Naagin update Tuesday 5 July 2022

Naagin 5 July 2022: Episode starts with Bani telling Jai that the eagles stay in the flock. She tells that they have killed her family and love, and tells that she was cursed by Bholenaath. She tells that she will first kill his family and will make a new history, hearing which his soul will shaken up. Chachi asks her daughters to wear the jewellery and asks them to look good. She says whom she didn’t think of marrying, will be taken by the rich girl. Bani comes home and gives the stuff which they have brought. Chachi asks bani to help Meera get ready. Bani says she is already beautiful. Chachi’s husband tells that Singhanias are strange as the roka happens in bride house. Bani comes to Meera and hugs her. She asks her if she has any feelings for Veer. Meera says no, but I don’t hate him also.

Bani asks her to sit and tells that she has gone to the secret temple, and tells that she got all her answers. She tells that Veer is a bad guy and tells that he is not a human, but an eagle. She tells that she has planned to kill all Eagle clan and asks Meera for her decision. Meera asks her to go ahead and tells that she comes first for her. She asks her to promise that she will not risk her life. Jai calls bani. Bani tells that she is going to roka. He asks what are you going to do, stop the marriage. Bani tells that this time she don’t want that eagle and want to get rid of him, so that there is no danger to your life. Jai says your life is my life. Bani asks him to trust her and tells that she will handle him.

Shukla comes to Balwant and tells that Veer has come to his room through the window. He says he had gone in the day time. Balwant’s brother laughs and asks if Veer recalls his memory. Shukla tells that Veer has locked himself in room as he faced the light. Balwant tells that they have to search Adi Naagin. His brother tells that Adi Naagin will come searching Veer. Balwant tells that Veer is his son and not a prey. He tells that engagement is happening in the other house, next to their house. His brother says yes, as there is something under this house. Balwant asks him not to take the name.Bani, Meera and their family come to the bungalow and find electricity not there. Bani says I will check. Veer’s brothers come there and dances. Veer also comes there and dance. Bani recalls seeing them in her previous birth and thinks they won’t be saved this time.

She kills everyone except Veer. Naagin ki Shakti plays….She then kills him too and says this is Adi naagin’s revenge. It turns out to be her dream. Veer asks her if she is dreaming about him. Bani says you can’t think what I was thinking. Veer says his imagination is wild.Balwant asks Meera’s father to take drink, but he refuses. Chachi takes it. Veer tells Balwant that Bani is his would be bride. Bani says Meera is your would be bahu. Chachi asks her to touch his feet. Meera touches his feet. Bani tells that Veer will not touch your feet Chachi. Chachi says I have already given him my blessings. Veer asks if I bend down infront of you then? Bani says then she will curse him badly.

Later Meera hears in the party about Balwant and others do girls trafficking. Bani hears them talking about smuggling wine. Veer asks if she is missing Jai and tells that veeru only gets Basanti at the end. Meera informs what she has heard. Chachi asks about Veer’s mother and Chachi. Balwant tells that his wife died when Veer was small and his brother’s wife left him. Tapish informs Veer that Bani is keeping eye on the guests and tells that it is dangerous for them. Jai comes home and is upset. Aarohi tells Gautam that Bhai is upset. Jai hears some sound and becomes half snake to save Aarohi. He moves Aarohi when the fan falls down. They get excited to see him as snake. He tells them that he is not allergic as he is not human, but icchadhari naag. Bani comes to Veer’s house. He flirts with her and asks if she is feeling bad to miss all this. He asks her to say if she wants to marry him and tells that Meera will not feel bad. Bani tells that she came to apologize to him and thinks him perfect for Meera.

He asks are you mad? Bani asks him to hide his shoes else she will steal it. He gets flashes of Nageshwari, just as her pallu falls on his face and he holds it. He thinks what did I see? He looks at Bani…..Dil Ibaadat plays…..He finds her dress dori open and tries to tie it. She says how dare you? He says I am sure that you don’t want everyone to see. He asks how did she get change of heart suddenly. He is about to keep his hand on her shoulder, but Jai asks her to keep it back. Bani tells that Jai is the reason, as I will marry Jai on the same mandap as Meera di and you. She asks will you not congratulate me, jija
ji…Veer is shocked. Jai is surprised. Bani holds his hand and walks away with him.Balwant comes to the room and sees the things scattered. He asks the person sitting on the bed to have food and says I brought your favorite food. He then gets angry and asks the person to eat food. He goes,

Bani tells Jai that she didn’t give him a chance to propose and she herself proposed and surprised him. Bani gets happy. Jai says you didn’t tell me about your plan, you are risking your life even after knowing how is he? He says we have bear so much in our last birth and tells that if the same thing happens again. Bani tells that she has planned to kill everyone, before Meera’s marriage happens. She tells that she needs him.Bani tells his family about his marriage announcement in the party. His family and Dadi gets tensed. Chachi and her daughters cry knowing bani is marrying Jai. Dadi asks who is Bani and asks if we know her? Jai tells that he knows her from a long time. Dadi says you didn’t tell me before. He whispers that he didn’t remember his last birth. His father says if she is after you seeing your success.

Chachi/Ritu’s daughter cry and tell that jai was hers. Ritu’s husband asks when did you decide suddenly. Aarohi tells that they have met that girl on Noor’s marriage day. Jai convinces his Dadi and tells that even you got married to Dada ji on your third meeting. Jai’s father asks where they will get the venue at the earliest. Jai tells that in Singhania house. He tells that Bani’s sister is marrying Veeranshu Singhania and that’s Bani wants them to marry in the same mandap. Daksh tells Tapish that Veer has become mad, marrying his lover’s sister. Tapish says she is smart to marry his enemy. Daksh says on our expenses. Tapish asks him to marry Bani. Veer tells that he knows well that Bani will not let this marriage happens as she thinks of him as the worst guy.

Chachi tells that Bani has chosen the date of her marriage as of Meera’s marriage. She accuses her of snatching Meera’s happiness. Bani tells that she didn’t mean that, she has decided this with much thinking and wants their blessings. Meera says stop it. Jai asks his Chacha and Chachi to agree for his marriage. Meera tells her mother that as she always wanted Bani to go, then let her marry. Tapish tells that bani genuinely loves her sister. Veer says she will marry me, as she wants to save her sister. Bani thinks the end of this story will be different this time.

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