Mismatched update Monday 13 December 2021


Mismatched 13 December 2021: The Episode starts with Shaurya gives a yellow rose to Anokhi. He makes excuses. He says a girl gave this to me, I took it from her, you liked it right. She says no one knows what you think and what you don’t think, what happened to you today, how did you talk to Ahir at the restaurant. Shaurya asks why does he come after you, what happens to you, you also go after him, I don’t like him, I get angry seeing him. He says you didn’t think of the people there. He says I got flowers for the brilliant team, people have sentiments, you didn’t come.

She says I asked you about it, you didn’t tell me anything, I would have come for lunch if you told me so, but you kept ignoring me. He asks how can I ignore you. She says I thought you didn’t want me to come for lunch, who knows your mood would spoil seeing me, I will not think about you from now, you do anything, get upset, you go on wrong way, I will go on my way, I went to the same restaurant by mistake, I had to thank Ahir for returning my stuff. He says I don’t like him, I think you should stay away from him. She asks what are you trying to say. He says don’t get me wrong. She says I don’t want to talk to you. She calls Babli.

Anmol meets Bebo and asks her to meet him. She says we both are not ready for commitment. He says I will give you time if you want. Gayatri says Devi went to meet someone. Devi gets sweets. Gayatri asks is there any celebration today. Devi says we can celebrate if we are happy. Gayatri asks did you choose a girl for Shaurya. Devi says I don’t know if it will happen, have patience, I will tell you when time comes. Anokhi calls Aastha and says I m become fest head, my idea is selected for the fest. Aastha says your institute and family would be proud of you, how is Shaurya. Anokhi says he is still the same. Anokhi asks will you come in the fest. Aastha asks did Shaan say that to you. Anokhi says no, please come.

Aastha says I can’t come, someone has come at the door, I will talk to you later. Anokhi comes to her hostel room. She gets Babli’s call. She says I have become fest head, you need to guide me. Babli says I will guide, but not today. Anokhi says fine, but call me soon. Babli sees a job interview ad. Vineet’s mum comes and asks whom were you talking. Babli says bank call, I have to go to market. Vineet’s mum asks her to go and come fast. Babli asks shall I get icecream for you. Vineet’s mum says fine, go and come fast.

Anokhi asks students to listen to her. Anmol asks Bebo to meet her at midnight. They chat. Shaurya looks on. Anokhi acts and doesn’t talk in normal tone. The students ask her to talk normal and insult her. Anokhi says thank God, you have paid attention. She says you have to go and get your name registered today itself, a teacher will be appointed in every committee. The students go for registration. Shaurya comes. He says good, I saw how you handled the situation, very nice, innovative, students should learn from you. She thinks how does he mood change so soon. Reema says we should call choreographers to teach dance to students. Shaurya asks does anyone want help about notes.

Anokhi says no, I m enough, my elder sister is the best in these things, she organized many such fests in her college. She goes.Anokhi saying why am I thinking of Shaurya. She says I should concentrate on studies. Shaurya calls her. Anokhi says I shall say sorry to him, Ahir told him a lot today. She sees his call. She says why did he call me, what shall I talk, did he get to know that I was thinking to call him, is he thinking the same. She doesn’t answer the calls. He says what’s wrong with her, I will message her. She checks his message, please talk. He gets angry and says she is ignoring me, what’s wrong with me, why am I angry now.

Devi asks where are you. Shaurya says I came for some work, I will come. She says don’t get late. He thinks to try again. He says no use to call her now. Anokhi says I should call him once, no… It starts raining. Shaurya gets shocked seeing Shagun in front of his car. He looks for her. Shagun goes. Anokhi calls him. He goes back to his car. His car breaks down. He gets more angry. Anokhi calls Babli and says why is it raining today. Babli says raining has surprised. Anokhi says if something comes uninvited, it troubles us. Babli says it depends on our thinking, I gave three interviews today, I got rejected that I didn’t complete my studies, I was angry on myself. Anokhi says dad made you leave studies, don’t worry. Babli says I should accept defeat.

Anokhi says talk to Vicky, he will help you, we need a DJ in college fest, talk to him. Babli says fine, I will call him tomorrow. Vineet comes and gets angry. Babli disconnects. Anokhi says I will talk to her tomorrow. Vineet scolds Babli. She lies to him. He asks her to serve the food. She says I didn’t prepare mutton dish today. He gets angry. She says I didn’t get fresh mutton today, you can call and ask at the shop. He says you spoiled my mood. She says I have prepared your fav paneer makhani, I will make laccha paratha for you. He goes.

Shagun says we would set up a proper meeting with him. Devi says no, I know him well, he won’t talk about this openly. Shagun says this way, I m also… Devi asks what’s troubling you. Shagun says my old memories got fresh. Devi says we want you and Shaurya to realize feelings for each other, did he see you. Shagun says yes, he was shocked and got down the car to see me. Anokhi says who has come at this time, maybe Reema. She opens the door. Shaurya gets in and says shut the door. She gets shocked.

He starts scolding her. He says I had to enter the girls hostel at night like a thief, why did you not answer my call, if anyone sees me, then it will be your mistake, you forced me to come here, you left me with no choice. She asks how did you come, didn’t anyone stop you. He sneezes. She says sneeze aloud, everyone will know about you. He says I think I will catch cold. She says just go away from here before anyone knows. Shagun says I m not doing fair to him, I wanted to talk. Devi says you are there in his mind. Shagun says yes, but he could have called me and asked when did I come. Devi says he doesn’t show his feelings, he is like this since childhood, we have to make him admit. Shagun says I m not sure.

Devi says I m sure, I m elder in anger and experience, have some patience, you will be happy all life, ask why, because Shaurya will be yours. Shagun says I hope so. Devi says of course.Shaurya says I won’t go without doing my work. Aaya tere dar par….plays… He sneezes. She says I will get a towel for you. She helps him dry his hair. They have an eyelock.

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