Meet in love update Saturday 2 July 2022

Meet in love 2 July 2022: Manushi in her room says where did Kunal kept letter from father in law and he didn’t tell me till when test will go on I should find and figure it out, she checks bag and says I’ll do give test till the given date not a minute then that and I’ll ask Kunal to let me talk to in law’s and I’ll convince them after all I’m expert in that, she gets call from unknown number. Kunal shouts Manu help me, other man says if you want to see your husband alive then come to behind Gurudwara with 25lakhs. Manushi says wrong number and hungs up. Kunal says call back again. Manushi picks up and says ee im poor do one thing call his father he is rich he will pay you. Kunal thinks she is clever and acts as if amn are hurting him to scare Manushi.

Manushi says you know I don’t have money I’m poor please try to understand. Kunal says try to understand my wife don’t uave cash but she got jewellery. Man take phone says listen don’t try to be smart come with your jewellery and hear it should not be less then 25 lakhs or else we will behead him, Kunal shouts on phone and disconnect. Kunal says to Man good job you gave nice audition, everyone applauds nearby. Man says to Kinal will I get job in tv show. Kunal says you will get work in film but after doing two more scene are you ready. Man says yes. Kunal says good.

Mee and Meet Ahlawat in bed. Meet wakes up and check is he sleeping says if he will sleep like this then how will he get proper sleep and have office tomorrow, she gets up and leave. Meet Ahlawat turn wakes up thinks she didnt wait for late night to go to kitchen. Meet sitting beside him in chair see her gets scared. Meet says you were looking for me. He says why will I find you, I was feeling cold so was going to take extra blanket, he gets out of bed. Meet follow him and copy him. Meet Ahlawat says you are copying me. Meet start say everything what he says. Meet Ahlawat says you were following me. Meet says no I was going to take blanket, walks to cupboard and take out. Meet Ahlawat snatches blanket and says you want me to sleep early why. Meet says if you will get to sleep early that you can wake up fresh and will be charged for your day. Meet Ahlawat ask what you will do if I get to bed early. Meet thinks how will I tell him that I need to study and I cannot tell him this or else he won’t let me do anything, she start jumping says I’ll sing and play music, I’ll also go to bed if you will sleep what questions you ask, listen do your mood right then sleep.

Meet Ahlawat says don’t be worried about me I’ll go to sleep and annoy her. Meet says you are always angry like a small kid. He says should I go to sleep and gets inside bed. Meet pray to God says why did you give kid in my luck and says there is only one why to make him happy, she tickle his legs. Meet Ahlawat wakes up laughing and says fine leave me. Meet says listen I know you love you sister so much and you want good for her so I promise I won’t do anything like this. Meet Ahlawat thinks I’ll talk to you in midnight when you will go kitchen, that time you have to give my all answers, says okay goodnight.

Manushi take out jewellery from her hidden place says till the yime I don’t go to my in laws house till then this jewellery is earning and I fought with my mon for this but Kunal is rich and handsome and looks at CCTV camera and hide it again looks at camera says hi father in law I’m Manushi as you are seeing I’m doing everything for test, your son Kunal is kidnapped and Goons demanded for 25 lakhs you will do something to help him, are you listing and jump over to to tap camera but camera was not connected so it’s wire come in Manushi hand and she pull it down, she gets shocked and says it’s not connected it mean all camera are not connected and they are dummy means no connection with father in law. A package hit Manushi she walks to door to see who throw it but didn’t find anyone and open package see a t-shirt with blood and remember what Goons said to her about Kunal live says it’s Kunal tshirt.

Meet Ahlawat turn while sleeping and see Meet not in bed says I’ll ask her why she go missing in night and walks downstairs calls Meet says she is not here might be outside and hear a voice from Kitchen walks toward the door says why is it closed. He hear a male voice says I remember a joke on this situation. Meet Ahlawat thinks who is this boy talking to Meet late night and remember Deep saying to him she might be seeing someone else and says she is your wife you cannot spy on her she is your wife, if you have something in mind thel talk to her directly and remember Meet saying to Isha about how you go on wrong track and hide things, he try to open gate says try to understand if she is not telling anything then there must be some reason and I should understand that.

