Never say goodbye update Saturday 14 May 2022

Never say goodbye 14 may 2022: The Episode starts with army men giving training to the family. Atharv asks questions and laughs. He asks them what will they do if opponent comes like this. Ravish smiles and says when opponent is infront of you, look into his eyes and know his move, you can defend him. Ravish says its time for weapon training now. Dadi Bua tells Suman that shooting is done by heart, not hands. Dadi Bua and Suman shoot. Vividha says I can’t kill anyone. Ravish says when gun is lifted by responsibility, its not a crime, come. She says even then, its a gun….

Ravish teaches Vividha how to shoot. He asks her to focus on the target and not see the trigger, it will be pressed on own by holding the palm tight. She looks at him. He goes. Aruna acts as if she does not know gun is heavy and drops it. Ravish observes her. He gets a call and man says we got info about the terrorist reaching Delhi. Ravish asks are you sure, any other input. The man says we got some pics Sir. Ravish says mail me pics right away. Aruna shoots at the bull’s eyes. The lady praises her shooting skills. Everyone get scared to shoot and move by gun’s pressure. Aruna shoots well. Ravish gets the pics.

Aruna comes there. Ravish sees her pic, in burqa veil. He zooms on the eyes and sees Aruna. Ravish gets shocked.She goes. Ravish goes to her and says now time is over. Aruna has gun with her and shoots him. Aruna smiles. She imagines shooting him. Ravish says your practice is over, give the gun, it will go to officers’ custody. She says sure and gives gun. She says I was coming to give this, sorry. Ravish says practice ended, relax. Dadi Bua asks Suman to get tea. Suman asks her to come. Ravish tells the team that he is taking family outside, you will follow Aruna and capture her, we will see if she calls someone, we have to capture her, she is terrorist.

Bhoomi jokes and asks Vipul to get saved from her. Atharv asks Suman to make pakodas. Dadi Bua says Suman makes good pakodas. Everyone sit and have a talk. Daddy ji says we will go out for dinner. Dadi Bua says we will cook something at home. Aruna gets inside the house by window. Army men follow her. Ravish tells his family to listen carefully and do as he says. She asks them not to step out of house, where is Vividha. Suman says she is in room. Ravish goes to room and does not see her. He calls her out. Ravish gets message about terrorists’ real identity.

He tells Vividha that Aruna is not any helpless woman, I knew she knows shooting, she is Wasim’s wife, that dangerous terrorist, that woman lied to us, her real name is …..Vividha says I know, she is Wasim’s wife. He asks what. Aruna runs out. Ravish asks what, did you know this. Vividha says she told me everything. Aruna comes there. Ravish aims gun at her and asks her to get down on knees now. Aruna cries. Ravish says what did you think, you will enter house by hiding name and I will not know, its time to drop curtains on this drama, why did you come here.

Aruna tells her real name and cries. She asks is it my crime to be Wasim’s wife. She says I know how people treat with terrorist’s family, I was blamed by everyone and got humiliated, as I was terrorist’s wife, everyone were after me, why should I pay for his crimes, my daughter does not know her dad is a terrorist, I know I lied, but just to save my life. Vividha says its not her mistake, she has bear all this as she married a wrong man. Atharv plays and goes out. The man asks Atharv to shut door and stay inside. Vividha says Ravish, Aruna told this to me, she does not want to break our trust, its not her mistake. Ravish asks Aruna to say everything in army headquarters.

Ravish getting a call from cantonment. The man says the area is hacked, maybe they want to loot weapons. Ravish says I m coming. He asks Aruna to come, move fast. He asks her not to try to run. He asks Vividha to go back. He locks Aruna in the room. Aruna smiles. Suman asks what happened. Ravish says cantonment is attacked, I have to go, no one will step out, I locked Aruna in room, no one will try to talk to her. Suman asks but what happened.Ravish says she is Zeenat, Wasim’s wife, he was a terrorist. They get shocked. Suman says it means she was lying and staying here.

Ravish says no one will go out, Vividha you will not let her come out. Chutki says mummy. Sujata asks Atharv to be with Chutki. Ravish asks Vividha to use training if she finds any problem, and shut windows, be strong, nothing will happen.Bua coughs. Suman worries. Bua says I will manage. The terrorists reach Vashisht house. Suman goes to cook food. Bua opens windows to have fresh air. She stumbles and her asthma pump falls out. They all worry. Sujata says I think she got asthma attack. She checks purse and says its not here, where is inhaler. Bua shows its outside. Suman says we all can’t go out, who will get inhaler.

Sujata says I will get it. Daddy ji says its risky, check if we have medical aid. Sujata runs out to get inhaler. Atharv says Ravish asked us not to go out. Sujata throws inhaler. Vividha shuts window. Bua feels fine by using inhaler. Sujata gets caught by terrorists. She thinks if they get inside, they will catch all family. She recalls training. She fights with them and the man shoots. Everyone hear bullet sound and get shocked.Vividha worries for Sujata. Atharv says I m strong. Sujata comes. They get shocked seeing terrorists with them. Daddy ji asks what do you want. The men ask for Zeenat. Ravish reaches army camp and asks about attack. The man says nothing happened here.

Ravish says I got call about attack. The man says you got wrong info. Ravish says it means it was diversion to make me out of my house. The men ask Chutki where is her mum. They ask them to say where is Zeenat. Vipul gets scared and says she is upstairs. The man says take me there. Vipul takes him. Suman says we are not scared, we are not afraid to die and fight. Aruna comes and says I will give you such death in charity now. Vividha and everyone get shocked seeing her.She asks Vipul why is he not seeing her now. She slaps Vipul. She scolds him. Atharv says everyone has guns, where is my gun.

Aruna asks Chutki/Adaa to come and sit quiet. She goes to Vividha and thanks her for help. She acts and does drama. She scolds all of them. She asks did they lose mind in gambling to get stranger woman inside house and got fooled so easily. Vividha cries and says we trusted you and let you stay here for humanity, you are doing this. Daddy ji says Vividha, no need to talk to these cowards. Aruna asks him to shut his mouth. She says humanity and trust do nt matter when it comes to their mission, just one person was risky, Ravish, its fun to have such person in war.

Media comes to Vashisht house. Ravish reaches there and asks whats this drama, move. The reporters ask him about firing in his house and his family captive. Ravish gets shocked.

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