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Vicky says what if are not able to track Mahek? she will be kidnapped too, Digvijay says let me call police, they leave. Nikki was standing behind them and heard their talk about Mahek being in bunk of kidnapper’s car. Ajay comes there and asks whom are you are romancing alone here? Nikki glares at him.

Nikki calls her goon and asks him to trace a number she is sending. Ajay says whose number are we tracking? she says just come with me.

Kanta says to Vicky that you are trying to say Mahek hid in kidnapper’s car and left with them, she got herself kidnapped to find Shaurya? and you didnt stop her? she gets tensed and says God give this girl brains. Jeevan says Mahek is not senses these days but we sent you so you can use your brain. Ravi says I dont understand what games you kids are playing, first Shaurya died then he was kidnapped and now Mahek left in kidnapper’s car?

why didnt you stop her? instead you came here and increasing our blood pressure by telling this, you are telling like she has something to make us proud. Kanta says you people are acting like kids. Vicky says I am sorry, before I could stop her, she left. Vicky says Digvijay has said.. Jeevan says to hell with Digvijay, he has brought all this on our kids to solve this case, he doesnt even have his kids to know the pain. Balwant says Kanta and Jeevan enough, let him talk.Vicky says Digvijay is tracing Mahek’s phone, we will find them, Kanta says who is this new enemy? what this man wants from us? Vicky says not a man but woman, we know that atleast.

Inspector searches nearby areas of court. Digvijay is there and searches for Mahek. Inspector finds Mahek’s phone, Divijay says Mahek was here. Nikki says to Ajay that lets find Mahek and end this fake M Khanna’s chapter.

Svetlana parks car outside her home. She down from car and doesnt know that Mahek is hiding in her bunk. Mahek opens bunk lid. Goons bring Shaurya’s body out of house, Mahek is distraught to see it. Svetlana is walking to house, she slips and falls down, she winces in pain and turns to tend her sprained foot, Mahek sees her face and is shocked to see that Svetlana is the kidnapper. Mahek thinks Svetlana was behind all this?

Kanta and Jeevan comes to Digvijay and says where is Mahek? you got her kidnapped too. Digvijay says I didnt ask her to do all that but she sat in kidnapper’s car and went with that person. Kanta says you said you are tracking her, you dont know how much Mahek loves Shaurya, she can put her life in danger for Shaurya.

Ravi says please tell us if we can help you, we cant sit at home and we cant look in Karona’s eyes. Inspector comes there and says we got to know there is some activity happening in a house nearby and there is a car parked inside too.

Goons lift Shaurya’s body and put him car, Mahek is hiding in bunk of it. Mahek thinks that I have to do something otherwise they will take my Shaurya away. Svetlana comes there with box, she asks goons to pack Shaurya in this box and deliver it to her goon who will take him to Nepal.

Goon is about to put box in trunk but Svetlana says there is important stuff there, put box in backseat, take these parcels with care to the destination and call me if something happens. Goons sit in car, Shaurya is lying in backseat, Mahek is in trunk, goon drives away.

Goon stops car at a dhabba at night. Mahek looks out from trunk. One goon says to other that we should eat something here, that Shaurya is unconscious in car, he will wake up in Nepal only, they go to eat. Mahek stealthily comes out of car. She keeps an eye on goons.

Mahek looks inside backseat and sees Shaurya lying unconscious, piya re piya plays. Mahek knocks on window and cries seeing him tied, she calls out to him but he is unconscious. Inside dhabba, goon orders wine for his group. Mahek looks at frontseat of car, she sees window open, she tries to unlock the door, she keeps trying and unlocks it.

Mahek opens backdoor and takes off veil from Shaurya’s head, she sits beside him and hugs him crying and weeping, oo re piya plays. Mahek whispers I love you.Inside dhabba, one goon says I left my phone in car, other goon says that if madam calls then we are gone if you dont pick up on time so bring it, goon goes to car.

In car, Mahek asks Shaurya to wake up, she says see I am here. She finds water bottle and sprinkles water on his face but he doesnt budge. She says how to take him away from here? Mahek drags Shaurya out of car. Goon is coming near car, he says how door is open? he takes out his knife and starts coming near car. Mahek is trying to pull shaurya out of car before he can reach her. She sees him approaching car and thinks if he catches me then everything will be finished.

Kanta, Digvijay and family comes to site where Shaurya and Mahek was. They ask tea seller if he saw something? Seller says I dont remember much, Kanta says you must have seen something, goons or anything. Seller shows him a picture of a goon and says this was one of them.

Goon comes to car, Mahek hides before he can see her. goon sees shaurya lying half outside car, he says this guy keep trying to run even when fainted, he gives her another dose to keep him unconscious.

Nikki and Ajay spies on Digvijay and inspector. Nikki sees seller showing goon’s picture, Digvijay asks inspector to find this man. Nikki says seems like they caught something big, Ajay says if you didnt stop me two times on the way for washroom then we would have known what was going on, she glares at him. Digvijay calls his assistant and says great work, we get stay on Shaurya’s property case then that will be in our favor, try to find out who M Khanna filed the claim. All hear it and look on.

Digvijay talks to someone on call. He comes to Sharma family and says there is one good news, I found Mrs. Khanna’s photo, he shows them a photo.

Goon gives dose to Shaurya to make him more unconscious, he says I should put him in the trunk. Mahek hides and sees all this.

At Dhabba, Mahek sees goon coming near car in which Shaurya is. She hides before goon can see her. Mahek sees dancers’ dressing room and runs to it. Goon turns to leave but hears Mahek’s noise.

