My heart knows update Friday 18 March 2022

My heart knows 18 March 2022: The Episode starts with Atharv asking Kalyani if he shall keep blue and red lights in his room. Kalyani says it is not lighting and says Aao Saheb has brought cheap and china stuff. Atharv circles the lights around Kalyani and says you will look good when it is off. He goes to get the camera. Kalyani shouts Atharv and asks him to free her. Malhar comes there and asks what happened? Kalyani says Atharv tied her with the lights wire and went. Malhar says I will free you and he himself gets entangled in the lights wire. Just then the lights are switched on and the electricity is gone.

Kalyani feels drowsy. Malhar and Kalyani look at each other. Hasta hasta rehta hun song plays……..He looks at Kalyani in those lights. Malhar switches on the lights and switches off the mirchi lights. They free themselves. Malhar tells her that he won’t let her fall down and lifts her in his arms, as her boyfriend. He says Kaka told me that baba scolded you. kalyani asks him to drop her and tells that it is between sasur and bahu. She asks him not to ask Madhav and tells that she won’t let that lallu uncle marry her Aai. She asks him to agree to girlfriend’s talk and not to become her husband.

Asawari acts and beats Aahir for making fake marks sheets. Madhav scolds him. Malhar comes there. Asawari says he got the fake marks sheets. Aahir says even the address is wrong. Kalyani asks if not Solahpur then where you used to stay. Madhav scolds Kalyani and asks if she is doubtful on them. He asks her to check her ID card. Asawari tells Kalyani that they used to stay in Nasik and never went to Solahpur. Kalyani says the receipt address which also of Solahpur. Asawari gets angry and takes her to Swara’s room, asking her to check. Madhav tells Malhar if they have been here then they wouldn’t have get him married to such girl who don’t respect elders.

Asawari tells Kalyani that she can bear anything, but can’t bear if she doubts on her. Kalyani asks her to punish her, but don’t be upset with her. She says Swara might have stolen that saree from the workshop and then made a story. Madhav asks her to touch Asawari’s leg and apologize. Malhar says how can you ..Just then Kalyani sits down and touches Asawari and Madhav’s feet. Malhar asks Kalyani to come with them and tells that I don’t know why can’t they understand that you didn’t doubt them. He takes a stand for her and takes her from there.Madhav asks Aahir not to upload anything on social media and says nobody shall know that they were at Solahpur.

Asawari tells him that Sarthak is having the camera and Anupriya wants to confess to Police. Kalyani asks Anupriya to see the place where Rukhwat stuff will be kept. Anupriya asks her not to use her savings for the rasam. Kalyani says if I do this rasam without spending anything then tell me the truth. She says if you want your Rukhwat to happen with people’s blessings then tell me.Kalyani and Malhar are standing at Vada Pav’s shop. Kalyani sells Vada Pav for free and asks the people to give blessings to her Aai. Malhar gives the money to the vada pav cart owner. Kalyani gets her finger burnt. Malhar says I will do. Kalyani tells that they don’t have time as they have to get many blessings for her Aai, then she will tell the truth to her.

She says I will not let my Aai have compromised relation. She calls the people again and says you will get free vada pav, but you have to give blessings to my Aai. She records the video in the camera, while Malhar gives the Vada Pav for free. Kalyani says the video is mast and tells that she has collected many blessings. Two guys come there and ask her to make spicy vada pav like her. Kalyani says I am sweet but. She gives them Vada Pav. Malhar sees the guys staring at her. The guy asks her to be careful while cooking. Kalyani calls them Bhao and tells that she is careful. They ask for more. Kalyani gives more vada pav. Malhar gets angry and asks them to leave.

The guys tell him that he doesn’t know who they are? Malhar says he is ACP, this girl’s boyfriend. The guys run away. Kalyani asks Malhar to get habitual to such situation and says guys will scare me, you can’t help. Malhar says even I am 18 years and young guys don’t stop from beating such guys. He asks her to make him eat vada pav. Malhar says it is tasty and asks Kalyani if he shall take vada pav for Swara. Kalyani asks him to bring Swara there. Malhar goes to call her.Aao Saheb asks Anupriya if she is seeing how Kalyani getting blessings for her and says she is fulfilling her promise, but how you will tell the truth to her.

Aao Saheb telling Anupriya that Kalyani is fulfilling her promise, selling Vada pavs and getting blessings for you. She asks how you will fulfill your promise? Malhar brings Asawari and Swara there to have Vada Pav. The seller looks at Asawari and Anupriya and gets tensed. He asks Kalyani about them. Kalyani says she is her sasubai, nanand and Aai. She asks what happened? The owner asks her to meet him behind hanuman temple way and goes hiding his face. Malhar asks why did he run away? Kalyani is about to say, but then says that he has some important work to do. Asawari asks Kalyani about Anupriya’s rukhwat. Kalyani says she is preparing for it only.

Later Kalyani tells Malhar that she made all the arrangements of Rukhwat like Aai wanted. Malhar says she has become a wiser wife and saving money. Kalyani says she is also a good daughter and got people’s blessings for her Aai, which can’t be bought with the money. She plays the video in which the people are blessing her. Kalyani says there are 32 more videos and asks Anupriya to fulfill her promise. Adinath asks her to show the remaining videos and appreciates her wonderful idea. Sarthak looks sadly at Anupriya. Aao Saheb is sad too. Adinath says this must be biggest gift of Anupriya’s life. Kalyani asks her to tell the truth. Anupriya says Adinath is a good man and I am doing this marriage with my wish.

Aao Saheb takes a sigh of relief. Sarthak goes from there hiding his pain behind his smile. Anupriya says I hope nobody asks me this again. Kalyani gets upset with her. Sarthak comes to his room and drinks wine thinking about Anupriya. He cries badly and thinks whatever happening is right, why am I feeling bad. He thinks Adinath is better than me, but why am I feeling pain. Asawari and Aahir looks at him through the window. Sarthak says Anupriya deserves happiness, I am not suitable for her. He recalls intimate moment of two people. Aahir says if Maayi goes and confess to Police, then we can’t hide 26th july secret.Kalyani comes to Anupriya and says we will not talk about marriage for an hour. She says we will feed food to each other.

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