Meet in love update Tuesday 5 July 2022

Meet in love 5 July 2022: Meet Ahlawat get’s out of car and approch to chasing car. Manushi inside car see him coming says did he see me what should I do and hide her face from her cloth. Meet Ahlawat walks to driver and says what are you finding in daylight with headlights on. Driver says I’m sorry, he switch off and leaves. Manushi thinks how she took help from her friend Shalu who works in bank to break FD. Shalu ask her about the documents and says I’ll help you don’t worry and go to bring water. Manushi says to herself now with the help of FD my good time will start and your bad time Meet Huddah, I’m coming to Rajasthan and when I’ll return from there will return with double investment with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat reach resort. Manushi ask driver to stop. Staff members welcome Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Manushi looks and says they gonna live in lavish resort. Resort members greet them and says there is a rule in our resort couple exchange garlands before going in. They oth exchange garlands and remember there marriage time. Manushi looks at them in jelousy and says because of Kunal today I’m not Mrs. Ahlawat and all if these servants will be looking after now but no worries now it’s time to write my own story for becoming Mrs. Ahlawat. Manager says our highness has booked special royal suit for you please come Mr. And Mrs. Ahlawat. A servant go to Manushi ask do you have booking here or come to meet guest.

Manushi says I’m more special then that please you can go now and sit inside car and ask driver to take her to cheap hotel. Driver looks at her. Manushi says I don’t keep legs in an cheap hotel but it’s not my time now, so lets go.Dadi in hall. Anubha bring food for Dadi and says she went with anger and waa saying it’s a big house with lots of wealth but then why did she came back, Ram Lakhan told me when they try to ask her sge ran away, legally she has to be at Parth’s family then why did she come, this girl is out of are hands I’m scared of her. Dadi says I cannot imagine what she did with us after marriage, ww should not think about her much and make ourselves feel discomfort, it’s god grace that our daughter Meet is out of all this situation in Rajasthan and if Manushi came here then she will see her Dadi’s true colours. Anubha says levae all this have food.

Ram Lakhan walks in and says pack your bag because Meet ustaad has done arrangement for you two for pilgrimage travel here are the tickets. Dadi says thank God and ask God to keer her daughter happy.Meet and Meet Ahlawat enter room and see the decorations. Meet Ahlawat says this is wrong room. Manager walks to them and says I’m your manager and welcome to your honeymoon suit this is one if the best suite of this resort and Sneha Kapoor one of the famous actress was here for her honeymoon and after going from here gave good news of her pregnancy this room has seen many honeymoon and ask Mr. Ahlawat can you feel it. Meet Ahlawat says we came from so far. Manager says I’m sorry you are tiered and must need some privacy so he leaves and bring a welcome bouquet and handover the room keys and says here is the TV remote and if you need anything let me know.

Meet Ahlawat switch on TV and romantic song start playing. They both get awkward and he try to stop it. Meet walks to TV and shut down. He says it’s good you switch off, it’s good. Meet says I’m going to take shower. He says okay I’ll go and see gym.Babita says to Raj you remember earlier we use to plant trees at happy moments so that we can see them growing along with our happiness but don’t know what has happen yo us now it feels like happiness has forgotten our place but from the time I saw that shine in my son happiness so I want to plant this and see the happiness growing. Raj says that’s why I’m your fan. Sunaina says when Tej will be back I’ll also plant something. Babita ask did the kids reach. Raj says yes till now they will be there. Babita says don’t know he did breakfast or not. Raj says don’t know let’s call them.

Babita says no don’t disturb them, but I’ll feel good when you talk one time. Raj says yes let’s call them and ask. Babita says if you wish to talk them you can call. Sunaina and Isha says you don’t feel good because they are not here. Raj says I talked to them when they reach airport so I’m done. Raj gets call, ask Sunaina to put phone on speaker. Man from other side greets Raj and says Jayprakash speaking. Raj says wait a minute he gets away from everyone, greet him and talk to him. Babita walks to Raj ask what happen. Raj says Jaypratap wants to meet us, Babita asks why, Sunaina and Isha leave.

Babita says to Raj, I get scared of him, Raj says Sunaina is his daughter, Babita says he always gets problems, we finally were at peace.Meet walks out of bathroom, in robe and starts looking for clothes, she checks her bag and finds only dresses and says what all is this, whoes clothes are these. Meet Ahlawat knocks, Meet says stay don’t come in, Meet Ahlawat says okay, just hand me my phone. Meet says how will I give him in this robe.Meet removes her hand out to give phone but drops it, Meet Ahlawat sees her wearing a one piece, and is surprised, Meet shy and awkward.Meet Ahlawat gets shocked after seeing Meet in one piece. Meet says I’m telling you these aren’t my clothes, I didn’t packed these clothes I don’t even know who’s bag it is and I never wore this clothes and there is no lock in bathroom door I talked to them they say this is normal in suite now you only tell does this happen.

