My heart knows update Thursday 24 February 2022

My heart knows 24 February 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar asking Ketki to get up. Kalyani and everyone is at her side. Kalyani asks her to drink water carefully else will get hiccups. Ketki looks at her. Kalyani asks her not to get afraid and says I was performing for my Aatya’s marriage function. Ketki smiles. She says I am Kalyani, your best friend black coffee’s wife. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani says she got his diary while cleaning the cupboard and read it. Malhar smiles. Kalyani says I didn’t want to meet you in this condition and asks what happened to you.

She asks Malhar where he met her? Ketki tells that she stays in Delhi and came to surprise her husband, but he went out for work. She says she met Malhar and fainted. She says sorry and says I ruined your marriage plans. She is about to faint. Kalyani holds her hand and mehendi gets ruined. Anupriya sees Malhar’s name wiped from her hand. Ketki says sorry and says Malhar’s name is wiped off. Kalyani says she will write again. Malhar says Ketki will stay with us for few days. Kalyani says really, I was about to request you. Malhar asks her to take her to guest room. Kalyani talks to Ketki about Malhar and says he is shy and crazy about coffee. She asks what your husband do? Ketki says he has transport business. Kalyani asks her to tell all secrets of Malhar.

Malhar comes there. Kalyani says talking about the devil and the devil is here. Malhar says devil. Kalyani says sorry and goes to get clothes for her. Ketki closes the door. Anupriya looks on. Ketki tells Malhar that he might be thinking why he lied about Dinkar and tells that how to tell them truth and made them happiness fade during this auspicious time of marriage. Anupriya tells Kalyani about ketki. Kalyani says they were college best friends and gave nicknames to each other. She tells the names and says lol.

Anupriya says why malhar brought her her and she has no intelligence and locked the door and sat with him. Kalyani asks what? What? What? She says it happens in TV serials and says she might want to talk about something to him. She asks her not to overthink. Anupriya says my life is ruined because of the other woman and I don’t want my daughter’s life to get ruined. Ketki tells Malhar that the terrorists are after his life. Malhar asks her to relax. Ketki says I heard that someone from this house is with the terrorist and is helping them. Malhar says in my house.

Atul asks Anupriya if Ketki told about herself and her husband. Anupriya says no. Atul says he felt strange seeing them together. He says he don’t want any bad sight to fall on Malhar and Kalyani’s marriage. He says now I understood how you might have felt when Madhuri and I…He says I accept my mistake. Anupriya goes. He gets a call and gets tensed. Ketki says if the terrorists come to know that I am here then. Malhar asks her not to worry. Kalyani comes there and gives her night wear to Ketki, asks her to wear it. Ketki says if it fits me and says she will wear Malhar’s clothes.

Kalyani says I will get Malhar’s clothes for you. Anupriya gets tensed and worried for Kalyani. Malhar thinks who is the person involved. The goon calls someone and asks the man to bring RDX out of Police custody. Malhar collides with Atul and says sorry. Atul says sorry for insulting him and thinking him wrong. He says Anupriya was right that kalyani couldn’t get a better husband than you. kalyani shows clothes to Moksh what he will wear and asks him what do you think that Malhar ji will dance with me. Malhar comes and says why not? Kalyani asks really. He forwards his hand. Kalyani holds his hand. He pulls her closer to him. They dance.

Tumse zyada main na jaanu plays……She finds it is her imagination as Malhar is standing with no reaction. He asks what happened?Kalyani says song and dance. Malhar asks what song and what dance. Kalyani thinks she will die due to her imagination. She says she is going to dance with Billu tomorrow. Malhar says you take decisions without my consent and says Ketki. She asks what happened to ketki. Ketki is standing in the window, when she gets afraid and asks who is here. Malhar thinks shall I tell her or not. Someone holds the window mesh. Ketki shouts.

Malhar and Kalyani go there and find Atharv taking bath in the baby water play tub. Malhar asks where are your clothes? Atharv says Baba is scolding me. Kalyani tells Ketki about Atharv. Atharv says I want to have kulfi with Aai. Kalyani asks him to come out. Ketki says we will have kulfi. Kalyani takes him with her. Ketki tells Malhar that she saw something in room and that’s why got scared.Malhar doubt atul being terroristKetki telling how she was hurted as she doubt? being followed.. Atul come asking Malhar to sign as witness on Aprana Vaman marriage..

Later Ketki and Kalyani talk about Malhar being rude and happy nature.. On other side Malhar follow someone and see Atul there, when atul take some thing in bag..Next morning Atul notice Ketki, when Anupriya intrupts him and he goes.. Anupriya ask Kalayani about being ketki in kitchen, when Kalayani say she was late in getting up, so ketki helping her.. Anupriya try to make her understand, but Kalyani ignores and goes.. Atharav paint Malhar face ? when kalayani hush him, and try to make clean malhar face? but get caught and they both get intrupted by ketki..

Aparna talk to anupriya about marriage, but both agree to listen to heart❤. Marriage function start with sarthak as prisit.. He chant mantras.. Atul inform Anupriya about going out and ask her not to inform anyone..Outside someone in joker ???‍♂costume attack Atharav and saved by Kalayani, which she inform Sampada as well which sampada ignores… Marriage starts while Malhar find Atul being inlvoved in terrorist activites and think? he might be forced..Later Sarthak ask Kalyani and Malhar to do Kanyadan, and marriage? completes, while Malhar take Kalyani inside informing Atul involved in terrorist activites and show her proves, Kalyani cry?? and deny in beliving..

He calm her down and tell Atu might be forced into this, he shall save him for sure..

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