Married Again update Monday 9 May 2022

Married Again 9 May 2022: Minister’s wife hugs her and gives thanks to God as Neelam is safe. Aarti gives some signal to Yash. Neelam says to her parents nothing happened to her. She had decided to commit suicide but another day Yash and today Aarti made her understand that life is a wonderful thing, for our people.

The only one who has lost their people can understand how much it hurts when you lose someone close to you. She says, she would have died but after that, neither Kunal nor her parents would be able to live she says she had no other option and had to do this thanks to Aarti.

Aarti then apologizes for lying to them. Minister’s wife says we should be apologizing to you guys. You were trying to help Neelam and we stood against you becoming your enemies. Minister also apologizes for coming here and blaming everyone. He says to Yash’s father, that Yash and Aarti have not only saved Neelam’s life but also gave the minister and his wife a new life by telling them how to live. Minister’s wife then promises that Neelam will get married to Kunal and she tells Yash and Aarti about their wedding planning. This time not just because of wedding planners but because of Neelam’s brother and bhabhi.

Yash requests them to let him do Neelam’s ‘Kanyadaan’. Minister says why not. Minister’s wife says to Yash’s family that you are lucky that you have got a son like Yash and a bahu (in-law) like Aarti.

Yash’s father says to Gayatri to give sweets to everyone as Neelam has become the only sister of 3 brothers. Minister says they will only eat sweets after ‘pooja’ is done and they are doing pooja now.

The priest gives a ‘diva’ to Yash and says him to put that in water with Aarti. Yash puts his hands below Aarti and they put it in water. Yash tells Aarti that he was not sure whether this suicide drama would work but there is some magic in Aarti. Aarti says it came from someone. Yash asks who. Aarti says it’s ‘Mausam’s’ magic. Yash gets a call and he goes to talk on the phone. Aarti is smiling and looking at him. Yash looks back at her but she hides and then looks at him again. She then says in her mind, just trust her once and she will bring happiness back to Yash’s life as well with her magic wind. She says, ‘Your wife will bring back love in your life, Aarti Yash Sindiya’.

Aarti, Yash, and his parents are in a room and Yash’s father is saying today he figured how proud it is to be a daughter’s parents after the minister allows Yash to do her ‘kanyadaan’. Buaji is outside the room and listens to this. Gayatri says, correct and Yash and Aarti are parents of two daughters, and says to Yash, you will also be proud after a few years. When you two will do your daughter’s ‘Canadian’. She tells Aarti it’s because her Neelam and Kunal are getting married. Yash says they were going to married anyways but the good thing is now it’s happening with their parent’s approval. Yash’s father then says that he wants to say something to Aarti.

Yash’s father tells Aarti that all credits go to her. He says he had seen a mother in Aarti already but today she proved that she is a good wife, and a responsible partner. He says, ‘I gave you 3 months’ time right? But today I am taking back my condition because you have proved yourself and you will do anything to keep this family. And we have done a great thing by making you bahu’. Aarti says she was desperate to see this confidence in him. She takes blessings from him and Gayatri. Buaji is upset OUTSIDE. Aarti then asks to get coffee but Yash’s father says he is tired and he leaves.

Gayatri then tells Aarti that slowly she has fixed everything in this house. She just has to take little extra care of Yash and give him lots of love. And then she asks him if she will give. Aarti doesn’t say anything and looks at Yash. Yash leaves saying he has some work with Panjak. Gayatri tells Aarti, that sometimes it can be hard to reach your target but don’t give up, and then she takes Aarti with her.

Buaji wonders where they are going. ” Gayatri gives Aarti bangles. Buaji is watching them and gets shocked and remembers how she went to Aarti’s house before and took those bangles away and she says she will take this happiness away from her. As long as she is there, Aarti won’t get Yash’s love, never. Aarti gets emotional and she wants to say something but Gayatri says no need to tell anything. You deserve these Arpita’s bangles.

