Mismatched update Thursday 16 December 2021

Mismatched 16 December 2021: The Episode starts with Ahir and Anokhi also asking Shaurya to sing. Shaurya agrees to sing. He sings Pal pal dil ke paas… Anokhi smiles. Shaurya gets stuck in the lyrics. He says lyrics aren’t there. Kanchan says I can’t sing, I don’t know the lyrics. Anokhi sings to complete the song. Devi asks everyone to come for holika dahan. Shaurya says you have saved me from this situation, I didn’t imagine you will sing so well. Anokhi smiles and runs. She collides with Ahir. Shaurya gets angry seeing Ahir. Ahir asks Anokhi to do the puja. They do the dahan puja. Devi thinks Anokhi will be so shocked tomorrow.

Shaurya and Anokhi make a prayer that their feelings turn true for each other. He prays that he just sees Anokhi when he opens eyes. He opens eyes and sees Ahir. Ahir says I will drop you. Anokhi says no, I will go myself. Shaurya says I will drop her, you may come. Ahir and Shaurya start arguing. Anokhi says I will go with my friends, don’t argue, thanks for thinking for me. She goes. Ahir gets leaving. Shaurya gets angry. He says I had prepared myself to talk to Anokhi, this ACP came in between, he always comes anywhere. He takes his car back and hits Ahir’s car. Ahir asks what did you do, tell me.

Shaurya says don’t waste my time, I will ask driver to repair your car, its a honest mistake, will you arrest me for this. Ahir gets handcuffs from the car. He says you have damaged my car, you are under arrest, now show your anger in jail, come.Shaurya asks how can you do this. Ahir drags him and puts him in the lockup. Shaurya says this isn’t right, you will lose the job. Ahir gets angry on him. He asks who are you, a minister or celebrity, we are given mental training to deal with people like you. Shaurya says you will lose the job. They argue.

Ahir asks the constable not to file any case, Shaurya didn’t do this intentionally, he can say sorry and go soon. Shaurya says I won’t apologize. Ahir asks staff to go home for holi. Ahir says accept your mistake and leave. Shaurya says I can’t control seeing your actions. Ahir asks why do you get angry seeing me, tell me, what’s the reason, Anokhi is the reason, right, you like Anokhi, when you see her with me, you get angry. Shaurya asks what’s your issue. Ahir asks what’s your issue, is she your GF, did she propose you, are you waiting for her to say anything, she doesn’t like your behavior, will she get happy knowing this. Shaurya asks did she tell you. Ahir asks can’t I see anything, we are here because of your anger, I had bought Anokhi’s fav color kurta, I wanted to play holi with her. Shaurya asks what do you mean by that.

Ahir says same thing, I like her. Shaurya throws the glass and says don’t say that again, don’t come in my way. Ahir says you have no control on your anger, will you control my emotions. Shaurya says stay out of my way. Ahir asks why, try to win her heart, don’t scare me. Shaurya says Anokhi isn’t a game, its not a race. Ahir says its not a game for me also, you solve your problem, I will solve mine. Shaurya says don’t be seen around her. Ahir says its not possible, unless Anokhi tells this, it will be fair, it will be her decision, whom she chooses, you or me, think with whom you want to celebrate holi, maybe you don’t want to celebrate with Anokhi. Anokhi thinks of Shaurya. She imagines him.

LHe says yes, Anokhi I love you. He applies colours to her face. She smiles. Shaurya says its Anokhi and my first holi, I can’t miss it. He thinks of her. Anokhi says Shaurya and my holi will be special.someone clicking Anokhi’s pics. She waits for Shaurya. Babli also manages arrangements with Anokhi. She says I had told Vineet’s mum and came early. Everyone enjoys the holi. Anokhi dances. Balam pichkari…plays… Babli meets Vicky. He says our matter is set, I was talking about console, playlist is rocking. Babli says we will serve the food when guests come. Anokhi says you have done amazing work. Vicky says there are many people who like these decorations, just agree for this job, I will give your name forward.

Babli says fine, but I should get good money. He says you keep all the money, happy holi. He applies holi colours to her. She also applies holi to his face. He gets emotional. Saberwals come in the holi party. Anokhi says where is PS. She makes excuses to Babli. She says I will play holi later, after the pics with community. She applies colours to Babli and says always keep smiling. Alok clicks Anokhi’s pic. Devi says you know what to do. He asks her not to worry. Gayatri says Shaurya isn’t here, he left early, where is he. Devi says I also went to his room, he wasn’t there. Shagun gets ready. Anokhi says Shaurya should have been here. Kanchan sees Anokhi and teases her.

Anokhi says I m also looking for Shaurya, I wanted to ask the same, why didn’t he come. Kanchan says he left early to meet you and everyone, decorations are really good, Shaurya would be happy to see this. Anokhi says you can call him. Kanchan asks why, its a college event, you are the event head, I think you should call him. Anokhi thinks please don’t do this, come soon PS. She calls Shaurya. Shaurya says give my phone back. Ahir answers call. Anokhi says I have called Shaurya, how did you get his phone. Ahir says he is with me. She asks is everything fine. Ahir says yes, he is in lockup, you have to celebrate holi without him, even I can’t come, I m guarding him. He says we can save her holi from getting spoilt, apologize and go.

Shaurya says no ways. Devi says you know Shaurya likes gujiyas. Tej applies holi to her and wishes. He asks her to enjoy. She says it will be a special holi. Anokhi comes to police station and asks where is Shaurya. She sees Shaurya. She ask what did he do. Ahir says he tells anything to anyone in anger. She asks what happened, everything was fine till night. Ahir says yes, but he crashed my car. She says this can’t happen, he can’t do this intentionally, I know him. He says he didn’t apologize and fought me, so sorry for trouble.

Anokhi says everyone is waiting for him. Ahir says I can leave him if you want. She says I don’t want any favor, if he made a mistake, then he should realize. Ahir says I also told the same. She goes to argue with Shaurya. She asks what’s the use to make a little thing a big issue. He says Ahir is making it an issue. She say everyone is waiting for you, you should have come, I had arranged everything in details just to make you happy, you are sitting here with your best friend. He says I m not happy to be here. She says Ahir would have given you an option. Shaurya says he gave me an option and asked me to say sorry, will it please his ego, he could have taken car insurance. She says fine, don’t say sorry, even if anyone waits for you, you sit here, you value your ego more than anyone.

Ahir looks on. Her dress gets stuck in the bar. She frees her dress. Shaurya helps her. She says you are missing from the holi event when you should have enjoyed there, you don’t care for your family, staff, students and me. She leaves. She goes back to the college. She sees a decoration pillar falling. Shaurya comes and helps her. Shagun comes and sees them.

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