My heart knows update Sunday 3 July 2022

My heart knows 3 July 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Sarthak that if she has to choose between DM post and being a mother, then she will choose to become a mother. She tells that she will file formal resignation letter to the Ministry and asks the officer to go. Malhar stops the officer and asks Kalyani why is she desperate to separate Sarthak and Mukku. He says I will not let you lose a big job. Kalyani says we will get our Pillu one day, I have waited for him since many years and tells that for her, her son comes first for her. Anupriya says you have worked hard for this post. Kalyani says I know, I have worked hard for this post, but the separation from my son is more than this pain. She says I don’t want to get the post, losing my son.

Mukku asks what is this resignation. Sarthak says it is elders’ talk and asks her to come with him and have chocolate. Mukku asks why you people shouting at Aai fi, if she will not talk to me again. Kalyani asks her to go and have chocolate. Malhar says I will not let you go near Mukku. Avni asks if your motherly love drama will end and says don’t show fake love for step son. Kalyani twists her hand and says you can’t understand my love for my son and says I have left the job, not training.

Anupriya takes Kalyani to side and says my daughter is the DM of the city. She says she wants to see her in more big job and says Malhar has the dream to see you in the biggest position. Kalyani says the happiness which she gets being her daughter, is the same to be Pillu’s mother. She says others can get DM job, but nobody can become Pillu’s mother. She says she feels proud that her son is more important to her than anything. Anupriya regrets to bring Moksh as Mukku there and feels bad that her daughter is losing her job. Kalyani says it is a matter of achievement for her, if she becomes a good mother for Pillu. Malhar calls Kalyani. Kalyani asks what happened? Malhar asks her to check if she needs any more stuff to go from there. Kalyani asks what do you mean? Malhar says we are going from here, you can’t stay with Mukku.

Anupriya reminds Malhar of the rounds and promises. Malhar asks her not to tell him. Kalyani tells that she will not go away from her son and will wait for her Pillu here. Malhar says you don’t have a job now, Kaka will not let you stay here and asks where will she go? Mukku comes back with Sarthak and says I will not let my Aai fi go. She lies down on Kalyani’s way and says if she wants to go then she has go over me. Sarthak asks what is this new drama and asks her to get up, says I will give you chocolate daily. Mukku says I just wants my Aai fi. Sarthak asks her to get up.

Avni looks at the nail in the door, about to hurt Mukku and smirks. Kalyani sees the nail and brushes off Malhar’s hand, runs to Mukku and saves her. She gets hurt by the nail. Avni accuses Kalyani for risking Mukku’s life in danger. Sarthak asks Mukku to come. Kalyani tells Mukku that she is not going for forever and hugs her. She hugs her and says we have to win the game too. Avni sticks chewing gum to Mukku’s chappal so that she falls down. Kalyani makes Mukku wear the chappal. Mukku walks backwards and falls down the stairs. Her knee gets injured. Avni scolds and accuses Kalyani for hurting Mukku. Sarthak asks Malhar why his wife wants to take her daughter’s life.

He takes her inside. Malhar tells Kalyani that now he is sure that she can’t stay here in this house. He takes her to the factory and says you will not step inside the house. She says Kaka was right, you provoke her against Kaka.Kalyani says let me see her once. Malhar warns her and says this is your house now. She says Kaka will be her father always. Later Kalyani talks to Anupriya about Moksh and asks her to apply ointment to her. Kalyani says until when we will hide the secret, what that boy might have gone through. She says she can’t see her son suffering and asks when we will let him live the fake life. Anupriya asks her to think what Malhar will do with Pillu and her. Malhar searches for Kalyani and comes out of the factory.

He calls Kalyani. Kalyani is still talking to Anupriya. Malhar comes there and finds her standing there. He says I asked you not to go out and holds her hand tightly. Kalyani brushes off his hand and says you asked me not to go inside the house, but I can go out. She says she is going to resign from her DM post officially and says she will leave everything and will wait for her son, and be a good mother for her son. Malhar looks on. Anupriya hears them. A guy is seen hearing them and leaves. Anupriya comes to the room and finds Mukku missing. She calls her name. Sarthak comes there and looks shocked. Godaveri calls Kalyani and tells that Mukku is not at home. Kalyani asks driver to take U turn and take her home.

