My heart knows update Monday 14 February 2022

My heart knows 14 February 2022: Anupriya asks what are you doing here and says she wants to tell her about Billu. Kalyani says she is searching Billu. Sampada tells watchman that she got her son’s fake passport and name changed for Moksh so that the couple doesn’t have a problem to take him. She asks them to take him to Dubai and says Atharv and I will take him from you there. She says tomorrow I will come and give Moksh to you. Watchman tells that Kalyani saw me with Moksh today. Kalyani asks Anupriya to act till she goes inside. Sampada tells watchman that they shall be careful, if Malhar comes to know about her plan then he won’t let Moksh go. Kalyani comes to the CCTV room. A Security guy comes there. Kalyani hides. She doesn’t see Sampada.

Anupriya sees Sampada going with Moksh and asks her. The couple tells that they shall talk to her about money once. Watchman says I will talk to her, she left now. Anupriya asks what are you doing here? Sampada says this is my son so I will take care of him. She says I don’t have the habit to interfere in others matter. She calls watchman and says Kalyani must also be here. Kalyani searches for the watchman which she saw with Moksh.

Watchman hides. Anupriya messages Kalyani to come as Sampada is having Moksh. Kalyani tries to go to Sampada. Anupriya stops her and says if you talk to her then she will complain to Malhar that you are here. Kalyani says Sampada is playing a big game. Anupriya says she told that she took Moksh for check up. Kalyani says we can bring her truth out, as Moksh is with Sampada and some other baby is in the house. They rush home and see Moksh. Sampada smirks and recalls changing the baby. She threatens Kalyani. Anupriya says we are going. Kalyani says she won’t let Sampada do wrong. Sampada thinks Moksh will be far away from you both soon.

Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that she hurt herself not to write the exam. She asks her not to tell Kalyani and says I will just sit in exam so that Kalyani writes her exam peacefully. Aparna asks what do you want to say that you are hurt because of Aao Saheb. Anupriya says she is not blaming anyone and asks them not to try to change Kalyani’s destiny. She says if you tell anything to Kalyani or stop me from going then I will file Police complaint against you for domestic violence.

Kalyani and Anupriya are writing the exam. Anupriya finds it difficult to write with the injured hand. Kalyani checks the question paper and thinks that paper is easy and she will get 85 percent of marks. She will tell Malhar ji. She finds Anupriya’s medical prescription with her question paper and thinks Aai can’t write the exam.

She thinks who has kept this prescription here. Aao Saheb and Aparna are outside and think Kalyani will not write her exam now. Kalyani gives her answer sheet to the professor and drops water bottle on anupriya’s hand. She checks her answer sheet and tells that you didn’t write anything. She tells professor that she will write Anupriya’s exam whatever she says. Professor says we have to take principal’s permission. Kalyani praises him and tells that she will praise him on social networking site. Professor agrees to let kalyani write Anupriya’s exam.

Aao Saheb says everything is happening as we thought. Kalyani didn’t write her exam, now Atharv will tell Malhar and he will get angry on Kalyani. Anupriya asks Kalyani if she had finished her exam so early. Kalyani says if I am a fool not to write the exam. Kalyani finishes writing Anupriya’s exam. Anupriya says you will get distinction. Kalyani thinks she didn’t write anything. Atharv comes there with Atul and provokes Atul. Malhar comes there and sees Kalyani giving Anupriya’s paper. Malhar asks professor to show her answer sheet.

Professor shows her answer sheet. Malhar finds it empty. Atharv teases him. Atul tells Malhar that Kalyani will fail today and blames him saying Malhar has not taught her anything. Anupriya says Malhar taught her everything. Atul scolds Anupriya says you failed Kalyani for completing your exam. He says now this girl is not my daughter. He says I will not interfere in your matters. Atharv says now husband and wife will fight and I will take Mugdha far away from here. Kalyani tells Malhar that Aai was bearing the pain so that she couldn’t know her pain. She says how can I let her fail. Malhar says you would have told me, I would have sent writer. Kalyani says I didn’t think that. She says you are there with me and supports me in studies, but everyone discourages Aai and wants her to fail. She says she will choose Aai to pass than her. Malhar says she doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings rather than Aai.

