My heart knows update Wednesday 29 June 2022

My heart knows 29 June 2022: The Episode starts with Mukku asking Kalyani about her icecream. Kalyani says I forgot to bring your icecream. Mukku gets the icecream from the fridge and asks if she was fooling her. She says I know that you can’t forget my sayings. She/he asks Kalyani to taste it. Kalyani tastes. Mukku then asks about the film and asks if Police liked it. Kalyani says we liked it and talked about it all the way back home. Moksh looks here and there and says he will take her to watch film when grown up? Kalyani says you will have so many girlfriends then? Moksh says he will take her and asks about the story. Kalyani tells the story. Moksh asks can I sleep with you. Anupriya comes there and asks Mukku to sleep before Sarthak comes.

Kalyani says it is a matter of few days, then we will sleep in the same room. Anupriya takes Mukku from there. Malhar calls Kalyani and says there is a surprise for you. Kalyani comes to the room and find the decorated room as if it is decorated for the wedding night. Malhar come and closes the door. Kalyani asks what is it? Malhar says what happens after marriage, wedding night…He says we got married, but didn’t celebrate the wedding night. Kalyani says I can see hatred in your eyes for me, where you had loved before. He says there is a power in hatred and says I have no sympathy for the girl who let my sister die. Kalyani says I know that you will not do anything which makes me uncomfortable.

Malhar pulls her closer and says you don’t know anything about me. Kalyani says you can try to show the hatred, but there is still love in your heart for me somewhere. She says when you hate me then you get the equivalent pain. He lifts her saree pallu and pulls it. Kalyani gets the camera sound and says this sound…Malhar says which sound? I can just hear my heart beat, which used to increase in your love and now in hatred. She asks why are you doing this? wedding night is the sign of love, this night shall be special for us, I don’t want you to make our special night as the reason for the revenge. Malhar says you are wasting the time in the nonsense? Kalyani hears the camera sound again.

Malhar says I don’t know that even hatred has the sound. Kalyani says it is enough, I won’t let you do anything wrong with me. He pushes her on the bed and says we are married, so how come this is force? He is about to lie down on her, when Kalyani hears the sound again. She gets up and says there is something in this room. Malhar looks revengeful and gets up. Kalyani cover herself with her pallu. He switches on the lights and tells that he has no intention to celebrate wedding night with her, but wanted to take such pics, so that you don’t file any complains against me. He says Aao Saheb and Vivek used to threaten Swara using the pics and shows the diary as proofs. He asks her to read page no 52.

Kalyani feels scared. He says I want to see this fear on your face, my sister has spent many years in the fear. He takes the hidden cameras which he had placed at the corners of the room, and gives it to Kalyani. He says I tried, but couldn’t lower like your Vivek Chacha. He says there is no card in the camera, but just wanted to see fear on your face. He says I am not Ram anymore as your family made me Ravan. He says I am enjoying it and now I can eat food seeing the fear on your face. He says today I might get sleep and goes out. Kalyani cries sitting in the room.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya’s room and says your baba is bearing the pain alone, you are his last hope to become ointment for his wound. She says I have to prove infront of him that Aahir had not died because of you, then you will get both your Aai and baba’s love again. She wipes her tears and gets inside the room. She comes inside and looks at Moksh, cover him with blanket, goes out of the room. She comes out and calls Malhar, who is sleeping on the jeep. She thinks he is angry on me, but takes out anger on himself. She asks him to come inside and helps him get down the jeep. She says you will fall down. She holds him. Moksh comes there and says he woke up when she covers blanket on him. Malhar says I hate you in sleep. Moksh says he might want to tell you to I love you. Kalyani and Moksh help Malhar and take him to room.

Anupriya says Mukku couldn’t speak English. Avni says everyone knows how to talk English and French now a days. Sarthak scolds Anupriya and says if she wants his daughter to become illiterate. He says Avni will teach Mukku both the languages. Anupriya thinks to inform Kalyani.Kalyani presents the apology letter to the Minister. Minister says I heard many complains against you and asks her to concentrate on work. Kalyani comes out. Malhar asks what happened, why your face is Pale? Pawar comes there and tells that a doctor called and said that he knew that crane boy? He was in the clinic before the accident. Kalyani gets shocked.

Anupriya calling Kalyani and asks her to listen. Kalyani says there is a big problem and says the doctor where Pillu took Aparna called Malhar and said that he has seen that boy. She says before he tells Malhar ji, I have to go to that doctor and asks him not to tell Malhar ji. I can’t see my son’s life getting ruined. Mukku asks Sarthak why he wants her to learn English and French. She asks if there are French films too. Sarthak says if you don’t learn English and French then how will you play with those children, who had come on your birthday party. Mukku says I don’t want to play with them and likes to play with chikkal. Sarthak says you will not play with Chikkal and asks her to learn French with Avni. Anupriya comes there and says she will sit here, as Mukku will get tensed.

