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Sheetal calls Mahek and cries, she says Mahek please find some way and make me meet my daughter once, I dont know how much more I can live. Mahek says dont worry, I will talk with family and ask them to let you meet her, she ends call, Sheetal smirks. Shaurya says to Mahek that your own home is not able to control by you and you are trying to help others? Mahek looks on.

Shaurya says Sheetal did so much and created problems in your family and now this? Mahek says we all do mistake, you know we do mistakes, Sonal needs her mother, she is pregnant and would need her, Shaurya says people like Sheetal cant change, I have build empire after understanding people, Mahek looks on.

Sonal sees many gifts in her room, she calls Mahek and thanks her, Mahek says I should thank you for gifting us small baby. Sonal gives phone to Mohit, he doesnt want to talk to Mahek, Dolly says to Mahek that this day is lucky for you, your brother is going to talk to you who was miffed. Kanta shows gifts to Jeevan and says Mahek sent it for Sonal’s baby, Mohit takes call and says we have arranged function and pooja for Sonal, can you come?

Mahek says leaving Maa doesnt seem right, I cant leave her, Dolly says no problem, I will take care of Maa, she takes call and says to Mohit that Mahek will come. Sonal takes call and thanks Mahek for sending gifts for baby, Mahek asks which gifts? Sonal says Vicky brought them here, Mahek smiles at Vicky, she ends call. Mahek comes to Vicky and thanks him for this gesture and sending gifts to Sonal, Shaurya sees this.

Mahek turns to leave, Vicky hints at Shaurya that he will tell truth to Mahek that Shaurya sent gifts, Shaurya glares at Vicky, Mahek sees Shaurya eyeing Vicky, Shaurya looks at Mahek, Mahek slightly smiles.

Sheetal call Mahek and cries, she says please make me go in that house once and let me meet Sonal, she ends call and smirks at Pammi, Pammi asks whats her plan? Sheetal says Mahek made my daughter go away so now I will separate three kids of Sharma family, they will fight now. Pammi says Mahek and Shaurya insulted me, beat my son and now I will take my revenge from them.

Mahek comes to Karona’s room, she takes her blessing, Shaurya asks if she wants his permission too? Mahek ignores him, Shaurya says to Mahek that stay away from Sheetal, Mahek says her daughter is in our house, we cant avoid her, she is repenting her mistake, Shaurya says fine, driver is waiting for you.

Mohit is arranging for pooja, he says to Jeevan that we should bring refreshment too, Kanta says why, we are bringing breakfast then whats the need? there is going to be one more family member so we should be careful. Jeevan says she is right, you should start taking house responsibility Mohit, even food truck is not working fine because Mahek has left.

Mahek comes there with sheetal, all are stunned. Mahek says to family that we all are happy that new baby is going to come, we are celebrating for it, Sheetal is Sonal’s mother, she has the right to be part of this happiness too, Sonal says no, what she did cant be forgiven, Mahek says she is your mother, think if your baby gets miffed with you then how will you feel?

we all do mistakes but she is your mother so forgive her, Sonal looks at family, Sheetal says to Sonal that I used to forgive her for your mistakes, cant you forgive me? I am sorry, Sonal looks at family, they nod at her, she hugs Sheetal. Sheetal says to Sharma family that i did mistake but please forgive me, I know you people have big heart, she says to PD that I am sorry, please forgive me, she cries. PD says lets forget past, sheetal join pooja. All smile, Sheetal smirks and messages Pammi that she has got entry in Mahek’s house.

Sonal says to Sheetal that Mahek has gifted me everything that is needed for baby, Sheetal says thats why people want to get their daughters married in rich houses, Mohit gets angry hearing it. Sonal says i will go in kitchen, Mansi says no you will rest, Nehal says I will take care of everything Sonal.

Shaurya is restless at his home, Dolly comes there and says I have brought remedy for Karona, shaurya looks at watch, Dolly says if you are so restless for Mahek then go and bring her, Shaurya says I am not restless for her, I am better off without her, he starts applying remedy on Karona’s feet and murmurs Mahek said she will comeback in an hour but now she wont come till night, I know it, Pooja starts.

sheetal sits beside Mohit, Sheetal gifts Mohit and says its not much, I am not rich like Mahek, he doesnt take it and says its not needed aunty, Sheetal says call me mother, she says dont say no to things which your mother is giving you, also your house doesnt have much things left after Mahek’s wedding, you would need it. Mohit eyes Mahek with envy. Sheetal smirks.