Anupriya says I will make her understand. Malhar apologizes to her and asks how did she let her write her exam leaving her own, says this is selfishness. He goes. Anupriya blames herself and calls herself selfish. She says I am not your real mum. Kalyani says Aai..Anupriya goes. Kalyani talks to Moksh’s pic and tells that she was sure that she couldn’t let Aai fail in exam. She says don’t know what Sampada is going to do. Just then she looks out of auto and sees lady beggar sitting on side of road holding the baby whom Sampada kept in day care in Moksh’s place. She stops the auto and asks the lady beggar to stop, but she runs away.

Kalyani coming to Police station to meet Malhar. Pawar tells her that she can’t go inside and tells that Malhar Saheb is very upset with you and told clearly that you shall not be let in. Kalyani says I want to talk about Malhar and not me. He asks her to understand and says he is very angry. Kalyani says she will see until when he doesn’t meet her. Sampada asks the watchman about the couple.

Watchman/Security guy tells that they might be on the way. Sampada says they must have been here by now, says Kalyani must not know about my plan. I won’t let my plan ruin, once Moksh goes out of the country then Atharv and I will go there. She asks him to call them. He calls them.

Kalyani protests outside the Police station holding the placards and tells slogans against Malhar. She asks him to come out and tells that she won’t let anyone go inside. Malhar tells Pawar that he doesn’t want to see the girl without taking her name and asks her to go. Kalyani says Malhar Rane hai hai. Pawar comes back to Malhar and asks him to meet Kalyani once. Malhar scolds him and calls lady constable. He asks her to push the girl sitting and protesting outside. A constable calls Malhar and tells that Atharv is going to do something wrong with some men. Malhar asks him to follow Atharv and thinks once he finds Mugdha, he can get back Moksh. Watchman tells Sampada that the couple is not picking the call. Sampada asks him to bring them anyhow. Kalyani is shouting and telling slogans. Lady constables come and ask her to go. Kalyani thinks to get arrested and snatches the rod from the lady constable. She says she will beat them all and asks them to get her arrested. Malhar sees her drama and goes out from the back door. Kalyani sees him leaving. Pawar tells that he found something about Moksh. Sarthak calls her and tells about Anupriya.

Anupriya tells Principal that she wants her name removed from the college. Kalyani reaches there and takes the letter. She asks why she is ruining her career. Anupriya says did you ask me before writing my exam. She says this is your punishment. Principal asks them to go and discuss outside. Kalyani says you are becoming selfish, I need you at the moment and you are breaking my heart rather than helping me. She comes out and thinks don’t know why she thinks she is a selfish mother and thinks Malhar told it angrily. She sees calf’s legs trapped by some stuff and making a sound. Kalyani says I will help you and asks it to help her. Peon asks Principal to come out and see what Kalyani is doing. Kalyani ties the calf to the tree and says when your Aai comes to attack me, then my Aai will save me.

The calf makes a sound hearing it, its mother cow comes angrily and walks towards Kalyani. Anupriya and Sarthak ask her to move. Kalyani says I am not scared and stands still. The cow is walking towards her fast. Anupriya runs to her rescue and makes Kalyani moves from the cow’s way. She scolds Kalyani and asks why did you tie it? She frees the calf. Kalyani smiles.

Anupriya asks have you gone mad and says madness is enough for today. Kalyani says you are a selfish mother so I am a selfish daughter and bad people do bad with others. Anupriya says you know that I will save you. Kalyani says I have a setting with the calf and I didn’t kidnap it. She asks the calf. Calf makes a sound. Principal calls her mad and goes. Anupriya says Principal got angry. Kalyani asks her not to get her name strike off from college else she will go more mad. Anupriya says ok. Kalyani hugs her. Anupriya says what Principal will say. How we will make him understand. Sarthak says I will talk to Principal sir. Kalyani says sorry for not writing her exam and asks her to scold her later with Malhar. She says right now I need you for Billu. Anupriya asks what happened to him.

Kalyani tells her that Sampada is using the other boy whom she saw with the poor lady and says when I went to the daycare, that boy was there in place of Moksh. She says we shall go to the hospital and check for Moksh in the hospital. Anupriya asks how? Kalyani says my friend will help me and calls Pawar. Pawar brings Durga Prasad, the dog and says if Saheb comes to know then I will lose my job. Kalyani assures him that she will bring back Durga Prasad on time.

