My heart knows update Wednesday 10 August 2022

My heart knows 10 August 2022: The Episode starts with Sunita being tortured by her husband and asking her where did she hide someone? Kalyani and Anupriya hear her voice coming from the workshop. They go there and push the man. The man pushes Anupriya and runs behind Sunita. Kalyani asks Anupriya if she is fine. Sunita reaches the balcony. The man comes there and asks where did you hide him. If you want to be alive then tell the truth, he grabs her neck. Anupriya asks Kalyani to save Sunita. Sunita shouts for help and pleads infront of the guy to leave her. Kalyani comes there and hits lightly on his head asking him to leave Sunita. He holds her neck. Kalyani tries to push him. He loses balance and falls down from the balcony. He dies on the spot. Kalyani, Sunita and Anupriya gets shocked.

Kalyani tells Anupriya that she has murdered the guy. Anupriya asks her to be silent and says you didn’t kill that guy. Sunita looks at the dead body of the guy.24 hours before: Anupriya and Kalyani wish each other happy Gudi Pawra. She hopes that Atharv goes away from their lives forever. Aao Saheb gets a call from a mysterious person. She gets scared thinking Atharv is calling him and is back. Later Kalyani and Anupriya prepare for the function. Malhar and Moksh come for the function. Aao Saheb asks if all the arrangements are done. Kalyani says yes. Malhar asks her not to worry. Aao Saheb prays that their house shall get rid of all troubles. She says lets celebrate the festival. Malhar asks where is Kaka? Sarthak comes there.

Malhar says you are looking nice. Sarthak smiles. All the men are wearing traditional kurta pajama for the function. Anupriya makes Malhar and Kalyani make Gudi. Kalyani says let’s begin the puja. She goes to Aao Saheb and asks her to come for aarti. Aao Saheb says ok. Kalyani asks why are you not picking the call, when the phone rings. She asks who is calling you? Aao Saheb says I am getting calls from an unknown number since night and I am afraid thinking if Atharv is back. Kalyani picks then call and says thank you so much. She tells Aao Saheb that the call came from America and they got a big order. Aao Saheb gets happy. They go out. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to tell everyone. Kalyani asks her to say.

Aao Saheb says they got a big order of sarees from America. She says we will send suits and dupattas also this time, and will hire more workers. They do the puja.Malhar tells Kalyani that Manjrekar is missing. Kalyani asks him to come. He says this is not the time to romance. Kalyani says you didn’t button your shirt properly and says romance needs a proper timing. Malhar says you are always with Aai. Kalyani says you have to prove that you want to romance with me and shall not attend any phone call. He agrees. Just then phone call comes.

Aao saheb talks to the workers that they have a big order which they got from America. Moksh says America. Kalyani asks Malhar not to pick the call. She takes his phone and says you don’t have time for me really. They fall on the bed. Song plays kaise hua….A lady (Sunita) calls Malhar and informs him about Manjrekar’s location. Malhar asks who are you and how you got the info. She ends the call. Malhar tells Kalyani that he needs to go. He kisses her and goes. Kalyani goes behind him to give his tiffin and hears Aao Saheb telling the workers that they shall fulfill the consignment. Malhar comes to the location with Pawar and others.A man is supervising other man who are packing the drugs in the packets. He says we have to send all the stuff today itself. Malhar’s team is about to go, when the guy shoots at him. Kalyani comes out of house and collides with Sunita. She sees injury on her face.

Sunita colliding with Kalyani. Kalyani sees marks under her eyes and hands. She asks if she is fine. Sunita says I am fine. Kalyani asks are you sure? Sunita says Aao Saheb called me. Kalyani says she is in the lawn, you can go. Sunita goes inside. Malhar shoots at the men making drugs packets. They run away. Aao Saheb and Kalyani talk via video call. Aao Saheb asks kalyani to make her talk to workers on video call. She begins talking. Kalyani asks Sunita about her name and says if your husband gave you this pain,then? Sunita says I fell down and got these marks. Kalyani asks about the black stain on her saree.

Sunita says she got it where she was working. Malhar runs behind Manjrekar. Kalyani gets a call and gets shocked. Manjrekar runs and comes on the road. He finds the holy procession going on and joins them, and also colors his face red. Malhar comes there, couldn’t identify him and goes. Manjrekar smiles. Malhar catches his neck and asks him to handover himself to Police. Manjrekar pushes him and holds a lady’s neck on knife point. Malhar asks him not to take law in his hands. Kalyani comes there on the bike and hits Manjrekar. Manjrekar falls down. Kalyani removes the helmet and smiles. Malhar catches Manjrekar and sends him with the Constable. Malhar asks Kalyani why did she risk her life? Kalyani asks him to thank her. Malhar thanks her. Kalyani asks him to relax and says she was ex DM. Malhar asks her to join her DM post again.

