My heart knows update Monday 27 June 2022

My heart knows 27 June 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar writing Khooni in the rice plate and names Kalyani by that name. Mukku falls on the rice plate and the kha changes into ga. Avni reads guni, says my Aai has many qualities. Malhar finds the mole or mark on back of Mukku’s ear and says that boy who had killed Aahir has the same mark. Kalyani tells that was a boy and this is a girl. Anupriya comes there and tells that we have the mark since ancestors and shows the mole at the backside of her ear. Malhar says don’t you think you both are overthinking and says even I know that was a boy and this is a girl. Mukku says she was about to lose in the game.

Anupriya asks Kalyani to go behind Malhar and see if he still doubts. Kalyani comes to room and asks Malhar to eat Poha. Malhar asks how do you know that I need something, without I informed you. He says you must have felt that I am hungry and throws the poha on the ground. He says you felt wrong and says I have some important work with you. He asks her to bring the bag. Kalyani lifts it and the clothes fall down from the bag. Malhar asks what did you do Kalyani, you have ruined everything. Kalyani says bag was open, says I will iron the clothes in the evening. Malhar gets angry and asks her to do it now itself. He reads in Swara’s diary that Vivek used to do this.

He tells that Maayi knew about Swara’s misery. Kalyani tells that her Aai is innocent. She says she has an important meeting and will iron his clothes in the evening. He threatens to prove Anupriya as guilty by giving the diary as proof to Police. Kalyani agrees to iron his clothes now itself. He empties the bag.Sarthak tells his assistant to make the arrangements of birthday party of his daughter well. Anupriya tells that they shall call Mukku’s friends to the party. Sarthak refuses to call them and warns her saying he will take Mukku from there. Malhar switches off the lights when Kalyani is ironing his clothes and brings the traditional coal iron. He tells that he don’t want to do work easy way and gives it as a punishment for Swara’s misery. Kalyani lifts it with much difficulty.

Anupriya comes there, says she is seeing what Malhar is doing? She tells that she will iron the clothes. Kalyani refuses and says I will do my own work. Mukku comes and hears them. Kalyani shows the clothes which she brought for Mukku, jeans and tshirt. She says she don’t want Pillu to wear girls’ clothes today. Mukku gets happy and hears her.Mukku comes out and sends the decorator guys, says she will decorate her own birthday arrangements. Sarthak comes there. Mukku says she has sent them and will do her own party arrangements. Sarthak says I will do too. He coughs. Anupriya brings water and gives to him. Mukku thinks Aai fi must be tired too and goes to her. Kalyani is busy on call and tells that mail didn’t come, due to electricity problem. Mukku asks her to come and runs with Kalyani’s tab.

Kalyani runs behind her and asks her to give tab? Mukku makes her sit and keeps the steam bag behind her back. Kalyani gets touched by Mukku’s effort. Mukku asks her not to move and do meeting while resting. She asks her to do iron later. Kalyani says iron is very hot so stay away from it. Mukku says ok. Avni hears them and cooks up a plan. Mukku catches Avni coming out of Kalyani’s room. Avni says Kalyani has so much work, I had gone to check how she is doing. Mukku says she will do. Avni asks how you will iron the clothes, it is heavy. Mukku says I have seen Ahmed Chacha ironing the clothes, by first sprinkling water on the clothes. She thinks why the water is so sticky. Avni looks at her from outside and thinks it is oil, when you lift the iron with sticky hands, then it will fall on her feet and her feet will break. She smirks. Mukku tries to lift the iron while Avni waits happily. She/he shouts Aai fi.

  Mukku about to lift the heavy coal iron with her hand, but couldn’t lift it. Avni smiles seeing the iron about to fall on her. She goes out and takes the clothes bucket in her hand, to show Sarthak. Sarthak asks why is she working? Avni tells that Servants are not at home, tells that Mukku told that everyone shall do their own work as Kalyani told her this. Sarthak says that Kalyani said this, that’s why Mukku saying this. Avni asks where is Mukku? She says today Kalyani is very angry as Malhar gave her much work today, asked her to iron the clothes. Mukku shouts Aai fi. Kalyani saves Mukku and the iron falls on Kalyani’s foot. Her foot gets injured. Anupriya comes there. Mukku says Aai fi got injured. Sarthak comes and scolds Kalyani. Mukku says she was trying to help Aai fi.

Sarthak scolds Kalyani for making the girl do the work. Mukku says Aai fi didn’t ask me to work. Anupriya says why will Kalyani ask Mukku to do work? Sarthak says I am irritated with you and says you are not scared of your husband. Anupriya says husband and wife have equal rights and tells that Kalyani has attachment with Mukku. Sarthak says Kalyani takes advantage of this and that’s why he will take her away from here. Mukku says my Aai is Aai fi. Sarthak says Anupriya is your Aai. Mukku asks Kalyani to tell the truth. Malhar comes there and asks what is she saying? Mukku says I want to be with Aai fi, here. Guests come there and give gift to Mukku. Sarthak tells Anupriya to make the make the arrangements. Mukku tells Kalyani that today is not his birthday. Kalyani says we will celebrate your birthday two times.

Avni comes there and asks Mukku to come with her to change her clothes. Kalyani says she is already wearing the dress brought by me. Avni says Kaka wants her to wear the dress brought by him. Sarthak and Malhar come there. Sarthak complains to Malhar about Kalyani. Malhar says Kalyani will not come in the party and takes her from there. Anupriya comes to the room and asks Avni to open the door. Avni says I will change your dress. Mukku refuses to wear the dress. Avni takes out the dress from the almira and thinks to hurt Mukku by tying open safety pins to the dress. She thinks to go to bathroom and check if it is seeing from outside.

Malhar brings Kalyani out and tells that she is not lucky that he takes her for drive. He says you must have seen Swara washing Vivek’s car and asks Kalyani to clean his car. Kalyani asks why are you making things difficult for me? Malhar asks her to do the work. Avni comes out of the bathroom and sees Mukku cutting her dresses. Avni asks her to leave it. Mukku asks her to let her go else she will cut her clothes. Avni opens the door and asks her to go. Mukku says if you are a villain then I am hero. She goes. Sarthak tells the guests that Mukku might be coming. Mukku comes there in the same dress. Sarthak asks Anupriya why she didn’t change the clothes? Anupriya says let her wear the clothes. Sarthak introduces Mukku to the guests. Mukku asks if he is fine and talks in her accent. The boy asks why is she talking like this.

Sarthak says she is influenced by films. Sarthak asks Mukku to ask how do you know? Mukku says she is thin, he is mad etc. Mukku’s friend comes there. Mukku runs to him and hugs him. Sarthak feels humiliated and asks Anupriya to ask this boy to go. Mukku says it would have been fun if Aai fi was here. Kalyani cleans Malhar’s jeep using soap and sponge. He asks her to be careful and clean the mirror with the paper. She thinks to go inside and check on the pretext of getting paper. Malhar takes his pic and asks if he is looking as a fool. He asks her to leave the girl and says she is Kaka and Maayi’s daughter, why don’t you leave her? He says when I search Moksh, then I won’t let him talk to you. He says don’t think that I have forgotten my son, as I am searching Aahir’s killer. He says he is getting closer to Moksh, day by day. Kalyani thinks I wish to tell you that Moksh is here with us.

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