Gayatri tells Aarti that she deserves those Arpita’s bangles. Gayatri says she didn’t understand her properly and said Aarti doesn’t deserve those bangles and hurt her a lot but that was a mistake. She asks her to forgive her but Aarti tells her not to apologize to her. Aarti says she never felt bad for anything she thinks she is lucky to have two saas-measures (in-laws) who love her a lot. Buaji is upset seeing this. Gayatri tells her to take care of Yash and be with him always. Aarti says okay. more and faster updates go to. Yash’s brothers come to him and say that he and Aarti were like heroes heroin and singing & dancing, they ran Neelam and Kunal.

Prateik says Aarti’s speech shut both minister and his wife. Yash says if there was some other girl beside Aarti, then she would get scared just seeing a pistol but Aarti handled everything nicely. Vidhi comes there and says right and she gives ice cream to everyone. Vidhi asks Yash, why do you think Aarti did this? Everyone stopped Yash from going but still, Aarti was with Yash. She risked her life just to fulfill the promise that Yash gave to Neelam. And she asks Yash the reason behind this. She says the reason is clear that Aarti love… But Yash stops her and says Aarti respects him and he also respects her. He says she was with him because she knew he is correct and if Aarti needs him tomorrow, then he will be there for her as well.

Vidhi says it’s not just about respect but Yash says it’s only about respect and nothing else. He tells them not to see this any other way and says he has told them many times that there is no love relationship between him and Aarti and it will never happen. He requests them not to give any name to this relationship. Aarti is hiding and listening to all this.

Aarti is looking at the bangles that Gayatri just gave her.

In Prateik’s room. Bhavani tells him that she wants to talk about something. Bhavani tells him that she is going with her friend tomorrow, they have a coffee plan tomorrow. Prateik asks again? Does Bhavani say what do you mean again? Do I go every day or what? Prateik says what will mum say. I mean you know mum right. Bhavani says if everything happens like your mum says then she won’t be able to breathe freely either.. in everything do this and don’t do this. Bhavani says she can’t handle all this anymore. She then says how she had to quit her job and now she has to stay at home 24 hours as if she is in prison. Prateik says what do you mean prison, did you ever see Aarti or Vidhi complaining?

Bhavani says not to compare her with them. She says she has decided to go and meet her friends and that’s it. Prateik then says he said too much in anger and says she can go and he will talk with Gayatri. Bhavani says I am not going alone, you’re also coming with me, my friend wants to meet you as well. Prateik says ok and says wherever you are, I am also there. They both are happy now.

Payal and Ansh are playing in their room. Aarti comes there and tells them to sleep as it’s late now. She doesn’t see Palak so asks about her. Children say she is not in the room for a long time. Aarti goes to find her.

Aarti heard Palak’s voice and she says why is she talking to herself. Voice is coming from the storage room. Aarti goes there. Aarti asks her what is she doing there alone. Palak says why do you care and tells her to go from there. Aarti says she is just asking so if any problem then they can solve it together. Palak says you always lie, you lied to me on my birthday too and reminds her how she promised to bring her mum (Arpita) back. Aarti says she just lied because she loves her a lot but Palak says you only love Ansh.

You’re his mum and not mine. She runs away from there. Aarti says to herself that Palak wants to say something but she is afraid as well if she will get that thing or not. She says she is a mother and she can tell something is bothering Palak but what is it?

Aarti is ironing and thinking about Palak. Yash smells something burning and he sees Aarti. He calls her but she doesn’t listen so he goes there and says what are you doing? What if your hand would get burned? Yash asks if she is paying attention but Aarti has no clue and she says no, yes, and she will pay attention to his clothes next time. Yash says he doesn’t care about clothes, but if her hand had got burned then she would have hurt so much. Aarti then says him that she feels Palak is very sad from the inside. Yash then says that means you were thinking about Palak.

He then says Palak told him about competition selection and she wants to participate and win it but the problem is she gets nervous seeing too many people around her and can’t talk. Yash says he tried a lot to fix this problem but he couldn’t do it. Aarti then understands what she was doing in the storage room. She says she would like to try to remove this fear from Palak. Yash says whatever you decide for children, he knows it will be correct.

