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Thursday update on Mehek

Mohit sees Jeevan and Mahek surrounded by media, he doesnt stop and takes pheras with Sonal. Shaurya smirks at Mahek who looks at him with disgust. Mohit makes Sonal wear mangalsutra. Jeevan is hurt to see all that. Mohit fills Sonal’s forehead with Sindoor. Jeevan pushes media away and comes inside but Mohit has already married Sonal. Pundit says marriage is completed, they are husband and wife now. All are shocked to hear it. Sonal looks at Mahek tensely, Mahek cant believe it. Mohit and Sonal gets up and touches Pundit’s feet.

They come to Shaurya and is about to touch his feet but Shaurya hugs them and looks at Mahek evilly, Mahek looks away, Kanta glares at Shaurya. Shaurya comes to them and says to Jeevan that congrats for your daughter in law, Jeevan charges at him but Mahek stops him and says calm down, Mahek looks at Shaurya hurt. Mohit comes to Jeevan and says i will explain but Jeevan slaps him hard, he starts beating Mohit while media is recording, Shaurya goes to call someone. Jeevan throws Mohit on floor and beats him.

Media person asks Jeevan if he thinks love is a sin and crime? cant his son love? we talk about modern india and your fake ego is bigger than your son’s happiness? why you want to stop this wedding? Mohit comes to media, he says to media that dont torture my father, be away. Meida person says if this man Jeevan is animal? Mohit says stop it. Kanta says enough Mohit, you did what you wanted, we have learned lesson, we wont have hopes from you now, just leave from here, leave us alone, Mahek says chachi.. Kanta says we wont talk anything here now, take Jeevan home Mahek.

Kanta glares at Mohit and Sonal then sadly looks at Jeevan. Mahek looks at Sonal who is pleading to her with her eyes. Mahek comes to Jeevan who is frozen in his place, she takes him away with Kanta, they leave restaurant. Sonal silently weeps. Shaurya is outside restaurant, he calls investor and says i told you reviews dont matter to me, Shaurya can turn tables around.

Investor says i didnt expect this from you, your restaurant is trending on twitter and its likes are increasing on facebook. Mahek is leaving but sees Shaurya and Kanta and Jeevan to go, she will come in a bit, they leave. Mahek glares at Shaurya and goes to him. Shaurya says to investor that now all couples will be in your restaurant, we made Mohit and Sonal marry and i know whole world is full of fools in love.

Mahek turns him around and pushes his phone, Shurya charges at him but Mahek pushes him away and pins him to car, she says how dare you? you did all this for your restaurant?

My family, my brother’s life, you dont have value for anything, i cant believe that anyone can stoop this low, just for fame and money, you can cheat people like game show, you just know business and money and i was fool to try to make you learn about love, my heart fought with my mind that no Shaurya Khanna can change, he doesnt care about his business success but i was wrong,

i trusted you again and again but you are just a cheap and selfish man, Shaurya grabs her hands and pins her to car forcefully, Shaurya says i didnt ask you trust me, you are a fool to give me chance again and again, he wipes his tears and says you are middle class emotional girl, i promised you that i will make my restaurant work and see, i dont need your recipes and your hands magic, you might be great magical chef but you cant be bigger businessman than me,

Mahek looks in his eyes and says do you hate me that much? that much? Mahek starts to leave but Shaurya holds her hand and pulls her closer, he says what hatred i showed you? they wanted to marry, you came to me to save Sonal, they love each other, i saved her life and united them so whats your problem? Mahek says i have problem with your intentions, you could have sat and talked with family about this matter but it wouldnt benefit you then, you wouldnt get publicity, you wouldnt be able to make your broke restaurant work again. Shaurya says to Mahek that after fighting with me, you have bitterness in your tongue now, just tell me if you love me or hate me my dearest half wife? Mahek jerks his hand away and starts leaving, she is heartbroken.

Mahek comes to her home with Kanta and Jeevan. PD asks if they didnt bring Mohit? Jeevan says he is grown up now, he is clever now, he can go anywhere. Jeevan says to family that Mohit can take his decisions now with help of his family, Kanta says dont fill poison in you, PD says you can be angry with him but he is your son and now Sonal is your daughter in law. Sheetal comes there with Pammi and Ajay and Rohit, she claps at their talk.

Sheetal says you people are players, first you live telecasted her wedding and now will you leak her honeymoon tapes? Kanta says what are you saying? Sheetal pushes her away and says dont even talk to me.

Sheetal says it must be your planning, Ravi says you are neighbor but doesnt mean you can say anything. Sheetal says you all are jealous of me, you had eyes on my daughter, you people have no respect in this society, Mahek says how are talking to my family?
Pammi says it was your half husband who kidnapped Sonal and made her get married, we are not going to spare you. sheetal says you people stole my Sonal and i will steal your peace now.

PD says enough Sheetal, we are neighbors for years, we are relatives now, lets end it. Kanta asks Sheetal to scold them more if she wants, its not our mistake, kids have done mistake but we should move on. PD says lets accept this marriage and end this matter. Sheetal says to Kanta’s family that i will never accept this wedding, you people spit on me by making my daughter marry your son and now i will spit on your faces, Sheetal spits her saliva on PD’s face as an insult, all are shocked and hurt, Pd freezes on spot, Kanta shouts Sheetal.. PD falls unconscious not being able to bear disrespect, all run to PD. Sheetal says i will destroy you people. Sheetal leaves with Pammi.

