Meet in love update Friday 9 September 2022


Meet in love 9 September 2022: Babita walks to Raj says what is happening here and looks at bag and ask them where are you going. Raj says why are you escaping like thief I didn’t kept this kind hope feom you. Babita says so she is so stubborn that after saying no still trying to leave. Meet says I have to because if I told you, you won’t let me go. Raj says you never thought of me while thinking something like this, my emotions, sentiment don’t value you. Masum says today Meet prove that she don’t respect you, she only care about her house. Meet thinks I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt you. Raj says to Meet okay if I have no value then I have to talk to Anubha then you will listen because she is your family and have blood relation so you will listen them. Meet says to Raj papaji.

Raj says no I understood everything and leave. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet we know this is coming.Meet and Meet Ahlawat in there room trying to think something. Meet stumble into him many times. He says wait, am I a wall that you are being crashed into me many times, come sit here. She says my mind is like a steam engine I getting anxious I cannot sit. He says okay then I’ll sit and ask did mom will say yes.Anubha open door and see Raj says you overe here is something wrong come inside. Raj walks in and sit. Anubha brings water for Raj and ask how is your health and how’s everyone. Raj says I’m good and I’m sorry I came here with Meet’s complaint. Anubha ask what she did now.

Raj says she is not listing to me and she want to be a police officer but our guruji told us that next 6 months are very risky for her life, that’s why I want you to ask her to stop being stubborn for getting admission in police force.Meet Ahlawat says to Meet my heart is pumping so fast please check am I alright. Meet says it’s okay. He ask will everything will be fine. Meet says yes don’t worry. Meet Ahlawat get’s call and they both get scared and says I’ll put phone on loudspeaker and talk, he picks up phone and greet Anubha. Anubha says to Meet Ahlawat come fast Raj is unconscious he is not well. Meet Ahlawat and Meet leave.

Raj in his room with oxygen mask. Meet Ahlawat and Tej near Raj. Doctor examin him. Everyone outside room. Ram walks to them says doctor said he got cardiac arrest. Masum says how is that possible, he is a jolly kind of person. Ram says he do joke but he take tension for people who are very close to him, Meet mean a lot to him and from the time Guruji told him that Meet’s life is in danger. Masum says he was in tension because of her daughter in law and now he is facing issues with his life, says to Anubha dad always considered her as her own daughter but your Meet never think of him as his father. Ragini says no Masum, Meet consider everyone as her family and she didn’t know that Raj will get worse everyone is in tension here ans you are consolidating everyone in negative manner. Babita ask where is Meet.

Meet in mandir room .Masum says if she love everyone then where is she, she must have gone for her police academy admission because we would have said no. Ragini says Masum stop thinking about her like this. Masum says because she always give priority to her house not Ahlawat’s. Everyone hear sound coming from mandir room and goes to mandir. Meet there praying for Raj and everyone join hands to pray for Raj. Meet looks at everyone says I have lighten up Akhand Jyot for Raj now he will get well early and says to Masum after keeping hand on shoulder of Babita won’t come in taking care of her you must have given her medicine at right time, you know when she don’t take medicine on time she get attack of migraine, but when you get time to disrespect me you don’t stop, says Babita Raj is everything to me I already lost my father and don’t want to loose him I won’t do anything against Raj and ask Anubha to go home Dadi must be alone we all are here with Papaji.

Anubha says to Meet never loose your strength and always take care of your family and hugs her. She take permission and leave.Meet brings medicine for Babita and give everyone what they ask for, tea to Masum, Sunaia, Ram, Hoshiyar, Tej and milk for Isha and Duggu. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet.Meet Ahlawat walks to everyone in hall says Dad is out of danger. Everyone rush to Raj. Meet sit there and start crying. Meet Ahlawat sit with her and says Dad is alright now, come he is calling you.

Raj looks at everyone and says what happen why is everyone crying don’t worry I won’t leave you all alone this early and says to Babita why are you staring at me okay from now own I won’t eat anything sweet we have a way long together. Tej gube him water. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks in. Meet sit beside Raj and apologize. Raj says come sit beside me don’t sit in my legs. Meet sit beside him says now your daughter will stick with you like magnet won’t fo anywhere and don’t take any tension. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat your wife want to do fun while sitting inside home do one thing pack her bag and sens her to police academy training. Everyone in shock. Raj says what are you looking at Anubha’s blood run inside her she is same like her mother……(Raj says to Anubha you lost your husband how can you be so strong that you allow your daughter in great danger and take a heavy risk.

Anubha says this strength is in every police officers family, when he wears the uniform then everyone in family becomes the member of that uniform, to every officer the whole nation becomes it’s family member when they wear uniform, for that they can go to any extent, yes I lost my husband but feel proud that he keep on respecting his uniform till his last breath and same proud I have for my daughter that she chose this line, I love her a lot but if one day she lost her life for nation then I won’t think like what happen and now what I’ll do because I know if she had to loose her life for nation then she will be called martyred…)

Meet says I’m sorry papaji I acted to run away from house because I want to send this topic to mom because I know when you will talk to her then fead inside you will vanish but I didn’t want this. Raj says no need to apologise and let me tell you and listen to me carefully everyone there was no mistake of Meet in my heart attack and this can happen to anyone, you were right Meet nobody can live in fear of death it can come infront of anyone, now brace yourself you will be having responsibility of whole nation. Meet says I got your blessings now see I’ll make you more proud.