Kalyani says Pillu was her priority then and even now. She gives him tiffin. Malhar thanks her with a hug. Majrekar is beaten by the woman in the lock up. Malhar asks who is she? Pawar says she is Meenakshi, our commissioner. Meenakshi tells Malhar that until the criminals’ bones are broken, they will not open their mouth. She says good job for catching the gang. Malhar says he caught them with the help of his wife Kalyani, who is ex DM. Meenakshi says she knows Kalyani and says she would have done the same. Malhar says I know her, she would have never done this. Meenakshi gives him time to get info from Manjrekar.

Later Pawar asks Malhar to have food. Malhar asks him to tell when Manjrekar is brought back. Pawar says ok. Malhar opens the tiffin and finds a note by Kalyani, asking him to come fast as she wants to get sister for Moksh. Malhar comes home and decorate the room. Kalyani comes there and finds the flower petals etc on the bed. He holds her romantically. They spend some romantic time. Kalyani tells him that Moksh had written note for him. Malhar smiles. She finds mark on his hand and asks about it. Malhar tells that he got it while he was chasing Manjrekar. She tells about Sunita, who stammers and had the similar mark on her saree. Malhar realizes Sunita gave him a tip about Manjrekar and tells Kalyani. Kalyani says Sunita must have taken a big risk. Malhar gets a call and gets shocked.

  Aao Saheb telling Anupriya that the workers might have stolen something. She then blames Sunita. Kalyani says Sunita helped Malhar ji catch the thief today. Inspector Rahul blames Malhar for Manjrekar’s suicide in Police custody. Commissioner Meenakshi asks him to stop blaming Malhar and says it was all Police team’s mistake. Sunita is being tortured by someone in his house. Kalyani comes there and calls Sunita. The guy aims gun at the door. Kalyani gets inside and calls Sunita. Sunita bites on the guy’s hand and runs out. Kalyani sees her running and comes to her in the car. Sunita sits in the car. Kalyani drives off while the guy runs behind her and then stops. In the workshop, Kalyani applies ointment to Sunita and asks if he was your husband. Sunita shows the golden thread and tells that he had asked me to steal this, but as I didn’t give him this, he was beating me.

Kalyani tells her that she can stay here and tells that her Aai will get her divorce from him. Sunita gets grateful to her.Meenakshi talks to Malhar. Just then Kalyani calls him and tells about Sunita. Malhar introduces her to Meenakshi. Kalyani invites her home. Just then the guy who was beating Sunita comes there, Meenakshi introduces him as her husband. He tells that Manjrekar was working for someone and he couldn’t catch the culprit. Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that he has kept zari thread safely. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani rests her head. Meenakshi’s husband comes to Sunita and says I will not leave you, I know that you are the leader of Manjrekar’s gang. Sunita says yes, I am. She tells that she is fooling Kalyani since the day she came here. She tells that she has won Kalyani’s trust and trapped her in such a away that I am helpless woman infront of her and you are the torturous husband.

She says she will finish him off. He says your truth will be out. She says this will not happen and runs out shouting for help. She runs to the terrace shouting for help. Kalyani tries to protect him. He pushes Kalyani and falls down from the balcony.Back to present, Sunita checks him and thinks he will die soon. Kalyani apologizes to her and runs to bring the car keys. Sunita opens the car, takes the guy inside and starts the car somehow. Kalyani tries to run behind the car. Anupriya tells that Sunita must have taken him to the hospital. She asks God to protect her daughter’s happiness and keep that man alive.

Sunita smirks seeing his injury. He gains consciousness. Sunita thinks if he gets saved then I will die. She makes plan to kill him. She stops the car and then suffocates him to death. She then puts the dead body in the decky and runs away. Kalyani calls Sunita, but the number is not reachable. Malhar comes there and says Kalyani…you are under arrest. He says I arrest you in my love and smiles. He pulls her closer. Kalyani smiles. He finds her mangalsutra missing. Kalyani recalls her mangalsutra was snatched by that man. She worries. Kalyani’s mangalsultra is still in the guy’s hand.

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