Kids come back from school. Aarti asks where is Palak. She comes holding her stomach. Gayatri asks her what happened. Palak says she’s having pain in her stomach and says not to send her to school tomorrow. Ansh says she’s lying because there is competition selection tomorrow. Aarti tells Ansh and Payal to go to their room. Palak is requesting Gayatri not to send her to school. Buaji says Gayatri to let her skip one day. Gayatri says okay. Buaji says she made ‘rasgulla’ and they are going to eat but Aarti stops them.

Aarti goes to Palak and says she knows Palak is lying and says she also knows why is she lying. Aarti tells her that she will go to school tomorrow and participate in debate competitions as well. Palak looks at Gayatri and Buaji and then runs away. Buaji then starts her lecture on Aarti that she made her cry and when Gayatri allowed then why she had to go against her. Aarti says she is not going against Gayatri but the thing is Payal is afraid of talking between people. She says the principal also complained to them and Yash and she promised that they will do something about it. Aarti says what would happen if she doesn’t interact with other people. And this fear will only go if she talks to people. Buaji says she is a child, even older people get afraid to talk on a stage and everyone is not like Aarti who like to give speeches. She says why are you forcing Palak and says only if Aarti had given birth to her then she wouldn’t force her like this.

Buaji tells Aarti why would she care about Palak as she hasn’t given birth to her. Aarti tells Buaji that Palak is her daughter and whatever, good or bad things, happen to her, it does matter to her. Aarti says, When she saw her giving a speech and prize to herself in the storage room, she got hurt a lot and got angry at herself that she can’t even fulfill this small wish of her. Aarti says that she knows Palak wants to participate in debate competitions like other kids, she also wants people to appreciate her, and she wants to come first as well. She tells buaji to be with her and try to get rid of this fear from Palak.

Yash says Aarti is right. He says everyone wants that then asks buaji what’s wrong in agreeing with Aarti. Yash’s father also agrees with Aarti. Gayatri also agrees and says if her own family doesn’t help Palak then she will always be lonely and afraid. Buaji then says she was just worrying about the negative effects of forcing her like this. What if something goes wrong on the stage and then she reminds everyone how Palak got sad on her birthday and still doesn’t talk with Aarti, then how she will listen to Aarti now. Aarti says to leave that to her, she is confident that Palak will listen to her and she asks for fifteen minutes.

Yash’s father gives her permission to go and talk with Palak. She goes to her room. Buaji in her mind, Palak hates you so much Aarti, try as much as you want, but she won’t listen.

Palak is sitting alone in her room, while Ansh and Payal are playing with each other. Aarti comes there and Ansh tells her that he and Payal changed like good children but Palak still hasn’t changed her school uniform. He says he even told her but she doesn’t listen. Aarti says she will talk with Palak and she goes to Palak. Aarti touches her bag but Palak says not to touch her bag. Aarti says she just wanted to see which topic she has got for the debate competition. Ansh says he knows, he tells it’s ‘Rain’ and his topic is ‘My favorite teacher. Aarti says him ‘thank you and asks him to go and play with Payal and let her talk with Palak. Ansh says he also wants to talk with Aarti and asks her why is she not talking with him. Aarti sends him to play.

Aarti tells Palak, your topic is very interesting then why are you not participating in the competition? Are you afraid of giving a speech in front of everyone? Then she tells, that when she was young she was also afraid to say anything and after the introduction, she forgets everything else and in case she says more then no one was able to understand. She says sometimes she was even forgetting her topic. Does Palak ask for real? Aarti says yes, and everyone used to laugh so much at her, and then she decided she will get rid of this fear.

And then she tells, that she made everyone sit together at home and practiced her speech in front of everyone and that’s how she got rid of her fear. Everyone liked her speech, everyone clapped and appreciated it. And next day, she went to school and gave the same speech and everyone clapped for her. Palak asks did you get first prize then? more and faster updates daily at Aarti says yea and she tells if you practice your speech then you will get the first prize as well. Ansh now says if she gets first prize then how he will get first prize. Aarti says to him, you don’t say like this. Ansh says but if shis e scared then how will she win. Aarti says she won’t scare from now.

