Married Again update Tuesday 5 July 2022


Married Again 5 July 2022: Dishyum Dishyum..OMG that goons was like little over they were about strip her saree and OMG they were much..God my yashu just came and he smashed them first..God Aarti came and hugged him..Again goons came he made them ek 2 ka 4 shots and all were on the ground..Finally fight over..Aarti in scred hugged him..Yashu poured one bucket full water on him and when akash got sense he gave a slap on his face and brought him home..SM hall yashu was hitting him for his behaviour.Aksh how dare u hit me then yashu says now i slapped u once if u didnt repent i will do more…all came and Gay3 shouted stop yash WTH u are doing..she saw Akash face and ask yash why u hit him wat he did???yashu says ma if u know wat u did you will make him more punishment..

Akash say i did nothing he just came and hitting me..All asked explanation to yash then yash said you ppl ask him wat he did..his mind is full of now money..Akash says WTH are u to talk me i am Akash sindhiya..if u are a man hit me he said yash was about to slap but gay3 hold his hands. she shouted WTH are u to slap my son..i brought up for this only what you will stoop to street level and fight kya??? and panku asked wat happened u hit him yash says he was in the money mad..panku says no worry yash if he spent we have wealth..Again Gay3 sasy why u hit him..sp says without reason my son will not do thsi things..this boy should have done some mistake..Aksh shouts to SP i did nothing again Akash went to fight yash when yash pulled him Gay3 said what u want to prove want to prove in you that womens bad blood running…Gay3..

Finally all went and Yashu was so so hurt…poor my yashu..Iashit makes aaksh to falll in her trap and sh says take badla by taking yash place from him in this house Yashu in Washroom….He was pouring the water on his face thinking the same lines from Gay3…what she spelled like a poison to him..Oh god Yashu was never like this terror in Mumbai return back track also..He just poured water and water on him..Aarti mahan lady came there and was like Yashji please don’t be angry please be cool..How the hell on the earth he will be cool lady..Yash said wat u say Aartiji.. if i would been a minute late then they would have he stopped..God Aarti she said ya i agree but nothing happened na yashji be chill..he said chill how to be chill..Bauji was right we did mistake by bringing him to this family he don’t deserve tpo stay in this family..still Aarti sadi yashji now u are in anger..Akash not was in sense if he would then he would never allow his friends to behave like that to me..Yash asked why he drunk is any will drink that much.

Aartisasy he did with his friends yashji warna…Yash looking all stunned Aarti He was standing like a shocker and staring Aarti…Aarti was like wat happened yashji you are like this then also he was standing like stone and OMG she again asked then he said Aartiji unbelievable that like ma and bhaiya u also support that Akash..when she was about to say something..but he go away from there.and Aarti cries.Morning SM Dining table all weresititng for BF..Gay3 not having BF..OMG Yashu was clearly seeing the mother restless and that Gay3 was so so..yashu got the point she waits for akash to come and says i know ma u wait for akash let me go and bring him..Gay3 says no u don’t if he see u again in front of his eyes he will become angry and ppl here will say something bad to him..Oh Gay3 how u transformed so easily.

Ok that Gay3 goes to the sky room and calling him for the breakfast…but that sky didn’t respond that stupid ishita comes there and says that she will bring him sown..Gay3 goes and sits in table..SP says no need to wait for anyone..all have BF..Love SP totally for supporting my yashu..i am confident My SP in the end will thrash all Gay3 and akash and ishita and will be with my yashu Akash says.. i am sorry for the wrong i have done.. but now m leaving..Gayatri says.. how can u leave me like that…Akash says.. i cant hurt u anymore.. the love i didnt get for 30 years from you, i got a lot of it in these 4 days and will forever remember it.. but i cant be here anymore.. all these 30 years.. the way i have lived.. with the people i have lived.. i cant get better in 7 days..