Meet inside kitchen studying says Raju bhaiya teach well in his videos everything goes in mind in only one sitting.Manushi outside main door get’s call. Kunal start acting on phone, shouts in pain says please leave don’t beat me. Goon take phone says I now you are smart girl but don’t try to reach out police or else you will be dead along with Kunal. Manushi says bhaiya please don’t do anything to him I’ll do exactly what you say don’t do anything to Kunal. Kunal shouts is pain and disconnects says now she is in trap, girls may be intelligent but blood and cockroaches are there weakness, she might be frightened after seen blood tshirt. Manushi says to save Kunal I have to give jewellery.

Meet Ahlawat gets back to his room tensed remember Deep telling him that you are not taking good care of Bhabhiji, remember what Meet said to Isha earlier about hiding things. He says is Deep right is Meet seeing someone else but I want to give second chance to this relation but if she, he walks to cupboard and take out a book named my story and see Manushi’s photo inside that book, says I wish you wouldn’t have ditched me and loved me so that Meet could be with someone she love and not have to stay with me , I hate you Manushi. Meet inside kitchen studying. Meet Ahlawat lie down in bed and looks at Manushi’s photo, kep her photo on side table and looks at her in sadness

Meet walks to her room and get into bed and check if Meet Ahlawat is sleeping or not and says I don’t like to tell him lei but uf I’ll tell him then he will also wake up whole night, I’ll go to mom house and will study there alon with that I can take care of Mom and Dadi. Manushi’s photo lying on floor.Next morning Meet Ahlawat getting ready for office. Meet walks to him see his face thinks oh god is is still upset, your morning shouldn’t start from being upset or else your whole fay ruins I need to do something to cheer him up and says to Meet Ahlawat listen did you say any movie last night being so caring for me.

Meet Ahlawat says what’s your problem if I talk then you have issues and if I don’t then you have issues, do you want yo look in mirror or should I. Meet says wait I’ll see and says to him that I was thinking I should go and live with mom for few days. Meet Ahlawat thinks that boy must be of Shahbadh and says go if you want who am I to stop you from meeting your loved ones. Meet says why are you so rude, you still angry. He says I’m not angry and you are adult you can take your decision, why are you asking for permission. Meet says I’m not asking for permission I’m worried if I go then you will be able to manage all things by your own. Meet Ahlawat says when you were not there I was managing myself you can go . Meet says okay then I’ll leave and start packing her bag. Meet Ahlawat says how happy she is, I use to be that happy when I was with Manushi, my love story didn’t lasted well but I’ll try that her love story lasts more and walks away.

Meet get down to pick pen and see Manushi’s photo on floor, she hear him coming back so slide that photo under bed. Meet Ahlawat says to her I left my phone, she leaves and he start looking for Manushi’s photo find it under bed and keep it in his book inside cupboard. Meet looks everything from outside thinks I know you loved Manushi so much but she hurt you bad, it will take time to cure but it’s good he doesn’t take out her topic infront of me that’s why he is hiding, take how much time you need to come out of trauma I just need you to be happy.

Manushi blindfolded on call says I’m at location with jewellery and everything please don’t do anything to Kunal. Kunal start acting please save me. Man take phone says a Baba will come there, give him jewellery bag do as we says and we will leave Kunal and listen carefully don’t try to be over smart or else you will be dead too with him you are on my gun point.Meet Ahlawat on phone with Deep says I did a mistake and feel guilty, I promise that Manushi chapter will be closed but I took out her picture and see it and what you said to me was true I think she like someone else.

Deep says I was kidding. Meet Ahlawat says what you said come out to br true she feel happy whenever she talk to him on phone, that’s why I decided whoever she likes I’ll support Meet. Someone throws a chit he says to Deep I’ll talk to you later and Meet Ahlawat pick it up. Isha sees that and gets panicked. Meet Ahlawat says who threw stone, goes to window says who is throwing stone like Majnu style and see a boy standing outside. Isha gets call from unknown number. Meet Ahlawat read the message on paper when are you coming to meet and pick up phone. Isha says I hope Bhai dosent find out aboit this.Baba walks to Manushi and says give the jewellery. Kunal watching from behind. Manushi says to Baba first bring my husband. Baba says first Jewellery then think of husband. Manushi give him jewellery and Baba give Kunal signal for jewellery and says to Manushi you can go now to your house you will find your husband there and give him corn says take your prashad.

