Never say goodbye update Saturday 7 May 2022

Never say goodbye 7 May 2022: The Episode starts with Ravish saying I also know some laws, I did not break law, I have saved someone’s life. He tells what the warden did, he tried to give deadly mental shocks to Atharv and Vividha. Inspector gets shocked and says I will not leave that warden. Vividha says we know Atharv can’t kill Guddi, let him be here. Inspector says fine, I will give you some time as this is Vashisht’s house, but we have to arrest Atharv soon. Atharv tells Sujata how Vividha saved him. Suman thinks I thought the matter went out of home, but Vividha started spying again. Kalindi calls someone and says Atharv is back at home.

Vividha says I have to catch culprit in any way. She recalls Atharv’s words. She says who can have motive to kill Guddi. She sees a shadow behind her. She turns to see and gets hurt. Ravish comes and asks how did you get hurt. She says I just turned and…. He gets first aid box. She asks whats this. Ravish checks the jacket with cat print on it. Vividha shows him the cat print. He gets shocked. She says it means this is that black cat, about which Atharv told us, it means when that person pushed Guddi down, he has worn this, that’s why Atharv was saying about black car.

Ravish thinks the culprit has worn this so that he can hide in darkness. Vividha says then he got mixed in us. Ravish says the links are connecting, how to link this coat with that culprit. He shows the jacket to Atharv. Atharv says this is that black cat like me. Atharv asks are you sure, when Guddi got down, did you see this. He says yes, he has pushed Guddi down. Ravish asks did you see anything, watch or ring. Atharv asks are you mad, cat does not wear watch, don’t know how were the hands. Ravish gets the gloves in the coat. Atharv says yes, these were the hands of black cat. Atharv asks can I have this. Ravish tells Vividha about Atharv and Guddi’s fight.

Vividha says yes. She asks Atharv to think well, did he and Guddi fight that day. Atharv says yes, Guddi was not giving me pics, so I fought with her. FB shows Guddi seeing Atharv and Vividha’s pics. Atharv asks her to give pics. Guddi does not listen. Her dupatta gets stuck in neck. Atharv helps her. She does not give pics. FB ends. Vividha asks what pics. Atharv says your and my pics, like this, close ones. Ravish looks on.

Vividha says it means Guddi was going to show the pics to everyone that day. Ravish says Guddi loved you a lot, why will she do this. Vividha thinks I can’t tell you that Guddi was loving you. She says Guddi and I had fight and she was much annoyed with me, where are those pics now. Ravish says don’t worry, I have that pendrive, when I came home, I knew there is something fishy and got pendrive. I checked it and kept it with me, it was used for blackmail. Vividha says I gave our pics to Guddi to save it, her laptop…. Ravish says its with me, don’t worry, I m sure this coat can make us reach the culprit. Vividha says what will we do now, we want proof.

Atharv says I m tired, I m hungry. Vividha says fine, get fresh. I will get water for you. Atharv says no, I will have food in your room only. Ravish says fine, go and freshen up first. Suman talks on phone. She sees Atharv with Vividha. Atharv asks about his fav dish of jackfruit. Vividha recalls his words. She asks him to become strong and feeds him. Atharv says you look like a doll, and holds her face. He says you are my fav, my doll. Ravish comes and says Vividha I have to talk. He sees Atharv holding Vividha. Atharv kisses Vividha on her cheek. Ravish and Suman get shocked.

Suman goes and scolds Sujata. Sujata asks did Atharv do any mischief, I m sorry. Suman says Atharv has made Vividha serve him day and night, as if she is his wife, not Ravish, you came here with your son and making my bahu do his duty, why, can’t you take care of your son, my bahu has responsibility for her husband first, but she is always with Atharv. She tells Atharv has touched Vividha’s face in front of Ravish, and even kissed on her face while joking, I can’t bear this, I know he is ill, but he can’t misbehave with my bahu, Vividha does not need to put her life with Ravish at stake and manage Atharv, he just has pity for Atharv, it does not mean that Vividha is paying for any favor. Vividha hears them and cries.