Watchman brings the couple to Sampada. Sampada scolds them and says you have no idea how much money I am going to give you and tells that. She scolds even Moksh who is crying. Watchman takes him from her. She gives the money and asks them to sit in the car. She says the driver will take you to the airport. Kalyani and Anupriya are coming there with Durga Prasad. Sampada says I will take you till the car. She sees Malhar talking to someone in the hospital and hides. She says what is Malhar doing here. Malhar asks did you check every room. His team says yes. Moksh is crying. Malhar looks there, but don’t see anyone. Sampada asks the couple and watchman to come. Malhar asks his team to search for Atharv and Mugdha. Sampada says we have to search some way to take Moksh out and says Malhar shall not know about him. She says we shall go in the same room. Malhar comes near the lift. Sampada sees him. The lift goes up.

The other watchman tells Kalyani that Dog is not allowed inside. Kalyani asks where it is written. She takes Durga Prasad to side and asks it to go inside silently till she diverts with the security guy. Durga Prasad gets inside. Kalyani says I will take it anyhow. Anupriya tells watchman that her mental condition is bad. Kalyani cries and acts childish. She says this man shouted at me and made my dog ran away, now I will make him my dog. The Watchman asks if she is mad? Anupriya says that’s why I am taking her to meet the doctor. Sampada tells Moksh that they will be together and he shall stay with the couple. Watchman brings medicine equipment trolley and says we shall take him in the trolley with the couple and asks Sampada to stay in the same room else Malhar will get doubtful seeing her. Sampada keeps Moksh in the trolley and says my Moksh. Kalyani, Anupriya and Durga Prasad are searching Moksh. Malhar tells that they shall search on the top floors. Atharv tells Doctor that he will take Mugdha to another country. His man comes and tells that Malhar is searching in the hospital for Mugdha.

Malhar is searching Mugdha and checks his phone. He sees 12 missed calls and thinks he will not talk to her. Anupriya and Kalyani searching Durga Prasad finding him missing. Malhar thinks I shall not agree to her sayings, she doesn’t agree to my sayings. Kalyani says how she will find Moksh without Durga Prasad’s way. Malhar and Kalyani don’t see each other. Anupriya calls her and tells that Durga Prasad is found near the lift. Malhar doesn’t see her. Watchman thinks why the lift is going up as they are waiting for a lift. Kalyani tells Anupriya that they will go to the 6th floor directly.

They get in the lift. Kalyani asks Durga Prasad to be with them. The watchman and the couple are waiting for the lift. The lift stops at the 6th floor. Watchman and the couple turn seeing them. Watchman asks another watchman to send the dog out. He asks the couple to wait in the room with Moksh. The couple gets scared and thinks to run away. Watchman calls Sampada and tells that the other watchman took Kalyani and Anupriya. Sampada comes to the room where Moksh is kept in the trolley. She calls the couple, but they pick her call. Sampada calls watchman and tells that she is coming out with Moksh. She is in the same room and sees Atharv. She asks what are you doing here? Atharv tells that Mugdha is here. Sampada is shocked and tells about her plan. She says she will go with the lift. He asks her to go and says he will take Mugdha through the window. His goon comes and tells that Malhar is on the 3rd floor. Atharv asks his goon to cut the connection of the lift. Goon says Sampada is in the lift. Atharv says she will not die in a few mins time.

Watchman takes Kalyani and Anupriya to the room and asks them to sit there until he calls Police. Watchman comes and says lift is stuck. He goes leaving them. Kalyani and Anupriya come out and hear Durga Prasad barking at the lift. Sampada is stuck in the lift and shouts for help. Peon says it was repaired some days back and goes to off and on the lift. Sampada feels short of breath and faints. Moksh cries. Kalyani hears him and tells Anupriya that Moksh is inside. She tries to open the lift door and uses all her strength. She asks Moksh not to worry. She says she will open the door. She manages to open the lift door a bit and sees Moksh crying. They hear a sound. Kalyani gets worried and asks what was it? Peon comes and says one cable was cut and if another: cable is cut then the lift will go down. They ask watchman to open the door. Malhar comes to know about some people stuck in the lift. He asks his man to wait there and goes to help them. Kalyani cries. Moksh is also crying.

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