 Anupriya searching Mukku and thinks where did she go? Sarthak comes there and asks Anupriya, how she can’t take care of her daughter? Anupriya shouts Mukku and is about to go out, when Sarthak twists her hand and asks her to tell if Mukku is with Kalyani. Anupriya says no. Sarthak says if Mukku is found with Kalyani then I am telling you the truth that you will see your daughter’s face for the last time. Kalyani gets kidnapper’s call and he tells that only he knows where is her Aai’s daughter. Kalyani asks who are you? The kidnapper asks her to do his work and see the video. Kalyani watches Mukku’s video in which she asks Kalyani to save her. The kidnapper tells that he needs her signature to go to Aurangabad jail, as his brother is locked in high security.

He says he needs her signatures so that they can go inside and free Jagan. Kalyani is in auto and gets shocked. Anupriya tells that Kalyani went to her office. Malhar says she told me. Avni says if someone kidnapped her, if anything happens to her. Sarthak tries to suffocate Anupriya. Malhar asks him to leave her. Anupriya says Kalyani will not take Mukku far away from her parents. Malhar calls Kalyani, but her number is busy. Kalyani gets some papers kept by the kidnapper and tears it. She refuses to sign on it and tears the paper. She refuses to betray her nation, although she loves Mukku a lot. Kidnapper says you can’t track us, as Mukku is very far away from here.

Kalyani calls Malhar and tells everything. Sarthak takes the call and asks Kalyani not to cook up a false story and says you have taken her with you. Kalyani says she is not lying and asks them not to get worried, says she will bring her back, even if she has to lose her own life. She ends the call and checks in her mobile. She comes to the place, where Mukku is kept captive by the goons. She calls the kidnapper and makes him hear Mukku’s voice. She keeps her phone outside and breaks the lock. She comes inside and finds Mukku tied while the water is boiling on the ground. Kalyani is shocked. Mukku asks her to save him. Kalyani calls the kidnapper and asks how can you do such a thing with a child.

The kidnapper says you will not get Mukku’s bones also after she fell down in the boiling water and asks her to sign on the papers. Kalyani asks him to be quiet and says she will save her child. Mukku says Aai fi…I will fall down. Kalyani runs and clings on the other side of the bench, on which Mukku is seated. She says I won’t let anything happen to you. Mukku says I will fall. Kalyani says I will not let anything happen to you. She talks to the kidnapper and tells that she has saved her child and has not betrayed her nation. She says I will not let your brother go out of jail. The kidnapper asks how you will stop the timer bomb. Kalyani looks at the bomb. The kidnapper tells that if she jumps then her daughter will die.

She says your daughter will die. Mukku asks her to go and says I will die alone. Kalyani says we both will die. Malhar is in the jeep and thinks whom is she talking to? He thinks if Kaka is right and Kalyani wants to leave with Mukku. He calls Pawar asking him to trace Kalyani’s location.A kidnapper asks what will happen to you, if one prisoner gets less from jail. Kalyani says I love my nation and my child much. Kidnapper asks her to wait for Mukku and her own death, and says just 8 mins are remaining. Sarthak ties Anupriya to the chair and asks her to tell where Kalyani has taken his daughter. Anupriya says why are you behaving like inhuman. Sarthak holds her face and asks her to tell where is his daughter?

Mukku tells Kalyani that he wants to build a house for her. Kalyani asks him to promise that he will build house for her and asks him not to forget her even after getting a wife. Mukku says I needs just my Aai fi. Kalyani asks him to hear carefully and asks him to hold the wood log/bench tightly. She asks him to promise that if she couldn’t leave from here, and if he can run, then he shall run towards home, until he reaches home. Mukku is shocked. Kalyani asks him to promise. Mukku says I will not go without you, we will go together.

Malhar asks Pawar to forward him location. He checks and thinks what Kalyani is doing near old warehouse. He reaches there. Kalyani makes the log move fast and sees Moksh safe. Moksh shouts Aai fi.

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