She takes Palak closer to her and says she has confidence in Palak. She asks her if she writes a speech, would she give that speech in front of everyone? and she says if she does then she will give her ‘rosellas’. Palak is just looking at her. Aarti asks again if she can write a speech for her and will she give that speech in front of everyone without scaring. Palak still doesn’t say anything.

Bhavani and Prateik are at a restaurant to meet her friends. Her friends say so finally you got time to meet us and say since she found Prateik she had forgotten all her friends. Prateik says it’s nothing like that, she misses you guys a lot. Prateik tells them about him. Some guy there sees Bhavani and smiles. He calls the waiter and gives him a letter and asks him to give it to Bhavani. She asks who gave it to. The waiter says the guy who is sitting behind. He has left already. Bhavani reads it and smiles. Her friends say even after getting married, you still got lovers and they ask Prateik if he doesn’t feel jealous.

Prateik why would I feel jealous, in end it’s a love marriage, we trust each other, and he likes Bhavani having that many fans. He then asks Bhavani what’s written on it. But Bhavani says to leave it. Prateik is now wondering who was that guy and why Bhavani is not telling him what was written.

Back to Yash’s house. Buaji is telling Gayatri that Pala won’t listen to Aarti. Gayatri says she knows Palak is not talking with her since her birthday but she feels Aarti will be able to make Palak understand and Aarti comes there now. Everyone asks her what happened. Aarti says she talked with Palak and… she agreed. Everyone is happy. Gayatri tells buaji she told her Palak will agree. Aarti says she has written a speech for her and in half an hour she will memorize it and give it in front of everyone. She says it’s the first time that’s why she will be nervous so they will have to give her lots of claps and appreciate her and that’s how her fear will go away. Yash’s parents agree with her. Buaji tries to leave from there but Aarti stops her.

Aarti asks buaji if she will also listen to Palak’s speech right. Buaji says she is going for a prayer. Aarti says prayer is important but she has promised Palak that she will give her ‘rosogulla’ that Buaji has made especially for her. She asks won’t help to fulfill her promise. Buaji stays and says she will do prayer later. Buaji says in her mind, this time you beat me Aarti but swear of my God you will have to pay for this beating.

Bhavani and Prateik are going back home. Bhavani says she enjoyed this much after a long time. Prateik says now no one is here so you can tell who was that guy and what was written in the letter. Bhavani laughs and says that means you’re feeling jealous and are afraid that someone else will take his beautiful wife away. Prateik says it’s nothing like that. Bhavani says then why are you still thinking about it. She then says you love me na, then just have faith in me. If she starts giving importance to such letters then she wouldn’t have gotten married to him. She is happy as after a long time they went out on a long ride and all.

Aarti is bringing Palak to the living room. Palak stops in between. Aarti says there is no need to be scared, everyone is our people. Be a good girl.

Everyone claps as she comes. Aarti says again no need to scare them and asks her to give her speech. Palak starts her speech. She struggles at first but everyone encourages her. She gets better and better as she gives more speech. She gets more confidence in herself. She finishes her speech and everyone stands up and claps. Aarti says to her, see I told you, you will be good. She says look everyone is clapping and asks her if she feels good, she says yes. Aarti kisses her. Yash also tells Palak that she gave a speech beautifully and he is proud of her and he also kisses her. Ansh asks Aarti to write a speech for him as well but Aarti says first let her fulfill her promise and give ‘rosgulla’ to Palak and she goes to get them. Ansh is disappointed and looks down.

Palak talks with a teddy bear and says, did you see how good a speech I gave? Everyone clapped for me, everyone appreciated me, and I am very happy. Buaji comes there and tells her, if you think everyone clapped for you then it’s a lie. Aarti also comes there now and listens from the door. Buaji continues.. all this is your step mom’s plan, she said everyone no matter how bad Palak’s speech is but everyone must clap for her. She says in front of family, anyone can give a speech but when it comes to the stage, everyone will be from outside and if you make any mistakes or don’t give a speech properly, then they will laugh at you and make jokes, no one will clap. She then says not to get trapped in what Aarti says and reminds her how Aarti lied to her on her birthday and she is lying today again. Aarti finally stops Buaji and asks her what is she saying.

