Meet in Love update Thursday 14 December 2023

Meet in Love 14 December 2023: Manmeet and Meet in Sumeets room. Manmeet and Meet arguing on who will wish Sumeet happy birthday first. Manmeet says I brought gifts for her. Meet says I can bet on that Sumeet will love my gifts and they start discussing about their gifts. Sumeet wakes up. Meet rush to Sumeet and wish her happy birthday. Chiku seeing everything. Manmeet also wish her happy birthday.

Meet in Love 13 December 2023

Mahendra, Sarkar and Gunwanti together. Mahandra and Sarkar discussing about Chiku. Sarkar I don’t want that kid in my house give to someone else. Gunwanti says Meet won’t let that happen. Mahendra says she love him like he is her son. Sarkar says are you scared of Meet, if that’s true you won’t be able to open your factory because Kanika will get upset and Meet will win.

Mahendra says this time Chiku will surely go to Kanika. Sarkar says use Sumeets birthday as opportunity and explain them plan.Meet do Aarti of Sumeet and give her kheer to eat. Chiku seeing everything and smiling. Manmeet says now it’s time for second ritual to get an advice on life situation from your mother. Meet give her a smart watch and says a person should value time. Sumeet asks Manmeet what are you gifting me today. Manmeet says I have decided to today’s party theme and that is fairytale and ge even keeps an reward of 2 lakhs for the best poem.

Meet says you made his birthday also competition. Manmeet says yes. Sumeet sees Chiku she run towards him and says you know today is my birthday. Chiku gives her a card. Sumeet says this is my first gift I’ll keep this with me forever.Mahendra says to Kanika we have decided to give you Chiku today. Kanika says then I’ll give you signature on your documents only uf you handover kid to me, I’ll leave this house today and will wait with my men outside.

Mahendra keeping eye on Chiku and remembers what Kanika asked them to do. Sumeet asks Meet to call from Ahlawat’s family too. Manmeet talking on phone about the party arrengements. Meet asks what happen. Manmeet says birthday planner won’t be able to come because there labourers are on strike. Sumeet says how is that possible. He says I’m also trying to figure that at. Gunwanti says to Mahendra did you see Sumeet’s face, she looks sad but we have to do it so that we can take Chiku out of this house.

Meet says to Sumeet don’t worry I’ll handle the situation. Gunwanti says your mother is smart but I also have an idea and we can change theme to jungle and everyone can become animal. Sumeet says I love this idea. Meet says it’s decided we will make jungle. Gunwanti walks to Mahendra says in that jungle a lion will take Chiku. Jasodha asks Gunwanti what are you saying am I dreaming or your heart change for Sumeet. Gunwanti says Sumeet is our family I don’t like Chiku. Jasodha say’s okay then will do all the arrengements.

Mahendra says to Gunwanti when every child will be wearing animal costume we will take Chiku to Kanika and take signature on documents.Everyone in party. Amma wishes Sumeet happy birthday and give her favourite ladoo, kachori and many more things. Manmeet greets Amma. Amma asks her to eat everything to become strong. Amma hugs Meet and give her blessings. Manmeet aaks her do you ever bring anything for me. Amma says everything is for you. Manmeet says let’s cut the cake. Everyone applauds and wishes happy birthday to Sumeet.

Mahendra and Gunwanti keeping eye on Chiku. Sumeet give cake to Meet, Manmeet and Chiku. Meet asks Sumeet to give cake to Duggu and Vani. Duggu eats the cake. Vani says I don’t want to eat cake, Sumeet everytime use to give me cake but this time she gave to someone else. Sumeet says that’s a special cake which is for both of us and asks Meet to bring the cake. Meet brings the sister cake, Vani and Sumeet eats it together. Vani hugs her and says we will follow this ritual ever year. Amma says Sumeet is just like her mother she knows how to take care of relation.

Kanika calls Mahendra says minister has threatened me to give him kid in half n hour or else you will loose your factory and I’ll loose my job. Mahendra says give me 2 minutes and he signals Gunwanti. Gunwanti asls everyone to get ready in animal costume. Gunwanti give costume to everyone and asks them to wear it. Gunwanti walks to Mahendra says Chiku is wearing deer costume so just pick deer and our work will be done.