Yash says.. Akash, dont go..Akash says.. no.. God made me the legitimate kid but gave u all the happiness.. dont feel bad but u got all the money and respect, i cant match that.. though i dont have money, but some respect i have.. thats why.. u stay here.. legitimate or illegitimate, u will the honourable son..First time and for the last time, I will call u Bauji… u were right.. u said i am not meant for this house but i opposed it but now i have understood.. forgive me.. i am leaving..Gayatri and Yash call out to stop him.. all try to stop him…

Gayatri says.. u have my word Akash… if u will leave, i will die..Akash says.. u stopped me.. bcz if a mother dies because of me.. i cant do that.. i can love this house but this house wont love me..Gayatri says.. why dod u think so..Akash says.. what i want from 30 years, i wont ever get it..Gayatri says.. what do u want tell me… this house has all…Akash says.. i may be poor but i dont want money.. i want respect.. all the respect that Yash bhai has got for 30 years… this illegitimate tag , can u put it on Yash? can this family in front of the world say I am the legitimate kid..? if u give that, i can stay here..Yash looks shocked and sad..everyone sees sad..Akash says.. i dont think anyone can answer that.. u stopped me with your word but for once ask my destiny-maker if he can fulfill my demands.. i have only 4 demands.. if u can fulfill that then its ok..

1. All that is Yash bhai’s , that will be mine from today.
2. from today, Yash bhai will never raise his hand on me.
3. the life that i have lived for 30 years, that will be Yash bhai’s from today.
4. In front of the world, this man will say proudly that he is my father.. meaning that i am the legitimate son of the Scindias and Yash bhai is the illegitimate son.

All look shocked…Yash has tears in his eyes…Aarti looks confused..Akash says.. no one is saying anything.. did u see, no one says anything.. i can see u mum as well.. i am leaving now..Gayatri says.. stop Akash.. whatever u wanted, u get it.. name, fame respect everything… from today, Akash is this house’s legitimate son and Yash, your father’s illegitimate son..Akash holds Gayatri’s hand..Bua says.. i cant believe this bhabhi.. how can u behave like this with our Yash.. this cant happen.. u have given all your love to him for 30 years… think again..

Yash says.. like Maa.. i take all of Akash’s demands.. Maa has promised and I will help u..Papa S says.. Yash..Yash says.. Bauji.. at least i can do this much.. that i can fulfill the duties of a son..Yash goes to Gayatri and bends down to take her blessings..Gayatri hesitates and puts her hand on his head and half way says be happy..She takes off her hand and goes inside crying..Bua looks sad.. all are sad…Ishita smiles..Akash looks at Yash.. Yash goes inside…Yash is in his room packing his stuff..Aarti comes in and says.. why yash ji.. why did u promise mummy ji something that hurts u so much to fulfill..

Yash says.. for Maa’s happiness.. so that Maa can fulfill her promise.. and what is bigger for a son..Aarti says.. i am with you in all your decisions..Yash and Aarti start to pack..kitni baaten plays in background…Yash looks around at his room…Yash remembers Gayatri’s words that she said sometime back..Gayatri sits in her room crying…Aarti looks at Yash crying…Yash and Aarti hug..Akash comes in their room..Akash says.. why did u pack everything.. ohh u are emptying the room.. waah son should be like you.. this is less in me which i want to remove.. i think u didnt hear me clearly outside.. all yours is mine now.. ur clothes.. ur watch.. ur shining shoes.. all are mine and will be here… everything in the bag and in this room is mine.. Akash’s Scindia’s

Yash and Aarti leave the bags and are leaving with the family photo frame..Akash says.. cant u understand.. everything is mine.. that photo frame as well.. leave it here..Yash looks absolutely angry.. Aarti looks shocked.Yash and Aarti were leaving the room with the family photo frame..Akash says… cant u understand u have to leave everything meaning the photo frame also.. keep it..Yash got angry … he was stepping front in anger when Aarti holds his hand and takes the photo frame and keeps it..Akash says.. bhabhi ji is more intelligent than you.. she keeps reminding you of the promise that u made along with which is u cant raise ur hand on me..Meanwhile Aarti keeps the photo frame and takes out the photo..