Manushi holds it says its corn. Baba says start eating this and sit here till the time you finish it. Manushi says okay and ask should I remove the blindfold and start calling Baba, remove her blindfold and eat corn.Meet Ahlawat walks to his room thinks who this message could be for and see Meet talking on phone. Meet says my phone was kept aside and I was getting ready for job and disconnects call. He thinks is that same guy who talk to Meet whole night and is this message for Meet. Meet ask who are you talking to. Meet Ahlawat says nothing and ask didn’t you left for job. Meet says I left Dadi’s report so come to take that. Meet Ahlawat thinks she is covering her lover in name of Dadi, says do you like colored hairs of boy, on girl it looks good because they have length but boys don’t have much length it looks weird.

Meet says fashion dosent know if its boy or girl. Meet Ahlawat remember that boy and talks to himself he was looking weird and says to Meet torned jeans I never understand logic. Meet says you won’t understand those who follow trends will know it well but your style is fixed that’s why you can’t understand that. He says it’s classy elegant and sophisticated. Meet says so when did I said anything wrong are you competing with someone. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not competing with anyone I’m happy and comfortable with style, you must like torned jeans, coloured hair and spike hair. She says for me it’s important how a person behave it doesn’t matter to me if he wear torned clothes or is in suite. Meet Ahlawat thinks seriously is he that good from heart what does she like in him and says love is blind.

Meet says don’t you wanna go office I’m leaving come fast down let’s have breakfast together. Meet Ahlawat thinks am I so old fashioned that’s why she make fun of me and try to change his style and says to himself what are you doing if Meet dosent look at you it don’t in the end that boy looks ragamuffin, concentrate you have to support Meet.Raj, Ragini and two female guest sitting in hall. Guest says we to them we thinks Babita’s antique mother jewellery will be great for exibition that’s why we approached her. Raj says Babita will be here in a minute. Ragini says I’ll go and look for her. Raj says to them that jewellery is antique so she keep it with more precautions, he takes out a pouche from his pants and start eating chickpeas and offer them.

Guests take them and says we heard a lot about you but today we saw you never forget your roots. Meet and Meet Ahlawat gets down and greets them. Ragini walks to Raj and calls him. Raj says to guests I’ll be back in two minutes and ask Meet Ahlawat to take care of them.Isha and Babita in Babita’s room. Babita panicked says I can’t find my ancestral jewellery, walks to Raj says I take out ear rings and kept it here where did it went in night. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks in. Babita says I’m unable to find it and outside women are sitting who want to exibit my ancestral jewellery in Chandigarh, what should I say to them my jewellery is lost what they will think about me, what will happen to our reputation. Raj says don’t panick if jewellery was in house then we will get it. Ragini says don’t worry you will get it and calls Isha and says bring water for Taeji.

Babita says I don’t want to drink water. Isha looks worried to Meet. Isha says I need to leave I have an important lecture in collage. Ragini stops her hold her bag. Isha says this is my college bag. Ragini says I know it’s your college bag, Babita lost her jewellery so you will not go anywhere. Babita says to Raj I’m sure that new servant did this. Raj says he is a good guy. Meet thinks I think so Isha is been trapped because of those boys, now it’s necessary to find out. Meet says to Babita don’t ask him directly there might be chances he didn’t do and says to Raj I have an idea my friend has an connection who knows where all the stolen jewellers are sold. Isha gets more worried, Meet thinks might this plan work and Isha tell everything whatever she is hiding.


Babita cribbing says they want to exibit my ancestral jewellery, what will I say to them, that I lost it. Meet says I have a plan, I have a friend who have the information about stolen things who sold it and who buied. Isha look worried. Meet Ahlawat thinks is that same friend. Meet says to Babita if someone will sell it then we will get to know about him. Isha thinks now what Ill do, I thought of selling Taiji’s jewellery and give them money. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and ask what’s his name, I called everyone from your birthday party. Meet says you don’t know him. Meet Ahlawat thinks is he the same guy and he might can do this for Meet and ask her is he good for you because you said he have knowledge about stolen jewellery and his gentry will be of same kind, is he good fro your friendship can I meet him. Meet says you can’t meet him and why are you asking so many questions like dad I said he is good no need to worry about him.

