Never say goodbye update Monday 18 April 2022

Never say goodbye 18 April 2022: The Episode starts with Uma recalling Atharv and the happenings. Ravish gets Sujata and Atharv to other room, and says my wife has seen that room, you will stay here in this room, you are safe here. He gives Rudraksh. Sujata shows Atharv. Atharv asks Ravish to play. Ravish says yes, I will first explain medicines, and then play. Atharv plays. Ravish explains medicine doses to Sujata. Dadi and Uma cry. Dadi says don’t know where are Sujata and Atharv, we are sitting here. Uma says yes, don’t know where is Sujata and maybe Atharv is not in this world.

Atharv gets a stole and says hide and seek. He ties blindfold and goes out of the room. Ravish and Sujata do not see. Sujata says I understood, I don’t want any problem in his medicines. Ravish asks where did Atharv go, and sees the door open.Sujata says maybe he went out. Ravish says I will see. Uma asks what shall we do. Dadi says we should report in police. Ankit begs them not to go police. Dadi scolds him and says you did this heinous crime and you will get punished. She gets angry. Inspector comes and asks Uma does she identify this shirt. She recalls Kailash and says its my husband’s shirt why…. She gets tensed seeing blood stains on it. Dadi asks inspector where did you get this shirt.

Atharv goes out and Vividha comes the other way. He enters Suman’s room. She calls Ravish and wonders where is he. Atharv is blindfolded and does not see Suman, and pics there. Inspector says we got this shirt from mountain cliff, some men tried to help this wounded man and he has pushed everyone away. He calls a man and says this man runs small dhaba at the mountain area, show your husband’s pic. Uma says yes, how can you be sure that its Kailash. The man sees Kailash’s pic and says yes, we have seen him. Dadi asks where is he. Inspector says no one has seen him again, we are afraid he would hurt himself

Atharv touches Vividha and Ravish’s pic. He then touches Ramakant’s pic and holds the blindfold. He says no, soldier will not cheat, I will find everyone. He goes out. Inspector asks Uma to check hospital or graveyard. Uma says no, he is fine, just find him, did anyone see him jumping from mountain cliff, did you get his body, I m sure he is alive and fine, I m not in shock, file his missing report. Inspector says fine, I will inform you if we find anything. Uma says I m sure he is alive. Ankit says you are in shock, Papa committed suicide, its because of you, you insulted Papa.

Atharv goes to Bhoomi’s pic and hits bed. He falls down. She asks who is it and does not see him. She hears sound from bathroom and says Vipul should have switched on lights. She goes to sleep. Vividha says something is wrong, if entire family is involved in this along with Ravish then… why is Atharv hidden like this. She goes to her room and asks who is there. She switches on lights and sees Atharv standing with a candle in his hand.

She gets glad seeing him. Jaana na dil se door…….plays………….. She says Atharv and says I have tried finding you everywhere. She hugs him and says now I m with you, there is no problem. She holds his face. Atharv holds her the same way as she did, and hugs her tightly. She says leave me, I need to talk to you, what are you doing, listen to me. He holds her face. She looks at his weird behaviour. Ankit says Papa died because of Uma. Guddi and Dadi say we believe Kailash is alive. Ankit asks are they mad and raises hand on Guddi. Uma stops him and says Kailash is alive, he can hurt anyone coming in his way, but can’t hurt himself, he is very clever.

Vividha asks Atharv what are you doing, leave me and pushes him away. Lights go. She asks him not to go anywhere, she needs to talk. Ravish gets Atharv and tells Sujata that he got Atharv in corridor. Suman asks Vividha what are you doing here. Vividha says lights went suddenly. Vipul says maybe fuse blew. Suman asks Vipul and Bhoomi to go and sleep. She asks Vividha what happened. Vividha asks do you know where is Ravish. Suman says don’t worry, maybe he went for some work, what is the matter. Vividha says I can’t tell you anything, where is Situram. Suman says you can share it with me. Vividha thinks how to tell you, you believe your son and I doubt on Ravish.