Digvijay shows kidnapper’s blur photo to Sharma family, he says my assistant took it in crowdy area. Kanta says she seems familiar. Ajay and Nikki are hiding behind bushes and tries to recognize face of kidnapper too. Ravi sees photo and says she seems related to Shaurya’s family.

Mahek comes to dressing room of dancers, she pleads them to help her, she is in trouble, Head dancer says no we cant take risk for anyone. Goon comes outside room and ask dancers to open door.. dancer hides Mahek and opens door, Goon says I heard some girl’s scream from here, dancer says there are only dancers here, leave now, he leaves.

Dancer asks Mahek whats her matter? Mahek tells her how goons kidnapped her husband, she says my husband is unconscious in their car, I have to take him but cant alert goons. Dancer says what if we get car keys from goons? she smirks.
Dancers come to goons, one dancer offers wine to goons, goons start drinking. Head dancer and Mahek sees it from far, dancer says soon they will be drunk out of mind and we will get car keys. All dancers keep making goons drink more and more. They tell plan to each other in whisper. Goon asks to play music. Dancers start playing music. Goons are dancing. Inspector’s man comes there, he sees goons there, he calls Inspector and says they seem like same goons whose photot you have sent.

Digvijay is with Jeevan, Kanta and Ravi in car, Kanta asks him to drive faster, Digvijay says dont worry, we will reach there. Ajay and Nikki are following them on bike, Nikki says keep following their car, we will be able to reach kidnapper and get to save our property by following them.

Mahek comes out to dressing room dressed as dancer. She sees goons dancing and drunk. She comes there, she cuts one goon’s pocket and grabs car key from it, he is too busy in dancing to notice. Mahek keeps veil on her face, she hides keys under foot. She looks at head dancer and shows her that she got the key.

Mahek silently leaves from there. Mahek comes to parking lot, she opens trunk of car, Shaurya is tied inside, she opens his ties. Dancers leave dhabba too. Mahek brings Shaurya out of car, she makes him sit on the side and says please wake up, see I have come, we have to leave, please wake up. Inside dhabba, goon says all dancers left, we should leave too. He asks goon to give car keys but goon sees his pocket cut, other goon says someone robbed your pocket, lets go to car. Goons start coming towards car. Mahek is hiding behind car with Shaurya, she begs Shaurya to wake up, she says we have to leave please wake up, Shaurya is still unconscious.

Mahek punctures car’s tyre so goons cant leave. She pleads Shaurya to wake up, she says see I am here. Shaurya wakes up and murmurs Mahek? Mahek cries and touches her forehead with his, she says very good, now we have to leave from here, lets get up and try. Mahek supports Shaurya, they both get up. Mahek brings Shaurya to her scooty, she makes him sit behind her and drives away from there.

Goons come to their car and sees Shaurya gone from there, goon says car is punctured too.Svetlana calls goon, Goon says Shaurya is gone, Svetlana says you fool, one girl took whole man from you and you couldnt do anything? Goon says we will find Shaurya. Svetlana says remember that Mahek cant get away with Shaurya. Goon sees Tempo there, they rob Tempo and starts following Mahek in Tempo.

Inspector’s man calls inspector from Dhabba, he says goons left in some Tempo, he gives Tempo’s number, he says some girl took some unconscious man on my scooty too, inspector ends call. He calls Digvijay and says Mahek has runaway with Shaurya on scooty, goons are following her too. Digvijay says okay. Kanta asks Vicky to drive faster, they have to reach Mahek.

Mahek is riding scooty with Shaurya unconscious sitting behind her. Mahek says please Shaurya you have to wake up, police and family are searching for us. Mahek sees goons following her in temppo, she says they are near us, if Shaurya was fine then I wouldnt worry but Shaurya you have to wake up. Goons come infront of Mahek’s scooty, she stops and gets scared seeing them.

Mahek hugs Shaurya closely. Mahek says dont do anything, my husband wouldnt leave you. Goon says its good you came here to save your husband, we will kill you, we will not kill Shaurya but we will cut his arms and legs and will finish you. One goon is about to attack Mahek but Shaurya wakes up and holds his stick, he says dont you dare. Shaurya starts beating goons. Shaurya says dare you touch my Mahek and you will see your hands last time, he beats all goons.

Mahek says we should leave Shaurya, she tends to Shaurya but Svetlana comes there and says how far can you both run? she points gun at them and says you lover will get free today. She says to Mahek that you want to see your useless husband alive then come with me, she points gun at Shaurya. Mahek says please dont do anything to Shaurya. Shaurya says no Mahek! he is weak and cant stand straight.

Svetlana says Shaurya you cant even stand properly and still want to protect your love. Svetlana points gun at Mahek’s head and says to Shaurya that you want to keep her safe then give whole property to me, name your property to me right now! Shaurya says how can I? Svetlana says I dont know, if you dont then I wont spare your Mahek. Shaurya says if you try to hurt my Mahek then you will regret with bone in your body.

Svetlana says stop threatening me, you were raised on my money. Mahek sees police coming there, she says police! Svetlana turns to look around, Mahek snatches gun from her and throws it away. Svetlana’s goon tries to attack them but Shaurya pushes him away, Svetlana says I wont spare you. Mahek grabs her arm and doesnt her let her run away. Digvijay arrives there with Sharma family and police. Police arrests Svetlana, Svetlana glares at Shaurya and Mahek and says I wont spare you both, I will comeback and get that property. Mahek and Shaurya hug each other seeing Svetlana get arrested.

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