Never say goodbye update Saturday 16 April 2022

Never say goodbye 16 April 2022: The Episode starts with pandit asking them to start puja. Vividha sees the soap bubbles and thinks. Suman asks her where are you going, puja is still happening. Ravish is worried. Sujata sees Atharv playing with bubbles. She carries the idol and asks Atharv why did he go, come with me, we will go and sit somewhere. Atharv says I m very happy, see. She says I m very tired, come with me. She asks him to sit here. He goes. She worries and shouts Atharv.

Pandit asks Vividha to keep her hand in Ravish’s hand. Ravish and Vividha do rituals and pray. Pandit says all suhagan women can pray for their husband’s long lie. Ravish looks at Vividha. Yaad me tere……….plays……….. Vividha closes yes and prays.Atharv buys balloons. Sujata stops Atharv and asks him not to take anything without asking the vendor. He sees the toy gun and takes it. He says I want this gun. The man asks Atharv is he mad, fine take it. Sujata says no, he is not mad, how much does this cost. She buys the gun. Atharv plays. She smiles seeing him happy.

Suman asks them to pray, she will just come. Ravish says I have to make an imp call and goes. He calls Situram and asks did you find out, no I can’t come, I have to be with family at temple, you don’t stop finding them, they won’t go far. Sujata makes Atharv sit and asks him not to go. He goes again. She shouts Atharv and goes to stop him. He runs and collides with Suman. Suman turns to see him. Sujata sees Suman and gets shocked. She gets tensed and turns away. Suman turns and does not see Sujata. Sujata thinks if Suman is here, Ravish will be around, I have to find Atharv.

Vividha does not see Atharv. Sujata gets Atharv along with her. Vividha turns and does not see them. Sujata sees Suman’s family and worries. Atharv says my gun fell. Sujata says stand here, I will get the fun, don’t go. She runs to get the toy gun and picks it. Sujata goes. Vividha turns to her side and gets thinking. Sujata says I got the gun, come now. Ravish asks did you find them well, find them. He sees Sujata’s Krishna idol.Suman comes to Ravish and asks what are you doing here. Ravish lies that he will meet his old friend and come, and asks them to go home.

Suman asks Vividha to wait for Ravish, he got his old friend, we will leave. Vividha says no, I will come along. Suman says come with Ravish, you will get some time to spend together. They leave. Atharv asks where is sweets shop. Sujata says shop will come, we will take Murari idol first. She takes the idol and gets shocked seeing Ravish. Ravish asks why did you run away, what happened. Few ladies greet Ravish and say you here, I think your wife made a soldier a devotee. Ravish says I have imp work, I will meet you later. He turns and sees Sujata and Atharv gone. Atharv’s gun falls down. He goes back to get it. Ravish comes running to look for him.

He calls Situram. Sujata worries seeing Ravish and thinks of Ravish’s words. She thinks she should have not trusted Ravish. She takes Atharv away. Atharv says why are we running, I will give gun to captain. She says no, we are playing hide and seek from captain, if we hide, we will win, you want to win right. He says yes. She asks him to come fast. Ravish looks for them.

Sujata calls Abdul uncle and says its tough to manage Atharv, he is not being quiet. Atharv recalls Sujata’s words. She asks uncle did he see lawyer. Abdul uncle says I will send lawyer there, don’t worry. She says Ravish and his family are here, they can see us. Atharv sits in a big box and gets shut. The gun falls. Atharv says now captain can’t find me, I will win. Abdul uncle says yes, trust Lord, everything will be fine. Sujata sees Atharv gone and worries. The men lift the box and say this is very heavy box. Sujata worries.

Sujata getting toy gun and thinks did Atharv go, what if Ravish finds him. Situram informs Ravish that Sujata and Atharv got bus tickets. Ravish says no, they were here at temple, I have seen them, we should find them. Ravish wonders why did Sujata and Atharv run away. Sujata hides her face seeing Ravish. Vividha comes there. Sujata collides with her and goes. Vividha sees Ravish and goes to him. He says you are still here, you did not go home with everyone. She says no, Maa told me to stay here and come home with you. He asks her to wait in temple.

She gets dizzy. Ravish holds her and asks her will she have water or anything. She recalls Atharv. She thinks why everything reminds me of you Atharv. Ravish asks are you okay Vividha. She says yes, I will wait for you in temple.The men keep the box outside the temple. Atharv says he does not like this being trapped. Vividha prays and feels guilty. She thinks to tell truth to Ravish today as she is feeling bad to lie to him, Ravish is alone with her today and she has to get courage to say all the truth to Ravish. She goes downstairs. Vividha comes there near the box and gets dizzy.

She holds the box. Music plays…… Tere khayalon se…….plays………. She stands holding the box. Atharv feels her and touches the box’s top. She goes. He starts hitting the box and gets silent.Ravish recalls Sujata and Atharv running away. Sujata is still there and trying to find Atharv. She sees Ravish and hides. He thinks it can be a problem. Suman says its good, we did shopping. Kalindi says yes, we got discounts on Karwachauth even if we did not keep fast. Cook calls Suman and asks what food to make for everyone and fast. Suman says who asked you to make food for fast. He says Vividha may have kept the fast, she did not had breakfast.

Suman asks him to make normal food. Kalindi asks what happened, did Vividha ask cook to make fasting food. Suman says no, she did not have breakfast and lunch. Kalindi says I told you she will ask you. Suman says I m sure Vividha can’t do this. Kalindi says Vividha would be in temple, we will go temple and see. Suman says fine, we will see did Vividha keep fast or not. They leave.

Atharv cries and says open…. Sujata hides from Ravish. Ravish thinks of Vividha and goes towards temple. The ladies wait for moon to break their fast. They see the moon and rush. Vividha looks on. Ravish comes to temple and does not find Vividha there. He says where did Vividha go. Suman, Kalindi, Bhoomi and Aditi too look for Vividha. Bhoomi says if Vividha kept fast, she will be doing puja. A lady asks Vividha to hold her puja plate. Vividha cries and sees the moon. She recalls Atharv.

The box starts moving. Vividha sees the box and thinks some animal is locked in it. She goes and opens the box. Atharv comes out and she gets a jerk. She screams and the puja plate falls off. Vividha falls on the ground. The Kumkum falls over both of them. Channi falls over her face. She opens eyes and sees Atharv through the Channi. She gets shocked. He looks at her. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…………..

Vividha and Atharv see each other. She smiles and says Atharv. He says Vividha. She can’t believe her eyes. She recalls how she has seen him before at her inlaws house. She checks if he is really there by touching his face. She says Atharv….. its you, you are really infront of me. She happily hugs him. Maine jo chaha mujhko wo milgaya……plays……. She says I can’t believe you are infront of me, are you fine Atharv, where did you go. She hugs him and cries. Atharv gets angry and recalls how he got beaten up. She asks him to say something. He stares at her.

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