Suman asking Vividha not to take decisions, fate takes our tests, our loved ones look wrong, if there is trust, we can pass any test. Vividha asks what do you mean. Suman says i m worried for you, we all are with you, you can tell us and Ravish anything, Ravish worries for you, he does not express but feels, he can go to any extent for you. Ravish tells Atharv that i promised you I will take you out, you are a soldier and have to hide, so that no one sees you. Atharv says Sujata, she is outside. Ravish asks what is he saying. Sujata says don’t listen to him, he makes stories, don’t think much. Atharv says we will go out, she is outside. Sujata says yes, I will get medicines. Ravish says we will go out, promise.

Vividha says I will go to room and wait for Ravish. She thinks what does Suman want to say, I just know I have to protect Atharv, I will be quiet. Suman says Vividha is hiding something, Lord don’t let the curse affect Vividha, Ravish and Vividha should not get any misunderstanding.Its morning, Uma keeps a puja at home. Ankit says atlast you accepted that Papa is no more and did Shanti puja for him. Uma says no, Kailash is alive and will come back, this puja is for Atharv, if he is alive, he will come back, else Lord gives peace to his soul. Vividha recalls Atharv and thinks why is he behaving like this, I have to find him and get evidence, then ask Ravish, if I do anything, will Ravish hurt Atharv, I can’t do anything now.

Ravish comes and asks what happened. She says I think you were busy in urgent works, you did not come home all night. He says yes, i m busy but… She says let it be, I don’t want to talk. He asks her to share if anything is troubling her. She says no, i don’t think so. He says I felt everything got fine between us. She says really, you did not ask me once. He asks whats this drama, you behave normal, silent and rude sometimes, what is your problem. She says you are my problem. He asks how. She says i will understand first and then ask you. He says I think we should sit and talk. She says I don’t think so and goes.

Suman gets tea for Ravish. She asks what is it. He says nothing. She says Vividha was finding you. He thinks what to tell Maa, if Maa knows all this, she will break down, I can’t say anything. He says nothing, don’t worry, I will manage everything. He hugs her and cries.Ravish says I can’t say anything to Maa, I want to say truth to Vividha, but don’t know will she understand or not. Daddy ji asks Suman are you sure of this. She says yes, Ravish was upset and hiding something, something happened between Ravish and Vividha, such things happened in our house before also, where people did unexpected things. Sujata asks Atharv to come, will you have apple.

He gets a bat. She asks where did you get this bat. He plays like hitting a ball and injures Sujata. Her forehead bleeds and she faints. Atharv stands like a cricketer. Suman tells about Kalindi, this curse is our life’s truth, I thought my son will get saved, but I feel like something very bad is going to happen.Ravish thinks all this is troubling me, how will i hide all this, I don’t know this to trouble anyone related to me. Vividha thinks where to find Atharv, why are they shutting Atharv, I can’t trust anyone, I have to find out about this family. Vividha calls Uma and asks about Kailash. Uma says we did not know, police is finding him, its good to know soon.

Vividha says fine, I want some answers from him. Ankit tells Uma that she is lying to herself and Vividha, police got Papa’s blood stained clothes, he is dead, how can you sit like this. He asks Dadi does she not have love for Kailash. He says Guddi, its our duty to do something for our Papa. Uma asks him to be quiet, else she will make him quiet.She says nothing happened to Kailash, you both are murderers, and culprits in law court and Lord’s court, whatever you did with Atharv, don’t know where is he if he is alive. Atharv eats banana and throws the peel. He gets a rose. Vividha thinks to stay here till she gets Atharv, else anyone can harm him.

She sees Atharv and cries happily. She runs to him. He drops the rose and goes.She picks the rose and follows all the roses he dropped. She goes to her room. Atharv shuts the door and she holds him, asking are you fine, where did you disappear at night, tell me what happened with you, I know wrong happened, I m with you. He locks the door. She asks what are you doing. He gets the bat and walks to her. She asks why are you roaming with this bat. She holds him. He holds her hand. She finds his behavior strange.

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