Aarti says.. take this Akash bhaiya.. this photo frame is yours but u dont know its lifeless which was given life by this photo .. by Yash’s love and respect and now its back to being lifeless.. everything that was Yash ji’s is yours now but house isnt made by things but love and respect and i am sure like Yash ji u will keep bring the love and fill this photo frame again..Yash smiles.. Aarti looks in anger..Aarti moves to Yash and holds his hand showing Akash and both of them move out…Ishita looks at Akash.. Akash is angered..Aarti and Yash come out of the room and Prateek and Vidhi are there…Prateek hugs Yash crying and says.. bhaiya u take my room.. plzz bhaiya…

Yash says.. hold yourself..Vidhi says .. yes u take my room also..Prateek says.. we will all live together .. it wont be a problem..Yash says.. it doesnt matter where we live.. but our love should remain..Yash and Aarti go..Vidhi says.. thsi isnt right.. how can Yash bhaiya live in a servant’s room…losing to love, mummy ji asked such a thing to Yash bhaiya..Yash and Aarti reach the room .. Jee Le Zara being played in background…Yash stands by the window sad and looks out..Aarti looks at the photo crying and pastes the photo on the wall..Yash looks crying.. he goes to Aarti and helps her in pasting it.. Yash looks at the photo intently touching it..

Aarti is about to touch Yash’s shoulder but crying holds back and runs towards the little mandir in the room…Yash keeps his head on the wall …He sees Aarti crying by the murti.. he goes to Aarti.. Yash holds Aarti’s shoulder.. Aarti turns back and hugs Yash…Akash is rejoicing in the room… and says.. this is right.. this feels like king.. what an awesome mattress..Ishita says. and u listened to me.. i told you if u go on my words.. u’ll reach heights.. now they will live in the servants room and u live in this awesome room.. this has to happen .. how ur life is entwined with mine.. what is in my destiny.. u will get it..Akash looks angry..ishita says.. why are u looking that.. ok let that be.. but say a small thank you..Akash says.. i wont say thank you.. this is all my destiny.. dont keep hopes with me… pack ur stuff and go to your parent’s house.. u have a great destiny no.. u will get someone..

Akash pushes Ishita.. the necklace falls and Ishita sees it…Ishita says. i wont go.. what i want is in this house..Akash says.. what is in this house that u dont leave me..Ishita says.. u wont understand that..Ishita picks the necklace and flaunts it..Akash says.. ask her whatever, she smiles… she makes me angry.Gayatri says.. get preparations for bhoj..Paridhi says.. what is bhoj?Bua says.. bhoj is done when in front of the world, u accept your mistake…Paridhi says.. will he accept it.. do u think so..Bua says.. he will have to.. when Bhabhi has accepted..Papa S looks angry… everyone quietens..Gayatri says.. why did u go quiet..? because ur bauji is here..we arent doing anything wrong.. he did something wrong.. we are giving him a chance to correct it..


paridhi says.. u r right mummy ji.. that is what Bauji says… that family doesnt stay up with lies and bcz Bauji got my radio station job left because i kept it a secret..

Papa S is angry..
Gayatri looks down…
Paridhi looks straight…

Akash sitting on the office mattress says.. whatever was yours is mine now… dont sit on this mattress but sit on the ground..

Yash looks at him..

Yash is in the office side doing work ..
Pankaj and Prateek come there and see him sad working…
Yash sees them and says.. Pankaj bhaiya.. prateek come in nah..
They come in looking down..

Yash says.. what happened bhaiya.. why are u serious..? and chote why r u sad..? dont be sad over Akash’s issues.. this is a want of younger brother.. in some day, it will subside and things will be right..

Pankaj says.. u are really good Yash.. u have a golden heart..

