My heart knows update Tuesday 13 September 2022

My heart knows 13 September 2022: The Episode starts with Anupriya sitting in the room and playing with the doll. She says Aai will come to take us and then we will go out and enjoy. She says what to do till then, I have to play with you. She says we will do jump jump. She throws the doll in air and it falls down. Anupriya asks if it got hurt and says sorry. She throws it in air again and it falls and gets stuck on top of almari. Anupriya takes a stick to get the doll down. The electricity wire comes out and sparks. Malhar calls Kalyani and asks her to bring Maayi fast, as the trustee got sure that Mihika is Anupriya. Kalyani goes there and sees the wires on the door. She shouts asking Anupriya not to walk infront.

She thinks she has to do something. Anupriya is about to touch the wire. Kalyani switches off the fuse. Anupriya touches the wire. Aparna tells trustee that he is doing a mistake. The trustee says you are accusing a good family and asks her to come and meet him tomorrow. He tells Sarthak that gungun is his now and says he is going. Kalyani comes there with Anupriya. Sarthak says all the formalities are done. Aparna introduces Anupriya as Kalyani’s Aai Madhuri and says her mental condition is bad. Kalyani says she is my Aai. Aparna says sir doesn’t need to meet her, he has signed on the papers. She asks him to go. Kalyani asks him to listen. He goes. Aparna tells Kalyani that it was her plan to make Mihika as Anupriya and asks her to get happy, as her plan was successful.

She says you are trapped in your own plan. Kalyani says there is something cheap behind your smile and I will get to know it.Aparna asks her to find out about it. Aao Saheb does Gungun’s aarti and applies tilak to her. She then makes Gungun wear the gold anklets. She says lakshmi came to our house in real means. Sarthak says you said right. He says nobody can separate our Gungun from us. He hugs her and asks her to hug her Aai. Gungun hugs Anupriya. He asks Kalyani if everything is fine. Kalyani asks Gungun to go out and play. Aao saheb says I know that we introduced Mihika as Anupriya. Kalyani says she is thinking something else. She says since Aparna came here, she was searching Aai and when she came out, she introduced her as Madhuri.

Sarthak asks what we shall do? Kalyani says we shall call trustee again and shall tell him everything. She tells that she is thinking something wrong has happened. Sarthak agrees with Kalyani and tells that she can never think wrong about Anupriya. Kalyani says we have to get all her documents in a black bag. Sarthak finds the black bag missing. Kalyani says Aai’s documents? Mihika is having all the documents and calls Aparna. She tells that Kalyani is desperately searching for it and asks her to take it from there. Malhar, Kalyani and others search for the documents. Malhar says we shall search in other room. Aparna asks Mihika to keep the bag safely. Aao Saheb also searches for the bag. Anupriya comes there and takes the bag. Mihika asks her to give the bag. Anupriya refuses to give.

Mihika asks her to give bag. Anupriya doesn’t say anything thinking Kalyani asked her to be quiet. Malhar tells that Aparna took that bag 100 percent. Sarthak says it has just Anupriya’s real identity. Kalyani says Aparna wanted to get Aai’s identity ends and that’s why she introduced Aai as Madhuri. She says we shall search the bag with Aparna’s partner. Anupriya runs out. Malhar says how to find out who is Aparna’s partner. Kalyani says I have an idea. Aparna calls Mihika. Mihika tells that Anupriya is running with the bag and is going towards the well. Aparna asks her to snatch bag from Anupriya and pushes her in the well. She says this is my last conspiracy, until she is alive, I will have danger on my head. She says when you are getting a good chance, then use it, snatch bag from her hand and kill her. Mihika nods her head.

Kalyani searches Aparna’s details on the NGO. Gungun comes there and tells that Aai went somewhere while playing. Sarthak asks where? Gungun says she didn’t say. Kalyani says I asked her to be silent for an hour. She asks what is in your hand? Gungun shows the frock which Mihika was wearing and tells that Aparna’s partner was a girl. Mihika and Aparna’s pic come on the website. Malhar shows it to Kalyani. They all see it shockingly. Mihika asks Anupriya to give the bag. Anupriya runs. Mihika asks her to give the bag. Anupriya stands on the well. Mihika asks her to give the bag and threatens her. She then pushes her in the well. Kalyani comes there and holds the bag. Anupriya is about to fall, but is holding the bag. Kalyani asks her to give her hand and manages to pull her up. Mihika pushes Kalyani and Anupriya both. They fall down.

