG, so they both see this like shameless people, they don’t think anything, he does not look like hero, he is just okay, he is just slim trim. She smiles seeing him again.

Atharv pours water over his head. She starts liking the view. Atharv turns to that side and sees her. He throws water towards her and signs what. She keeps the binoculars, and leaves while limiting her smile. Atharv smiles.Dadi asks Guddi where is she going. Guddi says I m going to friend’s house to study. Dadi asks her to sit at home and study. Guddi says I always go there and study. Dadi says not today, as something is fishy, you did not stare Atharv. Uma looks on. Chintu waits for Guddi. Dadi asks Uma to come fast. She asks Uma to see Guddi, does girls like this study, see her face and attitude. Vividha sees Guddi and says she applied kajal, so she looks different, nothing else.

Guddi says yes, see you. Dadi asks her to go to room and study. Chintu says all the family is mad. Uma packs some laddoos and gives to Sujata. Uma says I know you did not even taste it, you gave all to us, taste it and say how is it. Sujata says I know its good, I want to talk about Chintu.Uma says Chintu is a nice guy, explain Atharv too, I know he is worried, but there is no need, thanks for laddoo, the lep you gave me is good relieve, see my wounds healed, special thanks for that. Sujata says no need to say sorry or thanks, its big thing to see you smiling after long time, keep smiling. Uma says there is no one of my age at home, so I get less chance to smile, I was forgetting to smile.

She smiles. Uma asks her to be habitual of their friendship, we will fill this gap between two families, we will unite them. Uma asks why are you dreaming this, don’t do mistake to regard impossible thing as possible, I m thinking of you as friend, and you are thinking to make relation, this won’t happen. Sujata says its not in our hands, its all fate, if nothing is guaranteed, whats harm to think good. Sujata smiles. Uma leaves.Sujata shouts to Atharv, asking him to eat the laddoo which came from his inlaws. Uma turns hearing this and goes inside her house. Kailash asks Dubey about Atharv’s project. Dubey says I tried hard to know about him, I think he is doing this secretly. Kailash threatens to fire him if he turns useless for him. Dubey says no, I will try my best. He goes. Badri looks on.

Vividha waters the plants. Atharv comes there. She slips and falls in his arms. He smiles. They have an eyelock. He says this likes of falling and slipping before has become your habit now. She asks him about raoming shirtless before, which was his habit and now became his likes. He says great, when you and your Dadi were seeing me bathing semi naked, you didn’t have any complain then. She says I did not see you. He says your Dadi is better than you to speak her heart out, you are not able to say. She says I did not see you. He says your Papa thinks you are very innocent and Devi type, he should know you like to see a special guy having bath with binoculars. She says stop nonsense and goes. He smiles.

  Guddi telling Vividha that she is going to study. Vividha says I will make tea. Guddi says no need, you sleep. She goes and meets Chintu. He says its going to be morning in sometime. She says what could I do, Vividha slept late. He gets close. She says not today. He says no one will come and tries to kiss her. She says if anyone comes. He says everyone would be sleeping. She moves him away and says I think I should go. He stops her. He asks her to come and takes her out. She says no, not outside. Atharv is sleeping and turns to that side. Chintu asks Guddi to wear dupatta. He takes her to his car while she refuses, as she has exam tomorrow. He says relax, we will come back soon, promise, you will be comfortable outside, I will go back in few days, I will miss you, I want to spend time with you.

He makes her sit in the car and shuts the door. Atharv wakes up by the door shut sound and sees Chintu leaving in his car.He looks inside Vividha’s room. He sees Vividha sleeping and goes to sleep. He recalls Vividha and their moments. He dreams of Vividha and going ahead to kiss her. His dream breaks.Atharv wakes up from his dream and goes to wake up Sujata. She asks what happened, I could have got heart attack. He asks her to start doing arrangements. He reminds its imp day. She says I forgot, I will make breakfast now. She asks him to see time, its 4am. He says its just 3 hours now, get up, how can you waste day by sleeping, we have to live every moment, capture this moments in eyes. She says you got mad, let me sleep.

He says its special day for me, it’s a day when my dreams will get true, our dairy farm dream and our house Laxmi dreams…. Vividha has to choose me and my love. She asks if Vividha chooses her Papa like always then…..He asks do you think so, do you don’t believe my love. She says I believe your love, are you nervous. He says no. She says I will sleep. He rushes to get tea. She prays for his happiness. Vividha wakes up and stands in balcony. Atharv sees her and wishes her good morning. He reminds her the historical date. She goes to her room. She sees Guddi missing and says she can get late for her exam. She calls out Guddi and thinks did Guddi go early to prepare for exam.

Dadi dances on Deewani hogai song. Vividha calls Guddi and finds her phone at home. She asks Uma did she see Guddi. Uma says no, I thought she is with you. Vividha says no, she was with me, but when I woke up, she wasn’t there. Dadi says Guddi has exam today and she can’t take her phone to school, Guddi was worried yesterday, she said if she fails third time, school will kick her out. Vividha says don’t know how Guddi went so soon. Dadi says Kailash scolded Guddi and threatened to cut her pocket money, I think she will write exam well. Kailash and Badri come from walking. Uma asks them to have breakfast.

Kailash says like always, first puja then food. He asks Vividha to arrange the puja plate. Dadi reminds Kailash that its 1st July today.Kailash scolds Dadi and asks is she supporting Atharv, I will not let him fulfill his challenge. Dadi says I m saying about 1st date and monthly expenses, you are saying this themselves, you scold everyone before listening. He says take the expenses, I will give. He goes. Dadi’s mood gets spoiled. Uma serves her food.Atharv gets ready for meeting. Sujata says its your imp meeting, so I did not wish to call you from behind. He says mum’s voice/call is always a blessings.

She says I will always love and bless you, its your imp meeting, you can’t take Lord’s blessings. He makes Sujata stand infront of the Lord idol and says you look like Murari’s sister. She smiles and blesses him. Vividha comes out and says why did Guddi go without saying. Atharv smiles seeing her. Sujata understands its Vividha there.Sujata teases him. He asks how did you know. She says I have seen life by your eyes, when you see her, your eyes and face glow. He says no. She asks him to stop. She calls out Vividha and asks her to keep these flowers in Murari’s feet, its very special day for Atharv, it will decide Atharv’s love and work, it will decide his future. Vividha agrees to keep flowers.

Kailash comes and holds Vividha’s hand stopping her from taking flowers. Atharv looks on. Kailash says I did not expect this cleverness from you Sujata, you saw my daughter alone and started trapping her. He tells Vividha that they are clever people, they want my house Laxmi to get Atharv’s success, then Atharv will get adamant to get engaged to you, you don’t know these mum and son, they eye other’s Laxmi too, they want fate of someone else by stealing, great. He asks Atharv not to step inside his line.Atharv says I don’t move back after stepping ahead, and I don’t pull back my hand after forwarding. He keeps flowers in Vividha’s aarti plate.

Kailash asks why did you spoil my thaali by keeping your flowers. Atharv says flowers, plate and Lord don’t have any problem, why are you differentiating between Lords. Kailash says do puja, but remember Atharv won’t succeed. Kailash curses Atharv. Atharv smiles and says you are blessing me while cursing.

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