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Sunday update on Mehek 7th July 2019

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Shaurya is in the room and Mehek helps him cover blanket on Karuna ma feet’s. He says thank u and asks Mahek if she needs any help in desi medicine. He will ask Vicky to help her.

Mehek says fine and comforts him that please don’t b sad. maa will b fine soon.

Mehek gets a cal from Kanta and it is not shown what was said.

Mdh is shown n jeevan chachu n Ravi chachu r nt in happy mood. Kanta comes there n tells her hubby wat happened at his house.

Ravi chachu again argues that Mehek should not be their in that evil house. However Kanta defends meheks decision. still Ravi chachu counter replies.
Even jeevan supports Mehek and so Ravi and jeevan starts arguing. He says u will never be able to forgive urself if something happens to our Mahek. Ravi leaves from there.

Shaurya and mehek apply medicine on ma feet, Shaurya looks at some reports and is sad. Mehek tries to lighten his mood. But he is sour mood again.

He say don’t try to joke with me.I just want to concentrate on my mother,not on u or anyone else. He Leaves frm there.

Vicky is worried and he tells that tomorrow delegates r going to come n taste the food at white chillies but Shaurya rashly tells him that I want to concentrate only on mother. Let white chillies be closed, don’t expect anything from me.

Mahek suggest that she will take care of Ma. But again Shaurya taunts her that you go check on white chillies as you are the Malkin of my business, you just foucs on ma, if you are that worried, then go and run WC. Anyways ur family has already named everthing in your name.

Mahek says i never asked u anythg neither this house or business, never taunt me about ownership of property.
But again Shaurya rudely talks to her that he won’t leave his ma at this moment..

The next day, Shaurya wakes up and he reads a note from Mahek where she has mentioned recipe for the desi medicine. He enquires about her whereabouts from awara.

Mehek reaches the room and takes Karuna ma blessing. Shaurya asks her what is this new drama. Where are you going.

She tells him I am going to do some neccesaey work. He asks her again BT she doesn’t reply.
Mehek then tells him that I am going to run white chillies, you only asked me to go and I am going they again argue. She leaves from there and he looks very frustrated.

Mehek says you can call me whenever u need me if you can’t handle her alone. he just stares at her.

She leaves n maasi supports Mehek.

In WC Mahek gives instructions to the chefs there.
She waves her hand to the Sharma family at their food truck and all are happy except Ravi chachu.

At hone, Shaurya sees the note and he doesn’t understand anything. He calls Mahek and is highly frustated, he asks her do you write with hands or leg. I cudnt understand ur handwriting at all.

He asks her for recipe of the medicine and on the other side Mahek is instructing the people in White chillies. He asks wat do I need to add in the medicine. Mahek tells mushroom replying to the the chef at White chillies, Shaurya gets irrtatited and shouts wat mushroom. Mehek says sry Shaurya it was not for you . And then again she talks to white chillies people that add mushroom properly in gravy. Shaurya is irritated there.

Mehek then instructs him on how to make the medicine. He gets highly confused with all the bottles of the recipe n cannot handle or prepare anything. Shaurya shouts on awara.

In white chilies, Delegates are praising the food mand enquire about Shaurya . BT the waiter says his wife is present here n the menu was prepared by her.

Mahek gives instructions to cooks at restaurant. She thinks that I should go home now to Shaurya, he must be tensed. Shaurya calls Vicky and asks him to give phone to Mahek. Waiter comes and tells Mahek that deligates have come, she leaves. Vicky informs Shaurya that Mahek is in meeting with deligates, Shaurya says to hell with deligates, throw them out and burn the restaurant.

Mahek meets deligates, one client says that food is good but this is international fair, you will have to represent 5 different countries and you will have to cook their dishes, Mahek says sorry I didnt know about that, client says we will come for round two tasting, you passed this one, they leave.

Mahek says to Priyanka what was the need to say yes, how will we cook for 5 countries? Vicky says Shaurya is calling, Mahek takes his call. Priyanka says to Vicky that we have to make Mahek agree to be part of this fair.

