Never say goodbye update Saturday 13 August 2022

Never say goodbye 13 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kailash smiling and saying king fooled the public. He leaves. Sujata says its a good start. Atharv sees kids playing. He checks their drawing. He recalls Khushi. He thinks of Vividha’s words and thinks it will be worst for Khushi if she sees Vividha going, Khushi is the last hope to save Vividha. He joins the kids and plays with them. Atharv asks Khushi what did she see what day. He signs her and asks her to say. Vividha calls them.

Atharv says I did not know time with kids. Vividha says Madhav, you have to complete homework, come. Kailash wakes up. He gets an orange and thinks what will happen of her by just an orange, what can I do if just this is in her fate, I will give this to her. Kailash goes out and drops a vase unknowingly. Sujata hears the sound and looks out. She sees Kailash.She wakes up Uma and says Kailash is roaming in corridor, we have to see him, come. They see Kailash gone. They try to see. Dadi says what did Kailash go at night, come we will see. He goes to Kangana. He asks her to have orange, she will get strength. Kangana says please let me go out.

He says you came here to get your child, you chose this place and did many crimes. He says none can know you are here. Uma asks Sujata to go there, we will check other rooms. Kailash taunts Kangana.Sujata comes near the door.She thinks who is Kailash talking to. Kailash sees Sujata coming and shuts the cupboard. He sits and talks mad. Sujata goes. Kailash asks Kangana to take rest and goes.Atharv does not get sleep. He thinks of Vividha’s words. He gets restless and goes to Kailash. Kailash gets angry seeing him. He says king will win always, king never loses. Atharv says stop this drama, get your true face out, I m sitting infront of you, get Kailash Kashyap out.

Kailash says what you are seeing is real Kailash Kashyap. Atharv holds his neck and says accept you killed Ravish. Kailash holds Atharv’s neck and says you think just your hands can reach my neck. Atharv gets over him and slaps him. He beats up Kailash and says tell me, you have killed Ravish. Atharv murmurs and wakes up from sleep. He thinks this is not the solution of our problems, I just want one proof to show what happened and save Vividha.Its morning, Atharv goes to kids. He shows Ravish’s pic to Khushi and asks who has stabbed him the knife, you have seen it, you were there in the room. Madhav wakes up. Atharv says good morning. Vividha comes. Atharv says I will make them ready. She takes Madhav.

Atharv asks Khushi to come. Sujata and Dadi keep an eye on Kailash. Kailash shouts I m free like a bird. Uma asks him to come inside. He says I will have bath here under the sky. Uma signs Sujata to come. Sujata, Dadi and Dadi Bua come. Vividha asks Madhav to hurry up, school van won’t stop. Atharv says let it go, I will drop Madhav and Khushi will come along. Kids smile. Atharv sees Khushi and smiles.

Uma asking Kailash why is he bathing here. She signs Sujata to close the tap. Sujata closes the tap. Kailash shouts for water. Dadi puts junk on him. Dadi says its fun to see this. Uma says he is getting much anger. Atharv drops Madhav to school and takes Khushi to park. Kailash takes a banana and says I heard you have iron and calcium, will you take revenge of my insult. He eats the banana and puts the peel pieces to make them fall. He says they called me mad. Uma comes to see him and falls. Even Sujata and Dadi fall down. Dadi Bua comes. They stop her. Dadi Bua asks how did they fall down. They all get hurt.

Atharv asks Khushi when Ravish was stabbed, what did she see. She looks around and smiles seeing the kids playing in park. He asks her again. She shows the swing. He says we will play, first tell me what did you see that day. Khushi nods. Vividha comes and says I knew you would do this behind my back. She asks what did we decide. He says I had to do this. She says its pointless to talk. He says court hearing is on Friday, Khushi and Madhav will lose you. She says Khushi will have a problem by this. He says its about our need now.

Khushi holds him. He asks what do you want. She signs him phone. He asks what to do, call. She signs no and opens camera. He says not now, we will take photos later. He says I just want to help us. Vividha says we will go home and talk, come Khushi.Atharv sees Khushi with the phone and thinks. Atharv and Vividha see Kangana’s video again. Kangana says we will show Vividha’s father’s truth to the world. Atharv says Ravish wanted us to prove that Kailash is mentally fine, Khushi was trying to sign to camera as if she wants to show us something, how would Ravish tell us if he knew truth, it means Ravish kept a camera in the room, there was some camera in the room. Vividha says where will it be now. Atharv says we have to find that camera.

Atharv tells everyone about finding the camera. Sujata says it means it will be in the house. Guddi says we tried finding Kangana, we did not see any camera. Vividha says we may have seen it and did not observe as we were finding Kangana. Atharv says Kailash should not know about it. Everyone try to find camera. Sujata and Uma see Kailash laughing. Kailash sees them. Dadi asks them to hurry up. They go. Kailash follows them. Atharv and Vividha get Khushi to Kailash’s room. Atharv says its same room where Ravish was stabbed, you were here, help us what did you see, tell me, there was a camera here, where were you standing that day.

Everyone turn to see. Kailash hides. They go ahead. Atharv tries asking Khushi. Vividha says stop it now, she will not answer. Atharv asks again. Khushi recalls Kailash stabbing Ravish. She shows the curtains where she was standing. Atharv asks what did you see. Vividha says stop it, she is getting scared. She hugs Khushi and takes her.



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