Akash says.. just now I heard something… Younger brother’s wants.. whatever he wanted asked for it.. in some days, he will let it go.. but lemme tell this, this is not my want but my right and i wont forget that ever in my lifetime…

Akash shouts at Yash.. dont look at me like that.. go and get tea for me.. and if it gets cold by the time u get it, i will throw it on you…

Prateek looks sad..

well.. Akash is saying what is running on his head..
Yash is doing things according to his promise..

but Pankaj.. even if Akash is taking Yash’s place.. Pankaj is the elder brother.. he can say things to Akash and Gayatri cant stop him bcz he is elder… grrr.. Pankaj is so spineless.. never does anything when needed…

Akash sits on the mattress with his legs spread and says.. Yash bhai, do i have to remind you all the time that whatever was yours till 30 years is mine now and dont sit on this mattress but m not that bad u also sit down but on the ground because for 30 years, people have made me sit near their feet only..

Yash looks at him..

Akash says.. sit sit.. even i want to see how a person who has been on carpet will sit on the ground.. u also will understand what kind of a life i have lived…

Prateek says.. Akash..

Yash stops him and sits down..

Akash says.. ohh u are not used to sitting without help.. but atleast u sat.. but Yash bhai is absolutely kalyugi ram.. do u know how people used to talk to me.. he shouts on Yash and says.. go and get tea for me.. and if it gets cold by the time u get , i will throw it on you..

Prateek says.. my bhai is not ur servant..

Akash says.. i am talking… Yash bhai.. u know how i used to feel.. bu thow will u know till that happens with you.. so go and get tea for me..

Aarti making tea, Yash takes the tray. (OMG! Poor guy…what has he become.) Yash was about to drop the tray on his way…but Ishita gets a hold of him. Ishita says “I can understand what you’re going through. And why wouldn’t i understand? We both are a reason for him suffering…I am his wife who is forced to stay with him and you’re his brother because of whom he had to suffer all his life. We are his enemies. He won’t accept me, nor you.” Yash walks away without saying anything. Ishita looks at Aarti.

Yash brings the tea for Akash and serves it to him. Yash was about to stand back up after serving but Akash says ‘Stop! Stay the way you are until I taste the tea” Akash tries to take a sip but it’s piping hot, he manages to take a sip and angrily throw it on Yash. (this guy just makes me hate him more and more) Yash cries in pain, pankaj and Prateik come for help. Pankaj is super angry with Akash and tries to say something, akash says “Was that tea or cold water? Didn’t I tell you if the tea gets cold i’ll throw it on you! This is what i bared for 30 yrs!” everyone comes outside, Aarti says “what happened yash ji?” Prateik says ‘this guy is crazy! He’s completely lost it! He threw hot tea on bhaiya.” Everyone is shocked. G3 says “did you do this akash?” SP says “ENOUGH! Who gave you the right to insult yash?” SP was about to slap Akash, but G3 gets a hold of his hand. (Lady! Your spoiling your child even more) SP is shocked and looks at G3. G3 says “what right do you have to slap my son? You have lost that right!” Prateik says “what are you saying ma? You haven’t seen what he did to yash bhaiya. But pankaj bhaiya and I did! He threw piping hot tea on Yash bhaiya.” Aarti looks at yash with teary eyes. “Just think how much pain he would be in, think about how hurt he must’ve felt. Ma I don’t care who he is…but he can’t insult my brother like this.” G3 says “Yash…” Akash begins his drama, he’s on his knees and says “Ma! The world has never accepted me, you too punish me now! I lost it and i did this to yash bhaiya. I’m bad ma! Punish me…hit me.” G3 falls weak and says “it’s okay. God knows why he did this…look he’s sorry. It’s okay, come with me.” G3 takes akash along with him. Everyone leaves one by one, leaving AarYa alone. Aarti says “how long will you bare this for? You aren’t god Yash ji…you’re a human! And a human has the right to cry and stand up for themselves if hurt. How long will you stay quiet for?” Yash walks away without saying anything. (I feel so sorry for yash. He’s become a walking lifeless doll.)