He says no. Meet says whne I came out of shower then I remember I didn’t took clothes with me then you were on door so in hurry I wear them I look like a pigeon in these clothes. Meet Ahlawat says you look nice and cute. Meet says but I want my clothes can you talk to manager. Meet Ahlawat checks luggage and find a piece of written by Sunaina saying I hope you both like my surprise, I know Meet will be looking cute and beautiful enjoy your honeymoon. Meet thinks this mean all the clothes will be same in bag now what I’ll do. Meet Ahlawat says but you look nice.

Meet Ahlawat in market see a boy selling flower with ryming poem. Meet Ahlawat walks to him says if you will do marketing in this way then you will never bear loss in your business. Manushi looks at Meet Ahlawat says my sister will be near by but why can’t I see her. Boy say to Meet Ahlawat buy flowers for you girlfriend. Manushi says if I come in front of Meet Ahlawat then I’m damn sure he will give these flowers to me because he still love me and passes by him takes his name. Meet Ahlawat gets restless thinks I heard Manushi and start looking for her and see Meet holding his hand. Meet says where were you I was looking for you, I cannot find the aunties designer sarre now what I’ll wear. Meet Ahlawat shouts at her says so wear anything what’s the issue, I’m sorry I don’t feel good please take me from here and they both leave. Manushi see them going.

Sunaina in kitchen lost somewhere. Ragini walks in and ask Sunaina what happen. She says dad is coming. Ragini says why what happen. Sunaina says you know the reason why he come, I need your help, call him and tell I’m on yoga tour or in some other city, please ask him not to come. Ragini says I cannot tell a dad to not yo come and meet her daughter, I can’t say lie. Sunaina says you have my swear.Meet and Meet Ahlawat near water. He says to Meet I want to forget Manushi for that I need your help I tried a lot to forget her but still I think she is near me, I think I’m full of anger I cannot understand where should I run away from all these feelings I don’t know how can I make you understand.

Meet picks up stone from road. Meet Ahlawat says are you trying to understand what am I trying to say, I don’t want to react in the way I reacted with you in market I’m sorry for that. Meet give him stone and says I’m trying to help you, I know how you feel inside do one thing throw these stones in water and shout what you have inside and throw all your negativity out, you ask for help and I’m helping you now shout and throw. Meet Ahlawat throw stone in water and shouts why you ditched me, why you did you play with my heart, why you show me dream of getting married. Meet thinks I also want you to help by meeting you with Manushi, I don’t know how to do it but I always want you to be happy. Meet Ahlawat throw stone in water and shouts why did you do this to me, why you ran away. Meet ask him how do you feel now. He says I feel light. Meet says you know water and our emotions are alike but only have one difference it’s in our hand do we want to surround our feelings with storm or not.

Meet Ahlawat says thank for understanding me things in easy way and try to leave. Meet stop him and says wait your work is done and now you are leaving I know you travelled a lot hut this is my first time let me also enjoy trip, it’s a beautiful view, now come with me.Ragini calls Sunaina dad and greets him says I heard you are coming so I want to tell you that Sunaina is not here she went out for an yoga trip. He says I know who asked you to say everything, Sunaina is standing beside you, I’m her dad I know what’s wrong and right for her, this time I’ll not leave empty handed, tell her, bye.

Meet take him bear water and ask him to remove shoes and sit with him with legs inside water, says I feel good like this. He says don’t know I never did this before. Meet says you know doing this help to cure heart diseases, do whatever you feel like which brings happiness and sadness do not get time to attack heart, this calms you a lot. Meet Ahlawat thinks she is so smart and jolly, he take swizz knife from his bag and says it’s mine. Meet says you are so cheap first you gifted me and now taking back. Meet Ahlawat says this is your sign now this will always stay with me. Boy walks to them and says you gave me money but didn’t took flower here are your flowers, this time give these flowers to her and don’t run, you both look beautiful and go away. Meet Ahlawat holding flower and remember what Raj said to him about being a husband and give flowers to Meet. Meet remembers what Babita said to her about there relation. Meet Ahlawat handover flowers to Meet and they both smile.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet let’s do boating. Meet says okay let’s do this too. Meet start coughing. Meet Ahlawat goes to bring water. Manushi looking at them says I’ll go with Meet Ahlawat on boat, you are angry on me because we didn’t got married, I’ll start our honeymoon on boat but before that I have to remove Meet from my path, girls like to shop, colour hair but my sister like to help beggar and looks at beggar says he will help me, drop a lamp and purposely pushes the beggar and leaves. Beggar fall and gets hurt with broken glass. Meet looks at beggar and rushes for help.

