Mismatched update Friday 3 December 2021


Mismatched 3 December 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi saying sorry, I have called Ahir. Babli asks her not to do this. Anokhi says you have no respect here, come with me, that’s it. Babli asks where will you take me. Anokhi says I can’t let you stay here, we will stay anywhere. Babli asks her to focus on her career. Anokhi asks what about your life. Babli says I m not qualified or brave like you. Ahir comes. Vineet taunts her. Anokhi says he is my Jiju. Ahir asks why did you call, is everything fine. Babli signs no to her. Anokhi says an imp issue had come, now its over. Ahir asks did you cover it up. Anokhi says yes. He says I can help. She says I will inform you if there is some problem.

He argues with Vineet. He asks where is your sister. Vineet says she doesn’t meet everyone, both sisters’ nature is different. He goes. Ahir asks Anokhi to take rest. Shaurya comes and sees them together. Ahir sees him. Anokhi thanks Ahir. Ahir leaves. Shaurya asks how are you feeling, did you get the tests done. Anokhi says you will be happy to know that I m fine or not, you have no interest in hearing others, you leave mid way. He says you always insult others. They argue.

He asks are you going to college in this state. She says I m going to meet Aastha, I respect her. He says take care and goes. Vineet gets Anokhi’s bag and asks her to leave, else he will call police. She says next time, I will take my sister along. Babli cries seeing her. Anokhi runs to hug her. She asks her to handle her life, she has to change her life. She says I will take you from here. She asks Babli to take care. She leaves.Aastha and Anokhi settle in the flat. Aastha asks why do you look worried, does your family has a problem with your stay here. Anokhi says no, you have to take medicines, I will go to college today. Aastha asks her to go to college once she gets fine. Anokhi says I will make tea.

Aastha says go and sit there, I will make tea. They have a laugh. Shaurya comes there to meet Aastha. Maai ….plays… He apologizes to her. He says we make little issues big and have hopes, its imp to clear it. Aastha says I didn’t understand. He says I will explain, don’t have assumptions, I will make it very clear, I m not your son, I m sorry how I spoke to you, nothing will change, there is a story behind those words, our story can’t have a happy ending. Aastha cries. Shaurya says you think you are right, dad thinks he is right, he supports only you, who am I in this story, no one cared for me, its okay. Anokhi taunts him. She says I can’t change my perception about you.

He says I really don’t care, keep your thoughts to yourself, I have to go. Aastha stops him. She thanks him. She says my son has asked me something for the first time, I forgive you, thanks. Shaurya asks Anokhi not to drag everything. He says no need to come to college until you get fine, she won’t have any problem of attendance or notes, there will be some peace in the college. Anokhi says I will come to college regularly from tomorrow. He leaves.

Tej asks why didn’t Shaurya come, I have to talk to him about the new college. Alok asks him to tell him. Tej says Shaurya will handle this. Alok asks why, you need an experienced man like me, Shaurya has a lot of things happening here. Tej says I thought of this to make him away from Aastha and Anokhi. Alok says Aastha will go back, I think Anokhi won’t stay for long. Shaurya comes and says you called me, sorry, my phone was on silent. Tej says you find a good professor in your place, you will be managing the new branch of our college. Shaurya thinks. Tej asks what is the matter, no thanks or smile.

Shaurya says thanks. Alok asks what’s on your mind, tell me. He thinks say you aren’t interested in going there. He says you can refuse if you want. Shaurya says no, this expansion was my idea, I also want SIAC’s name to reach heights, its my dream project. Tej says I will go for my meeting, study this file and get to work, this new branch will double our business and fame, good luck. They leave. Shaurya thinks I have worked a lot for this new project, why don’t I like going there, what is stopping me here. He recalls Anokhi.


Anokhi asking Aastha why do you hear bitter words from Shaurya. Aastha says at least he is talking to me. She says I have to go to back for my responsibilities. Anokhi says no, I want to be with you. Aastha says you have to try and understand Shaurya, you are a bright student, you are Shaurya’s student now. Anokhi nods. Devi stops Shaan. Shaan says I m tired, good night. She asks him to sign the papers and end the matter. He asks what’s the hurry, wait for two days. She asks why, is there a good mahurat. He gets Aastha’s call.

He says I got an imp call, don’t worry, I will do the needful. He goes to answer the call. He asks how are you. She says you seem worried, is everything fine. He says no one would care what I do with my flat. She says Shaurya came to say sorry, why, didn’t he tell you. Shaan says no, I didn’t meet him, I was with Alok, I will call you later. She asks what’s the matter. He says nothing, I will call you back. He disconnects. Anokhi asks are you fine. Aastha says yes. Shaan says Shaurya would have told this at home, so Devi gave the divorce papers. He sits worried. Shaurya comes.

He asks where were you. Shaan says I wasn’t there what you are thinking. Shaurya says yes, I know. Shaan asks what did you say Aastha. Shaurya says maybe you were busy and didn’t get detail report. Shaan asks him to talk straight. Shaurya says fine, I hope you are not shifting there. They argue. Shaan says no one has real concern for relations here. Shaurya says you decided to divorce Aastha, its high time, she looked comfortable at your flat, she can get hopes from your misleading actions, everyone needs clarity, she doesn’t know that you are divorcing her. Shaan scolds him.

Its morning, some goons follow Anokhi. Ahir comes and helps her. She says I was late for college and took a short cut. He says you took a risk, I will drop you, come. He asks about Babli. She says she is fine. He asks about Aastha. She says she is also doing fine, Shaan wants me to stay with her for few days, he cares for her. He says they have love between them even when they are away, unlike Babli and Vineet, I will send a warning to Vineet. Anokhi says yes, I will tell Babli to fight for herself. He asks can I drop you now. She says yes. They smile. She thanks him.

Shaurya sees them, talking and smiling. He breaks the signal and goes.Ahir says don’t know why are people in hurry. Anokhi says don’t know what’s their emergency. Shaurya speaks to the traffic police. He pays the challan. He thinks the day started bad. Anokhi’s friends praise her bravery. Shaurya comes and says sorry, I got late. The student jokes on him. He says our syllabus didn’t end, I m resigning as a lecturer, its our last class. Bebo and Kitty ask him what happened. He says its management’s decision, I m going to SIAC Patiala, a new teacher will join soon.

They ask who is it. Shaurya says I don’t know, don’t trouble the new teacher. He sees Anokhi.The students get upset that Shaurya is leaving. Anokhi hears the students. Kitty and Bebo get angry on her. Reema asks Anokhi about the riots. Anokhi tells everything. She gives the credit to Ahir for saving her. Shaurya looks on and goes. Anokhi goes to him and asks are you leaving the college because of me. He asks since when did you get so imp. She asks why are you leaving, the students want you here. He scolds her and says you don’t know me. She says I know you, you hide your emotions well.

He says what will happen if I show my emotions, you don’t understand anything, I m glad to leave, go and talk to those great people around you, not me. He goes.

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