All the kids get ready in animal costume. Meet guve smart watch to Chiku. Chiku get’s happy. Meet and Masum asks everyone to go and play. Manmeet says to Meet tell me one thing why did you give watch installed with chip, he is playing infront of our eyes. Meet says I know Chiku is safe but I don’t want to take any risk, I’m sure they are seeing Chiku and want to take him away from us. Mahendra and Gunwanti keeping eye on deer.

Manmeet asks Meet why did you make Chiku wear watch installed with chip he is playing infront of us. Meet says I know he is around us hut I’m sure they are keeping eye on him to take him away from us. Manmeet asks her how does that work. Meet says his watch is connected to my watch and I can track everything he every movement. Manmeet asks how to operate that. Jasodha calls them. Meet takes him with her

Gunwanti and Mahendra keeping eye on Chiku. Kanika calls Mahendra says do it quickly we have less time left. Mahendra hungs up phone and asks Gunwanti to act fast.Meet thanks everyone for coming to the birthday party and says it’s time for a jungle story. Gunwanti says to Mahendra this is time when we can act. Manmeet asks kids to get close for story time. Manmeet start telling the story to everyone. Gunwanti wears costume of lion. Mahendra says to her in this game we will kidnap Chiku.

Gunwanti run towards the kid and they start playing with lion. Everyone enjoying. Manmeet done with the story. Mahendra takes Chiku with him. Sumeet looking for Chiku. Sumeet sees him and run towards Chiku to bring him back. Sumeet says come back to Jungle we all will be happy. Meet says when everyone is happy so let’s have jungle dance. Everyone start dancing. Gunwanti walks to Mahendra and asks why didn’t you took him with you. Mahendra says Sumeet started calling him. Kanika calls Mahendra and says if you didn’t get the child you won’t get the factory.

Mahendra says to Gunwanti pick that kid right now or else our dream won’t come true. Gunwanti walks back to kids and start dancing with Chiku. Meet explaining Manmeet about the watch. Meet family also joins the dance. Mahendra getting anxious and looking at his watch. Meet start dancing with Gunwanti. Mahendra get’s call from Kanika. Kanika says you have 5 minutes and if kid is jot here then my job and you dream both will be gone. Mahendra says wait for sometime it will be done. Mahendra sees Chiku walking away in deer dress, he grabs him and run away. Meet get notification about Chiku’s location she tells Manmeet and says he is going somewhere else.

Meet see’s the location stopped so she says I think he went to washroom.Mahendra and Gunwanti carrying Chiku with them. They see Ammaji talking on phone so they stops and Mahendra hide with Chiku. Amma see Gunwanti in lion costume says it that Gunwanti. Gunwanti remove her costume. Amma asks what are you doing. Gunwanti says I was feeling hot in this costume so came to take fresh air. Amma walks away and hears a loud noise, she stop and asks what was that sound and start looking for the source. Mahendra hiding behind wall. Amma looking. Masum walks to her says what are you doing kids are looking for you come with me Amma and Masum walks away.

Mahendra come out of gis hiding spot and give Chiku to Kanikas men and they walk back inside.Meet says every kid dance so well so we don’t have one winner because everyone won and everyone will get gift for winning. Meet and Manmeet give gifts to everyone. Mahendra says to Gunwanti finally our work is done and soon we will be getting lot’s of earning from factory. Gunwanti give gift to Sumeet. Sumeet don’t take gift. Gunwanti asks what happen why aren’t you taking gift. Meet asks Sumeet to take gift. Gunwanti remove mask and finds Chiku. Gunwanti and Mahendra in shock after seeing him.

Meet and Manmeet confused. Gunwanti asks him how did you came in this costume. Meet and Manmeet start looking for Sumeet. Meet removes everyone’s mask to find her.Kanika finds Sumeet under deer dress. Kanika run away and says Mahendra is fool I asked him to pick Chiku but he brought Sumeet. Sumeet asks goons are you looking for Chiku, sorry but I’m here instead of him.Meet asks Chiku where is Sumeet if you are wearing her dress then she must be wearing deer dress.

Sumeet asks Goon why did you brought me here answer the question. Kanika says to herself she is also a trouble like her, because of her I’m unable to to catch Chiku.Manmeet and Meet tensed looking for Sumeet. Meet says I’m unable to find Sumeet she was playing with everyone, I won’t leave anyone if someone happens to my daughter. Manmeet says nothing will happen to our daughter. Meet asks everyone to look for Sumeet.

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