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Dolly comes to Kanta’s house. She says is someone inside. Kanta says they are here to meet me. I will ask them to leave. Kanta comes out. Dolly says where were you? She says I was asleep. Papa ji is not well. They all took him to hospital. Dolly says come with us. She says no no don’t worry. I will go alone. Dolly wonders why didn’t she take us?

At night Mahek serves everyone dinner. Dolly says how is your dadda ji? Karuna says why didn’t you tell us? Everyone was worried. Mahek says I forgot. Police comes in. Abba and arman hide. Inspector says babu lal ran. We can’t be so easy on security. shaurya says don’t worry we have our own security. Mahek and Shaurya leave.

Bua says to Dolly thank you. I had so much fun here. Karuna says we couldn’t do anything for you. All kids are busy. She says no I met them and that’s enough. Couldn’t go to Mahek’s house but will visit them next time for sure. She hugs dolly and Karuna and leaves. Karuna gives her a gift. Bua says thank you, you people are so nice. I don’t wanna go but have to. Come to the wedding please. Karuna says sure.

Shaurya says to Mahek he isn’t ready yet. I spoke to him but if he doesn’t listen them.. Mahek says everything will be fine. I can’t be otherwise. We can’t let them harm our families. We have to be strong. Shaurya hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Mahek gets ready for the wedding. she is in tears. She recalls her moments with her family. Shaurya swipes her tears and says don’t cry. He hugs her. He makes her wear earrings.

Arman says to abba you are doing a great deed. your name will be written with golden words. He hugs him. The garland has bomb and Arman’s men fix it at the wedding. Shaurya and Mahek pray for everyone. Mahek says please save everyone God. Shaurya says God is with us don’t worry. Nehal says stay strong.

Karuna says eat something before going. Mahek says no we have to go. We are running out of time. Nehal says Vicky has arranged breakfast there don’t worry. Shaurya and Mahek leave.

Mehek cooks at wedding venue tensely reminiscing terrorist warning to mix poison in food and kill everyone. Lady getting mehandi applied on her hands calls Mehek and praises that Mehek is an excellent cook and runs a restaurant with her husband Shaurya, they both failed terrorist attack recently.

Terrorist look at Mehek from a distance. Lady asks Mehek also to apply mehandi. Mehandi designer asks Mehek what is her husband’s name. Mehek says Shaurya and walks aside saying she needs to cook, she imagines people eating her food and dying and gets drowsy. Shaurya holds her. Lady asks what happened to her. Shaurya says she did not have breakfast yet, so she got drowsy. Terrorist warns them to get back to work.

At Mehek’s house, whole family is tied to chairs. Grandpa starts coughing. Uncle requests terrorist to at least get medicine for grandpa. Terrorist says no. Uncle angrily frees himself and says he will get medicine even if terrorist kills him. Terrorist points gun on his forehead and is about to shoot when lady and Laali knock door. Terrorist stops. Laali says let us ask neighbors where they have gone. They hear grandpa coughing and get suspicious.

Shaurya takes care of Mehek and consoles her. Terrorist warns them to get back to his mission and not waste them. Shaurya tells Mehek he is feeling helpless. Vivan calls him and says he is in India in Hoshiarpur. Shaurya says his mom told. Vivan praises Shaurya that he tasted success so soon and sensing Shaurya’s tension asks if everything is alright.

Junior terrorist comes and asks Shaurya to switch on speaker. Shaurya says sometimes life punches them and throws them in a corner, he does not know what to do. Terrorist leaves. Vivan says he knows problems occur in business and suggests him to use reverse psychology. Shaurya tells Mehek same and says he does not know what to do. Mehek says she has a plan.

Mehak and Shaurya see terrorist fixing bomb in garland and keeping it near wedding stage and silently walk towards it. Home minister comes and chats with them. On the other side, Laali chats with home minister’s wife over phone and says she felt really nice befriending her. Lady also says even she felt good. Laali excitedly asks is it and says she left her gold ring there and to send it via Mehek as she is attending Meera’s engagement. Lady agrees. Mehek’s relative fumes that Laali’s drama is continuing till now. Laali excitedly thinks if Mehek and Vivan come, media will cover them and Vivan will meet Sharuya as his friend.

Terrorists continue to threaten Mehek’s family and laugh that soon their mission will complete and bomb will explode at home minister’s daughter’s wedding. Family discuss if they unite, god will help them. Security personnel announces final security check before wedding ceremony starts. Terrorist warns Mehek to execute his plan and not let security check garlands, else she won’t be able to meet her family.

Back at Mehek’s house, uncle starts coughing and says he is having stomach ache. He tells family that they have to paralyze terrorists somehow and should use papaji’s medicines for that.

Mehek and Shaurya think how to stop security personnel checking bomb garland. Shaurya silently sends security on the other side. Mehek breaks oil can and spills oil around catering area and setting fire shouts.. Security’s attention diverts. Shaurya scolds his staff for being careless while terrorist removes garland from stage. Guests insists Shaurya for a dance and he walks with them. Terrorists walk toward Shaurya, but Mehek stops them and asks to let him dance, else they will be doubted.. Terrorist’s Boss follows Shaurya and beats him…

Abba says to his men be careful. Don’t do any mistake or I will kill you. Arman comes and says Shaurya ran. You stay here and handle the men. Shaurya must have gone to his in laws to save them. I will do something don’t worry. You handle here. Abba says we have to complete the mission today.

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