My heart knows update Friday 22 April 2022

My heart knows 22 April 2022: The Episode starts with Rachit coming out of his room in the morning and looks at Kalyani who is sitting on the swinger. He asks until when she will stay away from him and says you will get whatever you ask for. He says just give me a chance and come in my embrace and see. Kalyani recalls what Atharv had said that Rachit is not a good man and asking her not to go to him. She makes him fall down and asks him to learn to stand on his feet, before asking him to come in his embrace. She says whatever I am doing is for my son and says after whatever you have done, you have lost my friendship also, and asks him to delete his thought of hugging him from his mind.

Rachit laughs and says you will be in my embrace, today itself. Kalyani talks to the doctor and says she will get that test done. Anupriya comes there and covers her with the shawl. Kalyani asks you are here at this time. Anupriya asks if she was outside all night. Kalyani says yes, tells that she couldn’t stay with Rachit in the room. She asks why her eyes are swollen. Anupriya says there is nothing and asks if she was talking to the doctor. Kalyani says yes and tells that she talked to papa’s paediatrician friend and he said that there is a chance that Moksh’s bone marrow can match with someone from his family.

Anupriya says we shall tell this to Malhar. Kalyani says we can’t tell this to Malhar, if he comes to know then he will keep Sampada far from him. She says we shall get Sampada’s blood test done before she gets pregnant, to know if she has any medical problem.Sampada is in kitchen and thinks the family does so much drama, would have kept Servant to boil the milk. Kalyani comes there and tells the mother is lucky who gets to do things for her child. She says I let you come in Malhar’s life as you have promised me that you will take care of my son. Sampada says both Malhar and Moksh are mine. Kalyani sees knife kept there. Sampada asks her to go from her kitchen. Kalyani pushes her and Sampada falls down on the knife, her finger starts bleeding.

Kalyani asks her to show her hand and take the blood sample secretly. Malhar comes there and asks Kalyani what is she doing here? He then asks Sampada what happened to her, and sucks her finger to relieve her pain. Kalyani gets jealous and comes out. Rachit asks if she is feeling bad to see them together and asks her to come in his embrace. Kalyani asks him to get his mind treated. Rachit shows the video recording of Anupriya and her conversation, in which Kalyani tells Anupriya that she don’t want Malhar to know why she wants to get Sampada closer to him. He blackmails her and tells that he can tell this to Malhar, if she don’t accept him.

He opens his arms wide. Malhar comes out and sees Kalyani standing with Rachit. Kalyani gets teary eyes, but wipes her tears and hugs Rachit. Rachit smiles. Malhar is shocked and hurt. He thinks I know you are helpless, but. Rachit says the truth came out finally that how much we love each other. Malhar is teary eyes. Rachit says I love you too. Malhar couldn’t bear anymore and goes out. Kalyani breaks her hug with Rachit, takes mobile from his hand and deletes the video. Rachit says he has many more videos and asks her to hug him again. Kalyani pinches him with hair pin. Rachit laughs. Kalyani goes out, thinks she can’t break Malhar’s heart.

She goes near Malhar, but he doesn’t see her. Ya Rabba plays….Kalyani cries badly. She thinks she can’t risk Billu’s life, thinks they have live with their broken hearts for their child. She runs inside. Malhar turns and looks on.Anupriya comes to Kalyani’s room and asks where did you go? Kalyani hugs her and cries. She says Rachit heard whatever I told you about Doctor’s talk. She says he blackmailed her and she has to hug him forcibly so that he don’t tell Malhar about the recording. She says she lost her hope. Anupriya says bappa is with us, he will make everything fine. She says today is Sankranti, bappa will take out some solution, Moksh will be fine and Sampada couldn’t snatch Malhar from you.

Aao Saheb comes there and asks Kalyani why she don’t want to make her dead father peaceful. She asks how can you get ready to stay with cunning man. Kalyani says you are upset as Rachit took your room and changed it. Aao Saheb is about to slap her, but stops her hand. She says she is objecting to her relation with him and tells that he is not right guy. Kalyani says she is grown up now and can take her life decisions. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to stop Kalyani from taking wrong decision and asks if she is with her. Anupriya says you know that Kalyani is stubborn, I don’t have any other way than to accept her decision. Aao Saheb says everyone has gone mad. Rachit comes there and greets Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb goes. Rachit comes there and tells that he brought chocolate and black forest cake for her.

She says he drove 14 kms to get the cake and asks her to remember how did they use to eat it hiding from Madhuri. Kalyani throws the things away. Rachit says you don’t have any other way than to accept me.Rachit asking Kalyani to give him a chance and says he will fill her life with happiness. Kalyani throws the things brought by him. Rachit says if you don’t like it then I will bring something else for you. Kalyani picks a chocolate and rubs on his face. She says you want to gift me. She says what gift you can give me, says you have given me pain. She asks him not to remind her of school days and says atleast let me love that friend.

Rachit asks her not to show smartness and says I got everyone blood test done, and there is only one to save Moksh, that is Malhar and Sampada’s child. He asks her to accept him. Anupriya says Kalyani is silent just for Moksh and says you can’t pull her towards you. She asks him not to think woman as weak and says don’t force a mother to take your life to save her daughter. Rachit says I am ready to give my life for Kalyani and will get her love surely. Anupriya says that day will never come. Rachit says that day will come, Kalyani will confess that she loves me very much in your presence.

Malhar and Sampada come to Madhav and touch his feet. Madhav asks what is she doing? Malhar says Sampada is your bahu and touching your feet. He says they have decided to give a chance to their marriage. Sarthak says this girl has left you and your 1 day old son. Sampada says I have realized my mistake and now I want to spend my life in Malhar and Moksh’s service. Malhar asks her not to give explanation. Aao Saheb asks Malhar to ask his year old son, if he will accept Sampada as his mother. Madhav blames Sampada and Kalyani for the happenings. Sarthak takes him.

Malhar asks Sampada to pack their bags as they are leaving Aurangabad and shifting to a village, tells that he got transfer letter today. Sampada asks how we can live in a village. Malhar says they will manage. Sampada thinks she can’t stay in village. He tells her that he has planned surprise for Sampada and asks her to get ready for evening. He thinks this is just the start, he will make her confess how Rachit and she are blackmailing Kalyani. Kalyani thinks since when Malhar started planning surprises for Sampada.

She comes to the workshop and sees the bed and the decorations. Malhar tells Kalyani that he will stay here with Sampada today. Kalyani says workers work here. Malhar says today is makar sankranti and reminds that today is off for them. He is about to put hammer on his hand while fixing the nail. Kalyani tries to stop him and puts her foot on his foot. They fall down on the bed together and the curtains on them. Sona Sona…mainu jogi hona plays…..They try to get the curtains off from them…Kalyani and Malhar have an eye lock….The song continues to play. They try to take off the curtain entangled to them.

Malhar takes it out and asks her what is she doing? He asks when you have decided to stay with Rachit, then why you are having problems with my closeness to Sampada. He asks if she is jealous as Rachit doesn’t do this for you. Rachit comes and asks who said. Kalyani says she will answer and tells that they don’t like to do tamasha like him. Malhar says you are thinking that you are doing wrong as your husband couldn’t do what I used to do for you. He says lets compete to know who is the better husband? Kalyani says no need. Rachit says done, I agree. Malhar tells that whoever wins, will get a chance to spend night on this bed.


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