Masum and Hoshiyar go to Meet’s room. Hoshiyar ask him why did she call him here. Masum says you know Meet’s family is poor and because of Bhai’s accident she was unable to go for job so maybe she needed money and stole mom’s diamond earrings. Hoshiyar says nobody would have thought this. Masum says she must have hidden those here and they both start searching. Masum finds Manushi’s photo in cupboard.Isha thinks what Meet said to Babita about her friend and take out jewellery from her bag says I cannot do this I’ll return them back but what I’ll say. I’ll says I found them on floor. Meet walks to her and see jewellery in her hand and says you thought right, now things are in open so don’t try to hide it, tell me those boys are asking you to do things. Isha hugs her. Meet says now tell me what’s the matter. Isha says they are blackmailing me, I went to a party few days back and over there those boys mixed something in my soft drink because of which I fainted and then they clicked my photos in in such a way that it looks like I’m doing wrong with that guy, please try to understand bhabhi I did nothing wrong, you know they have made life miserable, they gamble and do drugs for that they need money and targeted me, they call me anytime and threaten me to viral those pics, I don’t want anybody should know about this that’s why I thought of selling these earings and will pay them whatever I’ll get. Meet says you must have told this to your parents first.

Isha says what should I tell them, that I went to party and all this happen to me, they will ban me going out and what if everyone would have doubt me for something that I have not done. Meet says but your Taji would have faced for your consequences. Isha says I’m sorry. Meet says don’t worry ask them to come and meet at 5p.m money is arranged, tell me there name rest I’ll handle.Masum see’s photo says Bhai still love her, he has to bearing Meet. Hoshiyar says but father in law brought her here. Masum says you are mad Hoshiyar, dad has brought a trouble home but I’ll make my brother free from her.

Kunal weigh jewellery says oh god what I did wrong to you that clever gave me fake jewellery. Man walks to Kunal says scene was big, she was saying a lot but I still handle the situation so when are you taking me Mumbai. Kunal shouts at him says I’m in trouble and you are thinking of going Mumbai, my wife has all the jewellery and not giving me, I don’t have money to hire some goons and fake my kidnapping that’s why I fooled you to do acting now go from here.

Babita give guest jewellery and they leave. Babita says to Raj it was good I didn’t asked new servant about the jewellery. Raj says I told you not panic come eat chickpeas and forget about that. Babita says but tell me from where did you get my earnings. Meet says I found it in house, looks at Isha says if it I would be late a bit so we may not find them ever. Raj okay now I’ll go and get ready for my office and leaves. Meet says I’ll also leave for my delivery job. Babita says listen to me today evening you have to do a ritual at 6p.m so don’t be late come early. Meet says okay I’ll be there. Meet Ahlawat thinks she can postpone going but no, I know when she gets restless and says to Babita no need to do it we can do later she need to go to her house. Babita says I have no problem of going her to her house but this ritual is important for couples blessings.

Meet Ahlawat thinks there is no value for a relation which is been pushed over. Babita explain her ritual and says come at time in evening. Meet thinks today I have to prove my relation to sister in law. Meet Ahlawat says let it go don’t force her. Meet says don’t worry I’ll be here on time. Ragini says I’ll make all the arrangements.Raj on phone. Masum walks to her says did you call me. Raj says yes and I know you love your brother too much and its very difficult for everyone to accept Daughter in law in those circumstances happen at marriage, I was observing onr thing from many days that you are always behind her, I want to clear one point she is not here to impress, as you are the oldest daughter of Ahlawat’s family same way she is the youngest daughter in law is this family, they you treat rest of the people in family with love same way you have to treat her too now if you want to live in this house so no need to interfere a lot which my affect this house happiness, if I heard that you have an issue against daughter in law then I’ll be helpless to send you somewhere else where you don’t have any problem because of her, I’m telling you clearly you have to leave this house and go and I’ll not think for a minute, do I need to understand you this in any other language because you understand hindi quiet well and leaves.

Meet with Isha at meeting location. Meet gets call from Meet Ahlawat says you go I’ll come. Isha says I’m scared. Meet says I’ll be there in 30 seconds now go. Meet picks up phone says I’m at delivery if its not urgent then cai I call you later. Boy drinking. Isha walks to them in room. Boys make her sit. Isha says I’m good. Meet says she will not sit but you my allow can I. Boy says to Isha we asked you to come alone who is she. Meet says sometimes kids do mess so people like us to come forward to clear that mess, so whatever photos you all have of Isha anywhere delete now. Boys laugh and give them photos and pendrive says pick it up. Isha reach towards photo but boy hold her hand. Meet shouts at them to leave her hand. Boy says you have to pay in cash or else you know what I’ll do with photo. Boy says she won’t hear like this and try to surround them. Meet pray to god to protect them from boy’s.

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