Sarthak says Avni will not eat her and takes Anupriya from there. Avni closes the door and starts pinching Mukku, while keeping hand on her mouth. Mukku says she will complain. Avni says Sarthak will never believe her and asks her to tell what Anupriya and Kalyani are hiding from everyone. Mukku thinks if she got to know about our game.Kalyani comes to meet the doctor and asks him to believe that the boy is really her son. She says he didn’t do any crime and says how can a boy kill anyone. She says whatever happened was an accident and he didn’t do anything intentionally. She asks him not to identify the boy infront of Inspector Rane, else he has to bear the punishment which he has not done. Doctor says I don’t know if he has done wrong or not and says let the Police decide.

He says you are DM and shall not ask me to lie. Kalyani says I am DM, but before that I am a mother and can’t let my son suffer for the mistake which he has not done. She says if your son is accused for the crime which he has not done then will you not save him. Doctor says sorry, I will do what I think right and asks her to go.Avni pinches Mukku more. Mukku says let Aai fi come, I will show all these marks to Aai fi. Avni applies cream on her marks and asks what you will say and show now. Everyone will think that you are making excuses not to study and asks her to tell what are they hiding? Mukku thinks she will not tell her about their game. She finds the deo spray and sprays on Avni’s face. Avni closes her eyes and asks her to stop. Mukku manages to keep the table and opens the door. She runs out of the room and goes out of house.

She sits in the tempo kept near their house and the tempo starts leaving. Mukku gets tensed. Avni comes out calling her, but doesn’t see her.Doctor is on the way and asks for help. The truck driver stops. Doctor asks do you have jack? The truck driver asks the helper to change his tyre. Doctor thanks him. They threaten Doctor holding knife and asks him to give chain, money etc. Mukku thinks Bapu had said that they shall not let anything wrong happen. She gets down from the tempo and picks a stone, throws at them. Raghu, the helper runs behind her. Truck driver calls Mukku as half ticket. Mukku runs while Raghu runs behind her. Mukku makes him fall down. Truck driver asks Raghu to get up and asks Doctor to stand straight.

He walks towards Mukku. Mukku eats banana and throws the peels on the truck driver’s way, to make him fall down. She runs to Doctor and asks him to give his mobile. Doctor gives his mobile. Mukku plays the police jeep sound. The truck driver and Raghu escape.Mukku tells Doctor that this is Mukku’s style, taka tak. Doctor thanks her and says you are very brave. He asks what are you doing in tempo? Mukku says she had hidden in the tempo, but it started leaving. Doctor says I have called the mechanic and will take you home. He gets Malhar’s call and tells that he is coming to his house.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that Doctor will tell truth now. She says if Malhar ji comes to know then he will get more angry and gets worried. Malhar talks to Pawar and says he is waiting for the Doctor. Mukku asks the doctor to stop the car and finds the cap there. Doctor talks to Nurse and says he will get late to come to clinic. Mukku likes the cap. Doctor asks her to keep it. Mukku wears it. Doctor identifies her and shows the crane pic. Mukku says this is the boy’s pic, but I am a girl. Doctor ask if this is your house? Mukku says my house is behind. Kalyani comes to tell Malhar about Moksh, when Doctor comes there. Malhar says I was waiting for you and asks what do you know about the boy? Mukku also comes there and hides her face with her hair. The doctor sees her and asks why did you lie that this is not your house.

Malhar says she is my Kaka’s daughter. The doctor says the crane boy had come to my clinic that day…I couldn’t see his face properly. Kalyani and Mukku get tensed. Avni comes there and asks about the boy. Doctor says I couldn’t see his face properly, but I can tell you one thing and says I had seen Aahir kidnapping that boy. Avni says Aahir didn’t do anything, that boy killed him brutally. Kalyani says may be the boy hasn’t done anything. Avni looks at her.Mukku tells Anupriya that Doctor has saved their game as she saved him from goons. She asks until when I have to be girl. Anupriya hugs her. Kalyani thanks the doctor. Doctor says I don’t know if I have done right or wrong, but if I have given statement against the boy who saved me then I wouldn’t have slept peacefully.