AarYa are in their little room, Aarti says “I don’t understand why you are doing this. I know you can answer akash back for all this nonsense, and you can get rid of all his pride within minutes. But you don’t…why are you doing this?” Yash says “when you know it all then you know why am i so quiet. It’s a matter of time…when Akash will come back to his senses and get rid of all that anger he’s carrying within him…he’ll be back to normal.” Aarti sits beside him and says “I am dead sure that akash is not behind this quietness of yours. Because i’ve seen you scold Prateik bhaiya upon him making a mistake, then why not with akash?” Yash looks away, Aarti gets him to look at her. “It’s obvious…why you are baring this. It’s all for mummy ji right? I’m shocked to see mummy ji like this. There was a day when she’d cry to see you in pain and today…so much happened yet she…it’s not that I don’t understand the pain she’s growing through but I can’t see you like this either. Not at all.” Aarti applies Ice on Yash’s burns to ease the pain. (Emotional scene…*cries*) Ishita arrives and is jealous to see AarYa. Aarti hugs Yash and cries, while Ishita is burning with jealousy. (I Knew she likes Yash!!!) Ishita bangs the door with anger, AarYa look at her. Ishita says “Sorry, i’ll come later.” Aarti says “no, please stop. Come on in.” Ishita says “I brought this for yash ji. Akash ji shouldn’t have done this, but what can we do? You know his nature…I’m highly embarrassed and unable to even look at you in the eyes. I’m sorry on behalf of my husband. Aarti radha ma made this for Yash ji…it’s ease out his pain.” Aarti applies the ointment on Yash ji’s burns, Ishita leaves in anger, closing the door.

Akash is singing in his room, Ishita steps on his foot. Akash says “Have you gone blind? Can’t you see?” Ishita says “are you in pain? He must be in pain too…” akash says ‘So what? He’ll have to bare even more pain.” Ishita says “you shouldn’t have.”Akash says “Ahaan…i threw tea on yash, and you’re in pain? Amazing! You’re saying as if you have to wash his shirt…you come here to teach me whenever you get time. Get this…I’ll do what I want, understood?” Akash leaves from there singing. Ishita thinks “I don’t know what you want to do, but i know what i want to do. I won’t waste time like you are…i’ll do what i want to today.”

Yash was on the phone with someone, Aarti says ‘what happened yash ji?” Yash promotes Pavitra Rishta. Aarti says “wow, that’s good.’ Yash says “Yes, the love should be shown off to the world. The surprising thing is that this party will happen in a real chawl.” Aarti says “i wonder how it’ll be.” Yash says “It’ll be amazing…” (Both promote Pavitra Rishta)
G3 is in the room feeling suffocated. Aarti arrives and says “I have to speak to you about something mummy ji.” G3 says “I want no arguments and nor to anyone to teach me what’s right and wrong. you’re intelligent so you’re aware that it’s not right for the D-I-L to cross her limits.” Aarti says “you’re my M-I-L but i considered you a mother and you too always loved me as a daughter…you always appreciated my hard work, yet scolded me for my mistakes. I think i have enough right to tell you what’s in my heart, that’s why you have to listen to me.” G3 says “your stubborn…go ahead. What do you have to say?”

Aarti says “how can you see injustice with your own in this family? You know that akash bhaiya is wrong yet you’re quiet. Aren’t you in pain to see this?” G3 says “you’re here to stand up for your husband?” Aarti says “No! I’m here to share a son’s pain with his mother.” G3 says “and what about Akash’s pain? Can’t you see that? We all know that why akash is doing this…he’s hiding his pain for 30 years…he’s been away from his rights. God knows how much he had to bare because of radha…it’s his frustration that he’s venting out on yash.” Aarti says “I accept what radha did was wrong, but she did all she could. She was never biased with him…” G3 says “it’s not like i’m biased with yash. He’s got everything he needed and he’s getting it. He’s here with his family, I accepted him despite knowing he’s not my son, then why are you complaining?”

Aarti says “when i came in this house after remarriage then you told me to never consider PayPal are my step daughters…didn’t you tell me that Ansh is my son but i won’t differentiate between PayPal and ansh. But today I am sorry to say that the one who taught me all this isn’t doing the same.” G3 glares at Aarti with anger.



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