Meet help beggar to get up says what happen and ask is there doctor around. Meet Ahlawat walks to boat says where is Meet and looks around, he about to go find Meet, Man says boat is about to leave come fast. Meet Ahlawat says I have one more with me I’ll go and find. Man forces Meet Ahlawat to stay here and go finds Meet. Meet Ahlawat sits in boat waiting for Meet and says I told her not to leave me alone this is new place but she never listen and call her.Meet dosent answer the phone and he gets angry, messages her. Manushi come sit in boat and thinks now is the beginning of our love story and sign to start to boat. Meet Ahlawat says madam you are on wrong boat and see it’s Manushi.

Manushi says yes it’s me your Manushi. Meet cleans the beggar wound. Meet Ahlawat in shock. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat now I’m in the right boat. Meet Ahlawat ask to take the boat back. Manushi keeps finger on his lips. Meet Ahlawat has old memories flashes. Manushi make him sit and says I made a big mistake now everything is change I’m here to clean the mess and be with you in every decision and I’ll accept every decision first hear me once. Meet Ahlawat says you don’t exist for me and don’t matter at all. Manushi says I made a bug mistake leaving you and you are trapped with my tomboy sister, whom you don’t like she dresses so ugly but anyways I know im your love and you love me your Manushi, your moonshine and ask I know you want to why I left and the reason is Meet Hooda.

Man ask Meet do you know him is he tour relative. Meet says to help someone you don’t need to know anyone there is a relation of humanity with him.Sunaina remember spending romantic time with Tej. Sunaina says I know you will return Tej and remember his tattoo on his hand and Meet putting bandage on beggar who as same tattoo as Tej. Meet help him to get up.Meet Ahlawat says what you said. Manushi says to Meet Ahlawat I swear I wanted to marry but I found out she loves you and want’s yo marry you so for my sister’s happiness I left you and killed my happiness it’s true, I know my sister is tomboy. Meet Ahlawat thinks I wish you did not leave me or didn’t kept space in my life. Manushi says I know Meet Ahlawat you deserve a beautiful girl like me and sits beside him and try to go close to Meet Ahlawat and says Meet has no grace or charm like me but don’t worry I will make everything fine and rests her head on his shoulder.

Meet Ahlawat pushes her away and says enough not a word against her and whatever you did, I don’t want to know and it doesn’t matter but what matters me is you cheated me and insulted me and my family, and shouts take the boat back. Manushi tries to stop Meet Ahlawat, she says look into my eyes, Meet Ahlawat leaves the boat. Manushi loses calm.Babita sees sweets and says here comes Jaypratap, he brings sweet but leaves with bitterness. Jaypratap walks in, Raj welcomes him and Jaypratap says to Babita promise this time I won’t spread bitterness, Raj says all good, Jaypratap says no but may be while leaving. Sunaina and Ragini walk to him.

Jaypratap says won’t you meet your Dad, Sunaina hugs him. Jaypratap asks how are you, Sunaina says happy and everyone here take care of me, Jaypratap says sure but house is with your man and till when will you have these false hope, we don’t even know if he is alive. Babita gets angry.Meet asks where is your house Baba I will drop you, Baba confused, and points randomly, a boy says didi he has lost his memory, we call him Bhula Baba and he keeps reading English books.Sunaina says my husband is alive and when your daughter is saying you have to believe it and its better if you leave. Jaypratap says when kids go wrong way, its parents duty to get them on track, tell me where is Tej if he is alive and even if he is alive, he is dead to you, because he didn’t think about his parents or you, till when you will keep giving yourself false promise, forget him move on.

Meet asks any idea, Boy says no and leaves. Meet says I will pray you get your family back, anyways I am Meet, Baba says Meet.Sunaina says my heart knows my Tej will be back soon and we should stop this discussion and you leave. Raj says to Jaypratap please don’t leave, Jaypratap closes the door and says Sunaina I will not go alone, you have to promise me you will remarry and goes sit inside. Sunaina looks at Raj.Meet says call me I will come help you. Meet sees he is shivering.Meet Ahlawat sees Manushi earing and throws it.Manushi says Meet Ahlawat you wlll give me entry in your life now.Meet trying to call Meet Ahlawat says he must be so angry.

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