Vividha hearing Suman scolding Sujata. Sujata sees Vividha and says you are right, everyone should learn to be in limits, I m sorry, I will try to keep Vividha away from Atharv’s every need, afterall, Vividha doesn’t have to pay favors back to him. Vividha cries and goes to room. She sees Atharv sleeping and asks Ravish when did he sleep, I will send him back to his room. Ravish says let him sleep, sleep is innocent and deep. Vividha asks what are you doing, did you find out anything. He says nothing, just till, there is a tailor mark on the coat, even my tailor is same, see my coat, the culprit did mistake by making this coat by the same tailor, it will be easy for us to reach that tailor. She agrees.

Ravish and Vividha go to the tailor and show the coat. Tailor says yes, I have made this coat, this is our tag. Ravish asks who got this coat made and when. Tailor says its tough, I went to village for two months and my brother was here to manage work, and now I m here, and he is gone to village, we can’t communicate. Vividha says but you can check records and know it. Tailor says I think she is your wife. She is smart like you. He checks the record and says I got it, its made two weeks back. Ravish asks who got this made. Tailor says according to record, Ravish Vashisht, you have got this stitched. They get shocked.

Ravish welcomes Abheer and says I m glad you came here, we will like you to stay here, but how did you come inside the gate, my guard did not inform me. Abheer says guard was new, I said I m Ravish and he has let me in. Daddy ji laughs and says I met your dad long time back, how is Brigadier Khanna. Abheer says he is fine, he regretted that we could not come on Ramakant’s last rites, we were out of town, dad insisted that I stay with you all. Kalindi comes and smiles. Suman says I will get tea. Daddy ji asks Kalindi to make arrangements for Abheer.

Ravish says tailor’s brother did not know me, someone came as Ravish and got this coat stitched. Vividha says why will anyone do this, is Guddi’s death a proper planned murder. Ravish says yes, someone made this coat to do that crime. She says why will anyone do this, what did Guddi do.Abheer goes with Kalindi and hugs her. He says I missed you a lot. Kalindi says we have to be careful, none should know what are we planning. He asks her not to worry, our secret is just ours. He hugs her. She says the situation is different, if Vividha knows about our secret, its not good, I tried to stop her, she is not stopping.

He flirts with her and says you tried alone before, now we will try together. They hug. Kalindi smiles.Suman asks Vividha about hiring a new maid. Vividha says I spoke to neighbor, she said she will send someone. Suman says I was thinking to go on shopping, we will have coffee outside. Vividha says sorry, shall we go tomorrow, its Atharv’s checkup today, doctor is going to come, he has to change weekly medicines, Ravish is not at home. Sujata will get confused. She thinks I know Suman does not like me spending time with Atharv, but his condition is such. She asks Suman not to mind, I have to be here when doctor comes, else Atharv will not take injections. Suman says fine, I know you are doing this as you have a big heart.

Kalindi says finally, we are together, this is what you wanted. He says no, I want something else too. She says anyone can come here. He says let them come and gets close to kiss her. Daddy ji calls him. They get away. Daddy ji asks what happened, all fine. She says I was showing him the house. Abheer says you maintained house well. Daddy ji says thanks, I was going golf court, will you come. Abheer says sure. Daddy ji goes. Kalindi says don’t worry. I will manage everything here. Abheer goes.

Vividha goes to Atharv. Kalindi comes there and adds something in medicine bottle. She goes. Vividha comes to room. Sujata says I will feed medicines to Atharv, and stops Vividha. Atharv refuses to have medicines from Sujata. Kalindi looks on. Sujata tells Vividha that only I will feed medicines. Kalindi gets Abheer’s call and says once Sujata makes Atharv drink medicine, he will die. Atharv makes medicine fall. The paper falls by the medicine falling on it. Sujata scolds him and asks him to have medicine. Vividha sees the paper burning and gets shocked.

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