Kalyani rushes to Anupriya as she falls on the stone. Anupriya gets an injury on her head. Kalyani says I will not leave you Mihika. Mihika burns the bag which is having Anupriya’s ID proofs and smirks. Kalyani tries to set the fire off, but in vain. She gets worried.Kalyani sitting at Anupriya’s bedside. Malhar asks Kalyani to come and get medicine on her injury. Kalyani says I am fine. Mihika comes there and asks Kalyani to have juice and says you will feel better. Kalyani keeps the glass on the table and twists her hand, takes her hand. Aao Saheb asks Gungun not to worry, tells that Anupriya will be fine. Kalyani brings Mihika to the hall and asks what is this nautanki? Mihika acts as Anupriya and asks what are you saying beta? Kalyani asks what is your and Aparna’s plan? Mihika asks did I teach you this? She asks Kalyani to tell what has happened and asks her to share with her Aai.

Kalyani asks her to do her drama infront of someone else. She says you are not like the dust of my Aai’s feet. Mihika says whoever I am, I am your wife now. She says you have proved this. Kalyani says it was my life’s biggest mistake. Mihika says all the proofs are burnt which can prove who is Anupriya and tells that she is Anupriya now. Kalyani slaps her. Mihika holds Gungun’s hand and tells that they will not stay here anymore. Sarthak says it is enough of your drama Mihika. Mihika says she is Anupriya and Gungun is her daughter too. Kalyani asks her to leave her hand and says if you touches my sister again then I will break your hand. Anupriya gains consciousness. Kalyani asks gungun to go to Sarthak and threatens Mihika not to touch her sister again. Anupriya comes there and asks what is happening? She asks Kalyani to leave her hand.

Gungun calls her Aai. Sarthak asks Anupriya if she got fine. Kalyani thanks God.Anupriya comes to Kalyani and slaps her hard. Mihika is shocked. Kalyani is also shocked. Anupriya says how dare you to raise hand on my daughter and tells everyone that this girl is hurting my daughter and you all are watching. She asks Malhar why he didn’t stop this girl and asks who is she? Kalyani asks what are you saying? Anupriya refers Mihika as Kalyani and keeps her hand on her head. Mihika takes her inside. Kalyani talks to Doctor and tells that her Aai is not recognizing her. Doctor says it happened due to injury. Mihika tells Aparna that Anupriya is addressing her as Kalyani and slapped the real Kalyani. Aparna says it is mother and daughter’s drama.

Mihika tells that Anupriya has supported me and slapped her. Doctor tells Kalyani that they shall wait for the MRI report to come. Aparna asks Mihika if she keeps eye on her all the time. Kalyani comes to Anupriya’s room. Anupriya asks why did you bring my medicine? Mihika makes Aparna see on the video call. Aparna asks her to bring Anupriya to her, and says she will kill her. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she will have medicine with her daughter’s hand and asks her to go. Mihika comes there and asks Kalyani to give medicine, says she can feed medicine to her Aai. Anupriya eats the medicine. Mihika smirks. Kalyani goes.

Later Anupriya does the puja and takes Aao Saheb’s blessings. She then feeds prasad to Mihika. Kalyani looks sad from a distance. Anupriya tells everyone that she made poha of everyone’s favorite. Mihika calls her Aai and asks her to sit. Anupriya says today I will make you eat. Mihika eats it and says it is very spicy. Anupriya says I have added only little amount of chillies. She gives her drink water. Mihika thanks her. Malhar gets upset and goes to Kalyani. He holds her hand and brings her to the dining table. Anupriya asks Mihika who is this girl? Mihika says she is my friend. Malhar asks Kalyani to sit and have food. Anupriya serves food in her plate. She tells Malhar, what was the need to call Kalyani’s friend here holding her hand? Sarthak says she is not Kalyani’s friend. He stops.

Malhar says I have work and goes. Sarthak says even I have to go. Aao Saheb and Gungun also leave from there. Anupriya says don’t know what happened to everyone. Kalyani gets up from the chair. Mihika tries to make her fall down and the spoon from Kalyani’s plate hits Mihika’s forehead. Mihika shouts calling Anupriya. Anupriya scolds Kalyani. Kalyani says I will get the first aid done. Mihika asks Anupriya to lock her in the room. Anupriya locks her in the room and goes. Kalyani turns and looks at Malhar, Sarthak and Aao Saheb standing there. Malhar says you said right that if Maayi identifies Mihika as Kalyani, then Mihika will get fooled and will take her to Aparna, then it will be easy for us to trap her.

A fb is shown, Anupriya gains consciousness and asks Kalyani why is she crying and why she is wearing her clothes. Kalyani tells her everything and a fb is shown. Anupriya asks what we shall do? Kalyani says only Aparna can prove that you are Anupriya, as Mihika has burnt all your identity proofs. She says Aparna will try to kill you and then we have to catch her red handed. She says nobody can save Aparna and Mihika from you Aai. Fb ends. Anupriya signs Kalyani and takes Mihika in the car. Kalyani says nobody can save Mihika and Aparna from us.

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