Kalyani thanks him and says my Moksh is really innocent and Aahir’s death is an accident. Avni thinks to find out why Kalyani saves the boy.Mukku comes to Kalyani and asks when will I become a boy and fight with the goons. Kalyani hugs her and says it is a matter of a few days. Mukku makes a painful sound. Kalyani checks her shoulders and finds the marks. Mukku tells that bad aunty pinched her.Avni thinking there is some secret which Kalyani is hiding and tries to safe that boy. Kalyani comes there and twists Avni’s hand, asking how dare you to pinch a little girl. Avni shouts. Sarthak comes there and asks what is happening here? Kalyani tells that you had gone out, when Avni pinched Mukku on various places. Mukku also tells about Avni pinching her.

Avni says I will make you understand, come with me Kaka. She shows the marbles on the bed and lies to him, that Mukku herself has thrown marbles on me and one of the marble would about to hit my eye. Mukku says she is lying. Avni says you knows me, how can I do this? Mukku says these marbles are mine, but I didn’t keep them here. Kalyani says Avni is lying. Avni says Kalyani is jealous of me and wants to take out enmity. She has taught everything to Mukku. Kalyani says my daughter don’t lie, I am her mother. Everyone gets shocked. Kalyani realizes what she said and gets tensed. Sarthak gets angry and asks how can you become her mother? Kalyani says I didn’t mean that. Avni asks her to go and search Moksh. She asks did you act to search Moksh to get Malhar.

Mukku says Aai fi search Moksh daily. Sarthak says I will teach Mukku and asks them to leave. Kalyani asks him not to be strict with her. Sarthak asks them to leave. Mukku looks at Kalyani. Kalyani and Anupriya leave.Kalyani tells Anupriya that Pillu might be irritated there and says one hour past, what they might be doing. Anupriya says he is strict, but loves Mukku too as he thinks of her as his daughter. Kalyani says she feels guilty to play with his and many people’s emotions. Anupriya says it was her decision to make Moksh as Mukku.Sarthak asks Mukku to open the book and write, how are you? Mukku asks did you watch film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge….and says Simran’s father was strict and asks her to do the things.

Sarthak says her father was strict, but in the last scene, he asked her to go and live her life. Mukku says I will also go and live my life. Sarthak asks her to sit and study.Kalyani tells Anupriya that they have to prove that Aahir had kidnapped him and says she knows that Aparna is involved, and couldn’t take Police help due to Malhar ji. Just then she gets a call from a guy, who tells that he came to know about Aparna and she is staying there with a boy. He says I will take you there, but I need the money. Kalyani ends the call. She tells Anupriya that there was a fake call and tells that a guy told that Aparna is in his locality with a boy. She says I will enquire about this number and asks her to tell Malhar that she went for work. Avni gives the money to the guy and says she wants to see if Kalyani will come there with the money.

Sarthak asks Mukku to ask someone how do you do, when you meet someone. He then asks Anupriya to make her eat food. Mukku says she wants to hear God Krishna’s story and like him, she has two Aais. Sarthak gets upset and goes. Mukku comes out and sits in the car decky, thinking she will go to Aai fi’s office. Kalyani comes out with money bag, sits in other car and leaves. Mukku finds the car decky locked and thinks why the car haven’t started still. Anupriya comes out searching Mukku and finds the car decky locked. Mukku tells that she is feeling scared and asks her to take her out. Anupriya thinks driver took the car and asks Mukku to say. Mukku faints. Anupriya shouts for help and calls Aao Saheb and Sarthak. She asks him to come out fast.

Sarthak comes out and asks what happened? Anupriya says Mukku got trapped inside and is not saying anything. Sarthak opens the car decky using a tool and takes out unconscious Mukku from the decky. Anupriya gets worried. Sarthak scolds her and asks her to call Doctor. Anupriya thinks how to call doctor, he will know that she is a boy. She says I will sprinkle water on her face and she will be fine. Sarthak asks her to just call him. Anupriya gets worried.Kalyani comes to the guy and says you said that you have seen Aparna with my son, and asks him to tell where is Moksh? The guy asks for the money and snatches the box. He finds the papers inside. Kalyani says what do you think that you will lie to me, I am City’s DM and got all the info about you.

He is about to slap her, but Kalyani holds his hand and kicks him, making him fall down. Malhar comes there with Avni. He asks Kalyani how did you know that this guy is lying. He asks the guy not to run. Avni says she followed Kalyani seeing her taking the bag and asks how can she be so sure that this guy is lying, that he don’t know about Moksh. Malhar asks Kalyani to answer him and says how you was so sure that you brought empty bag. Avni recalls hearing them, Anupriya telling Kalyani that nobody shall know the secret. Malhar asks Kalyani to tell how did she know? Kalyani shows her phone and tells that when he called me, I enquired about him. She says he was released from jail 2 days back, so how did he see Aparna since a month. She says I brought the money bag which is kept in the car, and asks him to check.

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