Aarti then tells Palak, you gave a good speech and that’s why everyone clapped for you. She then gives her ‘rosellas’ but Palak says she doesn’t want them and asks her why she lied to her. Palak says everyone clapped because Aarti told them. she says you lied to me 2nd time and I am not going to talk with you. Yash comes there now.

Yash tells Palak that Aarti is not lying and says she gave a good speech and everyone clapped. That’s why Yash also said he is proud of her. And Gayatri said she will come first. He then tells Buaji that Palak is no less than anyone else, she is smart and confident. And he says if family support kids then they can do stuff that we might have not even thought about and Aarti has taken the first step and we all should support Aarti. He then tells Palak, for real your mum has written a great speech and you will come first in the competition. Palak smiles at Aarti. Buaji looks angry. Yash leaves.

Aarti says Palak, you heard right what your father said that you gave a really good speech and if you give the same speech in a competition then you will come first. She is giving her ‘rosogulla’ again but Ansh comes in between. Ansh asks her why are you saying again and again that Palak will come first. He says, in old school, he used to come first every time and he wants first prize this time too. Aarti tries to explain but Buaji interferes and says you never said that Ansh comes first every time and now who will get first prize, Ansh or Palak. Both kids look at Aarti. Buaji asks why are you quiet? for who you will write a speech?

Aarti requests her not to talk like this in front of kids and she says both of her kids are very understanding and whoever practices hardest and whoever’s speech is best will come first. Buaji says it’s not easy and says you have written a speech for Palak already and now you will write Ansh’s and purposely you will make his speech better as he is her blood. Prateik comes there now.

He says he has pain in his head and asks Aarti to make tea for him as there is some magic in her tea. He then looks at the kids and asks why are they so serious. He says he has a surprise for them and shows them chocolate. Kids run to him and he also runs outside, leaving Buaji and Aarti alone. Buaji says for now you got saved from my question but till how long? At some point, you will have to choose from your blood and Yash’s kids, what will you do then? Aarti says Palak and Payal are no less than Ansh and she wants to love them like a real mother. There are always difficulties but in end, the truth wins. Aarti leaves from there now.

In their room, Bhavani says to Prateik that she is tired and she goes to get fresh. Prateik checks her purse but can’t find that letter. He wonders where it went.

Aarti enters her room with tea and is in deep thoughts about what Buaji said. Yash asks her if any problem. Aarti does no, yes, no, yes. Yash asks if something is wrong for sure and asks her again. Aarti says she has got into a big problem and tells him how Ansh gives his speeches confidently and came first every time in his old school. If he wins again then what will Palak think? Yash says he understands but situations like this will always keep coming and he says they shouldn’t ignore anyone. Neither Ansh nor Palak. Ansh comes there and asks her to write his speech. Yash signals her to write it. Ansh tells Yash that Aarti is not writing a speech for him because she wants Palak to win. Yash tells him, you shouldn’t say this for your mum. Buaji is hiding behind the door and listening. Yash says, if Aarti won’t write a speech then he will write a speech for Ansh and says now this competition is between Yash and Aarti, not Ansh and Palak. He says now let’s see who wins, mum’s Palak or dad’s Ansh. Ansh leaves there happily. Aarti thanks Yash for solving her huge problem this easily.

Buaji again goes to Palak and says to make her happy, Aarti disappointed Ansh in front of everyone but she is very smart and says she made Yash write his speech. Buaji tells her, that Yash is smart and Ansh will read his speech and wins the competition. Palak says then she won’t go to school. Buaji says don’t do that otherwise Yash will get upset and she tells Palak to leave everything to her. Buaji says she will change Ansh’s speech and when he gives a speech in front of everyone, everyone will laugh at him. Episode ends


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