Mahek takes Shaurya’s call, Shaurya says Maa has high fever and I dont know anything about your medicine, Mahek says dont worry, I will guide you, Mahek gives him instructions about how to make her remedy, he says I dont understand anything, Mahek says dont worry I am coming. She leaves restaurant. Shaurya sees Karona in high fever, he tries to call doctor but he is in surgery. Dolly says to Shaurya that her fever is increasing.

Mahek drives and comes home, she asks servant about Karona, he says you are late, Shaurya took her to hospital.

Mahek comes to hospital and sees Shaurya talking with Karona. Dolly glares at her and leaves. Shaurya says dont come near Maa, go and take care of your restaurant, you said you came here for Maa and when you got to know about restaurant, you ran to take care of it because its yours now? Mahek says I didnt know anything, I was just helping, I prepared everything before leaving and thought you would handle it, Maa is most important to me.

Shaurya says your words and deeds differ a lot. Mahek says I wont go to restaurant from now on, she says to Karona that I am sorry, I did mistake but I wont leave you now, she leaves from there.

Mahek calls Kanta, Kanta says you were doing right thing. Mahek says I thought I could handle business and home together, Kanta says its difficult to run both together but its important for you. Mahek says no, I wont go to restaurant from now on, if my family is not happy then it has no purpose, I will handle things from house mostly.

Mansi takes call and says dont cry Mahek, If you want then I can come to you. Sonal is listening to Mansi, she feels dizzy and faints. Mohit comes there and shouts Sonal.. Mansi drops phone and rushes to sonal. All family members come there. Mahek is on line and says Sonal? what happened to her? Mahek comes to Dolly and says I have to go home, something happened with Sonal.

Shaurya comes there. Dolly says you go home, inform me if you need anything. Mahek says I should wait for them to call me. Shaurya says you go home, if something happens tomorrow then your family would blame me. Mahek says there are some things above me, Maa is ill, there is problem at my home, restaurant is not working and all you are doing is taunting me, atleast I am trying.

Dolly says she is right. Shaurya says I am going to old Delhi, I will drop you, if you want to come then I am bringing car.

Doctor comes to check Sonal. Kanta says she doesnt listen and eat anything. Mohit says enough Maa, Sonal was unconscious and you were busy talking with Mahek, Jeevan says shut up, Ravi says why? he is right, Sonal was lying there and Mansi and Kanta was busying worrying about Mahek, its all about Mahek and nothing else. Mansi says no, Ravi says yes, you didnt care about Sonal. Doctor says its nothing to worry about, you people should be happy as Sonal is pregnant, all family memebers get elated. Mohit hugs Sonal, all smile.

Eunuchs come in Sharma house and dances to celebrate happiness. Sheetal comes there. Ravi says I am going to be grandfather now. Sheetal sees Sonal and tries to give her blessing but Sonal looks away from her and dances with Mohit. Sheetal leaves. Mahek and Shaurya comes outside house, they hear music and dancing.

Shaurya says to Mahek that you said it was emergency then why they are partying? Mahek is confused and says I left my phone in car. Shaurya says I will bring it. Mahek comes in house,Jeevan says congrats,you are going to be an aunt. Mahek gets happy, she hugs Sonal and dances. Ravi says you are going to be aunt, you tell us good news soon too.

Sheetal sees all this, she gets jealous. Shaurya comes there. Ravi gets angry seeing him. All stop dancing. Shaurya touches PD’s feet. Shaurya comes to Mohit and says congratulations, Mohit avoids him. Sonal thanks Shaurya. Mohit says to Sonal that go inside and rest, weather here is not good now, he glares at Shaurya while saying it. He takes Sonal away.

Ravi asks Mansi and Nehal to go inside, Nehal says but.. Ravi says go inside, they leave too. Kanta says to Mahek that Balwant, Mohit and Ravi are angry. Mahek says I understand, their anger wont go away so soon, its big test, go and be with them, we came here running as we got worried hearing screams on call. Kanta asks how is Karona? Shaurya says she is not better, she will be discharged tomorrow, he sees Mahek in tears and thinks Mahek must be feeling so alone right now. Sheetal sees all this and smirks.

Mahek and Shaurya comes out of house. Sheetal sees them and thinks that my daughter left me because of them, I will use them to get my daughter back, now they will understand what pain feels like when their family abandons them, They will feel same pain which I felt when my daughter left me, now Mahek will be in pain when her family abandons her.

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