Kanta’s family bring Pd to hospital, doctors are taking Pd to ICU. They take her inside. All family members are crying. Balwant cries. Mahek comes to him and tries to console him. Balwant prays to lord for PD’s health. Mahek says prayers have power, PD has taught us that, till PD doesnt get fine, we will keep praying for her so much that God wont be able to ignore us, all cry.

Jeevan asks Balwant to calm down. Mahek looks at her wallpaper in phone, it is her and Shaurya’s picture with puppy, she looks at it disgustingly.

Shaurya is in restaurant and calls media person, he says you people called my restaurant useless and now you are covering it? he ends call and says these critics has no worth. Shaurya says to chefs that i love this restaurant more than a father loves son, i have planned, worked hard for this restaurant and now it will become successful. Host’s phone starts ringing, Meherban song plays as her ringtone, Shaurya recalls how he danced with Mahek to that song in party, he recalls how close they were while dancing, he shouts to stop this song.

He starts leaving and says Mahek Sharma! he leaves. Host says this man is mental case. In hospital, Mohit and Sonal comes there. Kanta’s family sees them. Mohit runs to them, Mahek tries to go to Mahek but Jeevan says stop Mahek, tell this Mohit to leave from here rightnow, Mohit sits in Jeevan’s feet and says i want to meet Pd once, how is she? what are doctors saying? jeevan says move away from my eyes else you will be in hospital too.

Mohit cries and says i am sorry. Kanta says Mohit leave from here, we will talk later. Mohit says what crime i did by marrying Sonal that i cant even stay with PD? cant i look after PD? Jeevan says Mohit Pd is in hospital because of you. Ravi says we spoiled our kids, if we had slapped them on their mistakes then they wouldnt be doing all this now, he asks Mohit to leave. Sonal says please uncle, Mohit did everything because..

Jeevan says daughter we are not miffed with you but leave from here. Mohit says this is my family, Pd is my family so i wont leave. Jeevan pushes Mohit away, he throws Mohit on floor and says get lost from my sight. Sonal and Mahek runs to Mohit’s side. Nurse comes there and says this is not mental asylum so dont make noises. Kanta drags Mohit away from there. Kanta brings Mohit out of hospital and says you can go to your namesake brother in law or to your inlaws house but dont have hopes from us, Jeevan doesnt want to talk to you and i am with him, go to Shaurya whom you went to earlier too. Mohit says i didnt go to him, he called me and said if i want to save Sonal so i should follow his instructions, i was worried for Sonal so i listened to Shaurya, i thought he wanted to help me really, Mahek is shocked to hear all that.

Kanta says you didnt understand when he was insulting your family and father on media? you were so selfish that when Shaurya was disrespecting us infront of all, you were silently standing beside him, go from here. Mohit angrily leaves. Mahek is in shock hearing all that.

Shaurya is driving car. He stops car on signal, one beggar asks him to buy balloons. Shaurya imagines Mahek standing outside car and smiling at balloons, she points him to buy them and smiles at him, Shaurya gets lost imagining her and smiles, he sees Mahek vanish and realizes he was dreaming, he says to beggar that i dont want it. Shaurya starts radio, RJ says we are dedicating this song to people who love each other, song Dekha Hazaro Dafaa Aapko plays, Shaurya recalls how he confessed his love to Mahek, he recalls their valentines dance, Shaurya turns off radio.

He looks at passenger seat and imagines Mahek sitting there and smiling at him. Shaurya stops car and says stop it Mahek Sharma, why you are in my mind constantly? today my restaurant got successful but you are holding my mind Mahek, leave my mind. Mohit calls Shaurya, Mohit says you used me Shaurya for your gain, you are cheap and selfish man, Shaurya says you know whom you are talking to? Mohit says i know you are big man but you are filthy person, PD is in hospital because of you, Shaurya says what? Mohit says yes she is in critical condition because of you, he tells Shaurya everything. Shaurya is shocked and guilty hearing all that.

In hospital, Doctor says Sharma family that PD had internal bleeding in brain and her condition is critical. Ravi asks if they can meet patient? he says yes. Family is broken seeing Pd’s condition. Jeevan says to Mahek that i have always seen PD laughing and cheering everyone up, Pd used to get ill but she never used to keep lying on bed, she used to shoo doctor away, she used to tease Balwant that person doesnt get ill due to body but because of brain and see today.. our PD is lying on bed unconscious, taking heavy treatment, this is not right, not at all right, he gets angry and leaves from there.

Shaurya comes to hospital, he asks receptionist where Sharma family’s member is admitted? Jeevan is coming near reception too. Receptionist tell room number to Shaurya. Shaurya turns to go there.

Ravi says to family that once i find Shaurya Khanna, i will distort his face. Shaurya comes there and says Mahek.. Ravi gets angry and charges at Shaurya but Kanta stops him. Sharma family sees him there. Balwant says how dare you come here? he grabs Shaurya’s collar and says if anything happens to my Pd then i will not spare you.. Shaurya glares at him and says i just came to see Pd’s health. Balwant says you go and strangle her in ICU, Shaurya says i dont like to mess with you people too, i just came to ask about Pd’s health and if you need any kind of help thn i am here. Mahek comes to him and looks at him in tears

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