Mismatched update Saturday 18 December 2021


Mismatched 18 December 2021: The Episode starts with Shagun saying I have left my career for you, you are the love of my life. He says I can’t do anything, I have feelings for somebody else. She says you are lying to me and yourself, this can’t happen, you can’t move on so soon, don’t punish me for my mistake. She cries. He says calm down, sit, what are you doing, will you give up your studies so easily, for what, life is bigger than this, make new friends, get back a life in UK, maybe you find someone better than me. She says its not easy. He says its not tough.

She says I know you can hide your feelings because of your ego. He says whatever happened was wrong, I know I had overreacted, you are overreacting now, don’t make it a big deal, many people have their engagements broken, people talk as friends after breakup, their choices are fair. She says you didn’t say anything.He says but I m saying now, I mean it, I m really sorry, I don’t want to ruin your future, if you want to stay here and study, that’s okay, decision will be yours, I won’t judge you, if you stay here, we can stay as good colleagues, that’s it, I know you are so talented, you are so wonderful, you want to let it go, you may benefit the students, if you don’t want to stay, that’s your choice. She says I don’t want to know this, you are the love of my life, we can start fresh.

He says I got your answer, listen to me. She says try to understand. Anokhi comes in and sees them holding hands. Shagun says thank you so much. Shaurya says pleasure is all mine, you will get everything on the front desk. Anokhi says sorry, I didn’t knock, I will come late. Shaurya introduces Shagun, new economics teacher. Anokhi greets her. Shagun says see you later Shaurya. He says you can call me Mr. Saberwal. Shagun goes. Anokhi asks what were you saying. He asks what papers are these. She says budget list of the fest. He says I will talk in the accounts dept, go, I m little busy. She leaves. She says what happened to him, why is he talking to me like this, maybe because he didn’t win the challenge. Anokhi stops Shagun and gives her bangle.

She says I have seen you somewhere. Shaurya looks at them. He calls them out and asks what is the imp discussion, can I help you with something. Anokhi says its nothing imp, I came to return this. Shaurya says students are waiting for us, shall we. He goes.He introduces Shagun to the students. Reema thinks Shagun is Shaurya’s ex-fiancee. Shagun addresses the students. Reema goes to call Anokhi. He asks her to wait. Anokhi and Shaurya see each other and smile. Shagun says I had studied in SIAC before teaching here, you can come to me if you need help about the fest, I will always be there. Shaurya says I m sure that Shagun will not disappoint you, thanks.

Bebo asks did Shagun come back, that too as a professor, that’s quite a news, does Shaurya know this. Kitty says yes, he introduced her. Gayatri hears this. Babli gets Vineet’s message. She thinks what to do, I have to go home. She says I have to go home, Vineet and mummy ji are coming, I will do work tomorrow. She leaves. Gayatri and Kanchan talk about Shagun, why did she come back. Gayatri says maybe Shagun has feelings for Shaurya. Kanchan says maybe, else why would anyone come back leaving studies and career, Shaurya likes Anokhi, I know it. Devi calls her out. Babli tries to get any rickshaw. Ahir passes by. He stops and says you are Anokhi’s sister, right, come, I will drop you home, I know what can happen there.

She sits in the car. He takes her. Anokhi stands on the ladder to fix the banner. Shagun thinks she may fall down, shall I send someone. Anokhi falls. Shaurya holds her. Anokhi smiles. He says sorry, my mood was off. He takes her aside. Shagun looks on. He says I want to ask you something, our match was incomplete. She says you left from the match. He says you could have called me. She asks how would that help, we could not apply colours to each other. He says lets apply colours tonight on dinner. She asks to discuss budget. He says no, date. She asks date. He asks why, you don’t want to go. She says I want to go, but, I never went on a date, I don’t know how… He says its simple, come for dinner, order the fav dish, difference is, I will not feed you protein bar this time, the soup can be better than Ahir’s restaurant soup.

She asks him to decide where to go. He says okay, I promise you, Ahir won’t trouble us this time, see you. He goes.Shaurya saying what shall I wear, formals or casuals. Anokhi asks what shall I wear, I have nothing, see who invited me for dinner, is this a date, its my first date. Shaurya thinks what would she wear on our first date, no idea, else I would have matched. She checks footwear and says it will look strange if I wear heels, shall I wear shoes, no, what shall I wear. They both fall in a dilemma. Jo tera hovega…plays…. Reema comes there. Kanchan and Gayatri see Devi. Devi says you worry for everyone’s marriage, except your own marriage, you may end your relation with Saberwal family, be careful, if I hear that you are filling nonsense in Shaurya’s mind, then we will go to drop you to your Maayka, this time permanently.

Ahir asks did you come to meet Anokhi. Babli says yes. He says I have to see this fest now. She says I m just helping her. Ahir says I wish Shaurya knows her hardwork, he always troubles her. She says you worry for Anokhi a lot. He says we are good friends. She says Shaurya is also a good friend now, this friendship can change into a relation if tried well. She asks him to stop the car. He says I understand, your house is still away, I m not just Anokhi’s friend, but every girl’s friend who wants support, don’t worry, I m here. She thanks him and says I will call you if needed. Anokhi asks Reema to help her. She says I m going on a date with Shaurya. Reema laughs and dances.

She asks where are you going. Anokhi says I don’t know, wherever he takes me. She asks Reema to help her. Reema says I m sure he likes western, I have seen Shagun wearing western.Anokhi asks how is that related to her. Kanchan asks what did I do. Gayatri says Shagun has come back, she is teaching in our college. Devi says I thought she left from our lives forever. Tej asks about their meeting. Reema says Anokhi, I had to tell you something, Shaurya was engaged to Shagun, she was his fiancee, I didn’t get time to say this. Anokhi is shocked. Devi says Kanchan and Gayatri are worried that Shagun joined the college. Tej scolds them. Gayatri says we were worried for Shaurya.

Devi says I m there for that. Tej says we worry more for him, we asked Shaurya before appointing Shagun, he had no problem. Devi says girls don’t affect his decision, be it any girl. She goes. Reema says the entire world knows about their breakup, Shagun left him and went to UK, Shaurya didn’t go after her, I don’t think there is anything between them, don’t worry. Anokhi says I m worried. Reema says you are scared of Shagun. Anokhi says shut up. Reema asks her to get ready.

Shaurya comes to the restaurant. He says I m behaving like a teenager, so I came before time, what shall I do now, I will find a nice table. Anokhi gets ready. Reema says I m jealous of Shaurya, come on date with me. Anokhi laughs. She says I got so late. Reema jokes. She asks Anokhi to go. Shaurya says I should have picked up Anokhi from the hostel, I thought it will get awkward. Shaurya thinks to call her. Anokhi smiles and goes. Kitty and others talk about Shaurya and Shagun. Kitty says I know Shaurya didn’t move on, he loves Shagun and wants to marry her. Anokhi gets shocked.

Kitty says when Devi asked her about his life partner, he described Shagun, so its clear, she has come for Shaurya, they love each other. She cries and runs. Ya rabba…plays….



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