Meet Ahlawat, Meet and doctor in Meet’s room. Doctor check her leg says you have done your recovery in 15 days of 1 month it’s all because of strong will power. Meet says it’s all because of my family support. Doctor says but still advise you to take bed rest and he leaves. Meet Ahlawat says wao that’s great. Meet checks her phone and get sad. He ask what happen. Meet says I have to leave for training tomorrow. He says I thought you had days to spend but your date is near. Meet looks at her. He says I had something in my eyes don’t think I’m crying. Meet says there is something on your face and applies a black teeka on her cheeks. He ask is that clear. Meet says wait and apply one more on her forehead and let him check.

Meet Ahlawat check her face says so you were making my face dirty. She says no I was saving you from bad omen of other girls I don’t want negativity in your life as I’ll be gone tomorrow. Meet tease him and both spend fun quality time.Everyone in hall. Hoshiyar reading books. Babita says to Raj, Hoshiyar is reading a book since so long but don’t know what. Raj ask him what are you reading. Hoshiyar says Duggus education is getting tough so thought first I should read before teaching him and try to take the books name. Tej says it’s environmental studies EVS. Meet and Meet Ahlawat come down, Meet Ahlawat says there is a news for all of your tomorrow Meet is going for her training.

Ragini wishes her luch and says from tomorrow we won’t be able to see you, so we all will miss you and hugs her. Meet says Sunday will be off so I can come and meet you all and I have phone too and everyone is already in my heart. Masum says to Meet you will out for training considering there is no wife of my brother and on 7th day you will come and do all the responsibilities of last 6 days, says to Babita this is like a part time daughter in law. Babita says she has other responsibilities for job and for home and some daughter in law are like they do there jon along with that take care of responsibilities, if they get one day to spend with there family they take proper responsibilities of that and to prove it or Meet will cook food for all family members.

Everyone says yes she will cook. Meet says yes I’ll cook food for everyone. Raj says very good.Anubha give suggestions to Meet on call and give her instructions how to cook churma. Meet says okay. Anubha disconnects call and pray to god for Meet.Meet in market with shopping bags. A girl on cycle calls Meet and go to her. They both greet eachother and Meet ask her what are you doing here. This is my time if selling sweets so when I saw you I came to you. Meet and Methae sit together. She ask Meet why did you bought so many things is there any occasion. Meet says this is for my family and I got selected in police academy with support of my family so I bought this for everyone. Methae congratulates her and give her aloo jalebi to eat. Meet says this is so delicious. Methae says you after seeing I got strength to become successful and make my sweet world famous.

Meet says don’t worry you will become famous one day. Methae says it’s a big dream for oyr family that we are growing and if you want to win someone heart give them sweet and they both eat aloo jalebi. Meet says I feel so good after meeting you it’s been so long.Meet Ahlawat calls Meet and ask where are you, you are leaving tomorrow atleast think of me. Meet says don’t worry I’ll be there and disconnects phone. Meet says Isha with some boy in her bike mirror. Isha talking to boy says now you will say me I love you and see Meet coming towards her. Meet turn that boy and says Deep what are you doing here. Isha says don’t tell anyone at home, we like eachother for so long but we don’t have strength to tell anyone.

Meet says did you tild Meet Ahlawat. Deep says no I will tell him afterwards and your swear I’ll take good care of Isha and will tell everyone when time will come. Meet says I’ll not hide truth but you are asking time I’ll give and if your relation is true then there will be no problem with family and in the end I’m with you but you two have to tell family soon. Isha says yes and hugs herMeet in kitchen getting ready to prepare food and making dough. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and make fun of her. Meet says I don’t know how to make dough. Meet Ahlawat says I have an idea if I help you then all the remaining time will be mine.

Meet says help me and tell what to do. Meet Ahlawat help her to make dough. They both enjoy and have fun time while cooking. Masum get inside and ask them what is happening and says to Meet Ahlawat you cannot help her or I’ll tell to mom. He says I was just checking. Masum says okay I’m here so that you won’t disturb her. Meet Ahlawat go out. Meet start cooking food. Masum standing there and see Meet while cooking. Meet mix sugar in churma. Masum take the box and taste it, she thinks this is salt in sugar it’s good now it will be fun and says well done I’ll go and tell mom that your daughter in law has cooked churma for her. Meet says don’t tell her what I have cooked I want to give her surprise. Masum thinks it’s best now everyone will get shock and she leaves.

Ram Lakhan get inside kitchen and says to Meet tomorrow you will go for training and we will miss you a lot. She hugs them. Lakhan taste churma and spit ut out says what have you cook. Meet says it’s churma can’t you understand after tasting it, what happen to your taste and she try it says I have put salt in this how is that possible, she check the box says I put salt instead of powder sugar, now what I’ll do. Sunaina shout from outside if you are done with cooking can I come inside. She ask Ram Lakhan to stop Sunaina from coming inside and remember what Babita said to her about responsibility.



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