Pooja starts, priest asks everyone to pray. All start praying, Mahek prays that I have two houses and if all are happy in both houses then I am ready to give everything, please make Karona fine, I cant see her like that anymore. All start aarti, Mahek does aarti. Otherside Shaurya is sitting with Karona and waiting for Mahek. he holds Karona’s hand, her hand moves, she winces, Shaurya is shocked to see her movement.

Shaurya calls Mahek and says Maa took my hand, Mahek says really? Shaurya says yes, her pulse rate is good too, she is going to be fine, he ends call. Mahek hugs Kanta and says Karona Maa is going to be fine, she hugs everyone and is happy, Mohit looks on. Sheetal says it was pooja for your baby and Sonal but it worked for Mahek, she has got more love of family, Mohit glares at Mahek.

Jeevan shouts on Mohit and says dont say rubbish things. Family asks what happened? Jeevan says this Mohit has gone mad, he wants to sell food truck which is our basic source of income, all are stunned, Sheetal smirks. Jeevan says this food truck is not only business but our dream, Mahek’s dream. Mohit says its not my dream, what about my dreams? has anyone asked me ever?

Mahek says Mohit.. Mohit says you dont say anything, everything has happened for you in this house, me and Nehal are nothing for this family. Sonal asks if he is in senses? Mohit says my baby is going to come, this family has duties towards that baby, Sonal learn from Mahek, her husband can do many sins but still she will take his side, and you are scolding me? he leaves, Mahek says I will talk to him, Sonal says no let him be for sometime. Kanta says Mohit must be tensed and says those stuff in anger.

Sheetal says there must be something irritating Mohit thats why he got so much angry, Kanta asks her to stop it. Jeevan huffs, he sits down and breaths heavily, Kanta gives him water and asks him to calm down, Jeevan says its such good day and news and this Mohit is saying all this? I never had hopes from him but he would stoop this low, I didnt know that.

Mahek says you people should be happy that Mohit wants to be responsible, if he wants to sell food truck then.. Mohit comes there. Jeevan says no, we are not going to sell food truck, atleast we are earning something from it, Mohit glares at them and leaves house, Mahek is worried. Mahek sees Sonal weeping, she says dont cry, leave that for family, you have to smile and be happy for baby, dont worry, I will talk to Mohit, Sonal hugs her and cries. Sheetal thinks that I have just stepped in this house, just see what I do next.

Shaurya is waiting for Mahek, he murmurs that she knows Maa is ill, still she went. Dolly comes there and asks if he is waiting for Mahek? Shaurya says why would I wait for her? Mahek comes there and says sorry I am late, why you people are not with Karona Maa? Dolly says doctor checked her, she is fine, Mahek says thank God she is fine, I was so worried, I prayed for her, Shaurya says if you were so worried then why did you get late? Dolly says Mahek is wife but Shaurya bickers like wives, lets go to Karona.

Mahek, Shaurya and Dolly comes to Karona’s room, she is awake, Mahek hugs her. Shaurya silently thanks God. Mahek makes Karona sit and says I missed you a lot, are you fine? Karona nods, Shaurya emotionally looks at her from far, she motions at him, he runs to her and hugs her. He says I am sorry Maa, Karona says why you are saying sorry?

Shaurya says you went to jail because of me and got ill, karona says it doesnt matter, my illness go away seeing you and Mahek together, I just pray that you and Mahek always stay together with love, forget all old things, Shaurya nods, Mahek looks on. Karona gives Mahek’s hand in Shaurya’s hand, Mahek looks at Shaurya silently.

Vicky comes there and greets Karona, Mahek takes her hand away from Shaurya’s. vicky makes everyone eat sweets, Karona hugs Mahek and Shaurya. Vicky is tensed, he nods at shaurya.

Shaurya meets Vicky, Vicky says to Shaurya that we are losing contracts, restaurant is going to poor condition, investors are not ready to invest instead they want their money back, if this goes on then our restaurant will get closed, Shaurya looks on.

Mahek is working in kitchen. She calls Sonal, sonal sees Mohit sleeping, she leaves to take her call. Sonal takes her call, Mahek asks how is Mohit? Sonal says he is sleeping, he didnt eat anything and slept, dont worry, he will be fine, how is Karona aunty? Mahek says she is fine, tell Mohit that I will help him with any business plan he has, Sonal says okay, she ends call. She comes to bed and goes to sleep. Mohit is awake and has heard her call.

