Never say goodbye update Friday 24 June 2022


Never say goodbye 24 June 2022: The Episode starts with Guddi asking Suman does she want to kill Madhav and Atharv. Suman says I can kill them any time if I want, don’t ask same question, go and make Atharv drink this, he will forget Madhav. Guddi says he has to keep mind away from Vividha, he did not see her well, but wanted to see her face, he was getting pulled to her, he asked me did I take their address or not.Sujata tells everyone that Madhav is coming home safe. Madhav comes home with Ravish and Vividha. Everyone get glad. Ravish and Vividha smile. Uma and everyone hug and kiss him. Ankit talks to Madhav. Madhav says hero is hero, he comes back. He sees scratch on Ankit’s hand and asks him. Ankit says leave it, you are a champion.

Dadi says Madhav is very brave. Madhav tells about Atharv. Ravish and Vividha say they should not tell anyone Sadiyal. Madhav describes Atharv. Vividha thinks of Atharv forgetting bike keys, when she asks him to drop her to college. He says I forgot my purse and runs back. She asks him to come fast. FB ends.Ravish says don’t say this, we got you just because of Raghav, he took good care of you, I will be always thankful to him. Vividha says yes, talk well about elders, we will increase school security by talking to management. Ravish asks Madhav why did you go there, bad people could have been there, you did not know anyone in that house. Madhav says Suman was there. They get shocked.

Ravish asks how can Suman be there, its not possible. Madhav says she was there. Vividha says it was stranger’s house, how can Suman be there. Ravish says now no one will trouble Madhav, we will play, Dadi make something. Dadi goes to make sweets. Vividha thinks how did Madhav see Suman there.Atharv recalls the girl seen in dreams. He thinks of Madhav’s words. He makes a sketch. Suman and Guddi see Atharv. He closes eyes and visualizes Vividha in flashes. Suman gets tensed. Guddi says we did so much to keep him away from Vividha’s memory, what shall we do now. Suman says I will do something.

Vividha hugs Madhav. He says I missed you. She says I missed you too, I promise I won’t let this happen again. She makes him sleep. Ravish comes and says Madhav has slept, why are you worried. She says why did Madhav say, he saw Suman. He says he is a kid, maybe he saw someone like Suman, why are you thinking this. She says Madhav remembers everything, he told what he and Raghav spoke, why will he say he has seen Suman. He says when we overthink, our thinking misleads us, will Suman stay in a stranger’s house, think, its late now, sleep.

Atharv makes Vividha’s new sketch and draws her eyes. He says Vividha….. Suman and Guddi get shocked. He goes. Guddi and Suman check the drawing. Guddi asks how can he make this without meeting Vividha. Suman says I will tell you how to lock his memories. She burns the sketch and says I will not let my four years hardwork get waste, I m sorry Atharv, I won’t permit your thoughts to turn into reality.She hears anklet sound and asks did you hear this. Guddi asks what sound. Suman says anklet sound. Guddi asks what are you saying, I can’t hear it. Suman says this sound… Guddi says this is anklet sound, we don’t wear anklet, I will see, there is no one here.

Suman says its the curse, which is inside this house, if you want to stay alive, just do what I tell you. She goes.Vividha thinks of Madhav’s words. Atharv recalls seeing Vividha and Madhav leaving. Jaana na dil se door……plays………  Atharv thinking. Vividha sees Madhav and rests to sleep. Hum dono kyu….plays……….. Atharv looks for the drawing. He gets the semi burnt drawing. He gets another drawing, with just eyes portion similar. Many drawings fly in air and fall on the floor. He picks up all the papers.Suman sits thinking. She shouts no and runs out of her room. She comes to Atharv and sees the numerous drawings. She thinks how she burnt Vividha’s drawings and heard anklet sound.


She gets shocked and asks what’s all this. Atharv says don’t know, I made an incomplete sketch, but I found too many sketches here, why do I get pulled towards this girl, who is she, where does she stay.Vividha wakes up to have water. Madhav gets up. She asks him to sleep. He goes out of the room. She asks where are you going and calls him out. Suman says its old sketches, maybe of someone who stayed here before. Atharv says no, I think I know her. She shouts you don’t know. He says Maa…. She calms down and says how can you know, you never met any such woman, our mind sometimes plays games with us, don’t worry, I will keep the sketches, go and sleep, you will fell better. He goes.

She takes all sketches and says I will never let them meet. She recalls the lady’s words to fail the fate, else the curse will swallow her. She sees the drawings sliding on the floor. She sees some shadow and gets shocked. She says no, I will bury this curse, I will end Vividha’s memories from Atharv’s mind forever.Vividha calls out Ravish to find Madhav. She hears sound and goes to see Madhav. Madhav says Badimaa and falls over Vividha. He sleeps. She hugs him and worries. Its morning, Doctor checks Madhav and treats his fever. Dadi says I don’t know how did he get high fever suddenly, he was fine yesterday. Ravish says yes. Vividha tells them Madhav went to Suman’s room at night, then he said Badi Maa and fainted. Ravish asks are you sure. She says yes. Uma says he said he has seen Suman in Raghav’s house. Vividha says I don’t understand.

Ravish says child’s mind can think anything. Vividha says why is he repeating it again and again. Ravish says Suman can’t be there. Vividha says Madhav is scared of something. Ravish says we all know Suman is in ashram now.Guddi makes tea. Suman says Atharv is sleeping, you gave him dose at night. Guddi says yes. Suman adds drugs again. Guddi says I already mixed the powder. Suman says we have to add double dose, don’t talk about Vividha and the sketches. Guddi goes.

Someone wearing anklet gets the tea for Atharv and keeps it. She goes. Atharv wakes up and takes the tea cup. Guddi comes there and says your tea…. She gets shocked seeing Atharv having tea. Suman comes and even she gets shocked. Suman asks did you make tea on own, Guddi was with me in kitchen. He says what are you joking, I just woke up, how will I make tea. Guddi says but I…. did you see me… He says no, I just heard your anklet sound, since when are you wearing anklet. Suman and Guddi get shocked.

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