Shaurya is tensed after hearing about his restaurant going down in sales. Shaurya says Maa is fine now, Mahek is here, we will make everything fine together, dont worry, dont tell Maa or Mahek about all this, Vicky nods.

In morning, Mohit is getting ready, Sonal comes there and says what you did yesterday was wrong. Mohit says I didnt do anything wrong, think practically, Sonal says fighting family for money is not right, selling business is not solution, Mohit says do you have any plan? Sonal says I have talked to Mahek, she is ready to help with anything, Mohit says I have heard her big words before too.

Sheetal comes there and says I have got an idea to famous your food truck, if Mahek helps you then you will become rich over night, she shows them pamphlet, She says the winner of this competition will get 1crore, you can setup business with this money, if Mahek helps you then you will win this contest because she has experience in cooking contest and you will also get to know if Mahek really wants to help or just lying, Mohit hugs her and thanks her, he looks at cooking contest and smiles.

Priya shows cooking contest pamphlet to Shaurya and says this is good contest and can boost our sales, Vicky says but this is for small restaurants, shaurya says no it will get us publicity, you find out who other restaurants are participating, Vicky nods and leaves.

Mahek is helping Karona to walk. Karona says you and shaurya brought me back otherwise i would have left, Mahek says no you will stay with us always, Karona says forgive Shaurya, forget things which brought poison in our life, start life again with love, Mahek thinks and says focus on your health for now. Mohit comes there and greets Karona, he says to Mahek that I want to talk something important, Dolly asks him to come inside, Karona asks Dolly to take her to her room, she nods and takes Karona.

Shaurya says to Priya that if we take part in this contest then people will think that we are big restaurant but still interested in small contests, it will give us hype.

Mohit says to Mahek that I am going to be father and I dont want be like my father, he couldnt us give much things but my baby will get everything in life. Mahek says our family didnt do anything less for us, best thing is to make good personality which our family did, thinking about baby is good thing and I am ready to help you.

Mohit shows her restaurants contests and says if our food truck takes part in this contest, if you take part in it then we will win, Mahek says I have to see because Karona is not fine and needs me, Mohit says you have responsibilities towards us too, Mahek says fine fine, I will participate in this contest and will win too.

Vicky says to Shaurya that some small restaurants are taking part in this contests, some from Delhi too. Shaurya says to staff that we will take part in this contest and we have cook like Mahek so we will win it, he asks Priya to register for this contest.

Mohit says to Mahek that I am leaving, he starts leaving when Shaurya’s car comes there, Shaurya sees him. Mohit leaves. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says why Mohit came here? Mahek says he is my brother, cant he come to meet me? Shaurya says lets go inside, I want to talk.

Shaurya comes in lounge and makes Mahek sits infront of him, he says white chilies is in loss but there is one way to bring it to top, Mahek says its good that you are focusing on it, Shaurya says I need your help, I am making white chilies part of a contest and I want you participate in it, he shows her contest pamphlet,

Mahek is stunned and says I cant do it, Shaurya says I know we had rough patch in past days but I need your help, please, Mahek says Mohit registered in contest with food truck and I agreed to help him, Shaurya says you cant, you have to say no to him, I need this for my restaurant.

Mohit tells about contest to family and says we can earn 1crore with this contest, Kanta says coming on TV is not good, Jeevan says this is for big people not commoners like us, Mohit says but Mahek said its good contest.

Shaurya says to Mahek that we will win this contest and will make food truck our business partner, you wanted to run this house and restaurant then why you are not helping now? Mahek says I am sorry but Mohit needs to win this contest, his family is expanding, my family needs it, Vicky says if you dont support us Mahek then restaurant will not flourish, investors will leave.

Mohit says to family that you dont let me follow my dreams, Mahek wanted food truck so you allowed her but why not me? you people wanted me to run food truck even then you have problem with this?Sonal asks him to stop it, every baby comes with his fate, Mohit says its not about that, I dont want to raise my child like my father did, Kanta asks him to stop it.

Shaurya says to Mahek that if Mohit wants prize money then we will give it to him, its about our reputation, you are face of white chilies, when investors get to know that the person whose recipes we are selling is taking part in contest for another restaurant then we will be destroyed, Vicky says we really need you Mahek, Shaurya says I will give you time to think, he leaves. Mahek thinks to talk to Mohit.

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