Mariam Khan Reporting Live Update Wednesday 4 August 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 4 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Mariam praying and walking on the roads in Krishna’s get up. Pal chahiye….plays…. She comes to mosque and offers prayers. She says I will always come here to solve problems, its not a big deal for you, I will tell you since the start so that you understand it. She tells about her normal day. Her nanny asks her to get ready for school. Mariam says this happens with me every day. Her nanny says I will leave this house.

Mariam says you just say this and don’t go. Mariam’s elder sister Meher is seen. Meher tells the nanny Amna about Mariam’s hideout, the cupboard. Mariam calls Meher a betrayer. Meher asks her not to touch her laptop. Mariam says I will eat plenty of sweets that comes from your Sasural today. Mariam goes to her rude sister Mahira and gets scolding. She says my sisters are my enemies, my friend Ghalib is better. She talks to a stone tortoise. She goes and hears her dad talking on call.

Her dad gets angry when someone tries to bribe. He asks the man not to call him again.He hugs Mariam and smiles. She asks what’s bribe. He says when someone makes you an offer for hiding a wrong deed, its called bribe, I m a journalist, who always writes the truth. She says I want to become a journalist like you, why do people do wrong things, is it profitable. He says its profitable for time being, but big loss thereafter, you will know about it when you grow up, read the newspaper for me.

She thinks I never revealed my problem about words. She sees her mum and thinks just I can see the horns on her head. Her mum asks her won’t she go to school. Mariam says no. Her mum says then learn things at home, I will get you married soon. Mariam says I was going. Mariam hears her parents talking. She prays that Lord changes her mum. Her mum says sell the land soon, so that we get money to get Meher married well. Her dad says people will come to give advance today. Mariam wishes her mum stays the same.

Amna takes her to get her ready.Mariam screams and says Lord will punish you all. Everyone hears her and smiles. She drinks the milk.Nawab Aijaz Ali Khan, the ruler of Bhopal comes there. Driver tries to start the car. Mariam greets her grandpa, Aijaz. He says I won’t go to school with you, I will drop you, I never studied in school. She asks are you illiterate. He says how dare you say that, teachers used to teach me at home. They leave in the car and have a talk on the way.

Driver says the other car is not giving us a way. Aijaz says who is daring to do so. He gets down the car and sees an elderly man, Sarfaraz Thakur. Mariam says Sarfaraz is our arch rival, what does it mean. She asks do I need to go school by walk. Aijaz says stay quiet, respect is more imp than education. She says you are being selfish. He stares at her. She sits quiet. Sarfaraz doesn’t move his car away. Both Aijaz and Sarfaraz wait in their cars. She sees her friend passing by and says I m going school with my friends.

She runs to take help from Lallu. A kid pulls her hair and greets hello. Mariam asks for lift. She drives the cycle. She attends drama rehearsal in school and becomes Krishna. She tells about some woman, who is equal to Chudail. The lady asks about principal’s office. Mariam spies on her. The lady asks why did you reject my son’s admission.Principal says we don’t take admissions in mid term, its a rule, sorry. Lady tries to bribe him. Mariam gets the wallet.

Lady stops her and scolds her for being thief. Kids say we came to return the wallet which we got there. Lady asks them to come to principal. Mariam says this lady isn’t sweet. She bites lady’s hand and runs. Mariam returns from school and sees Aijaz and Sarfaraz’s enmity game going on the road. She sees both the cars stopped. She comes home with friends. Her mum stares. Mariam sees Meher upset. She turns into reporter and takes Meher’s interview to cheer her. Meher smiles and makes them run. A court notice comes. Mariam’s mum checks it. She gets shocked.

Mariam looks on. She gets sad seeing her mum worried. Her mum asks her dad about the problem. Her dad Azhar says court has sent a notice, our property belongs to govt now as per enemy property act, aunt had gone to Pakistan. She asks how is our haveli related to it. He says this mansion is registered to her name. She asks about the lands. He says entire property is named to her. They worry. Mariam hears them. Her mum asks him to sell the haveli. He says until there is verdict from court, we can’t sell any property.

Marium packs her bag and goes to worship. Her mum cries being tensed for Meher’s marriage. Azhar asks her to have patience. Mariam’s mum argues with him and calls him an useless man, who is unable to raise their daughters, you want Mariam to do the work which you couldn’t, make Mariam forget journalism.Marium keeps the sheet and says this is not a bribe, just save my dad from this trouble, he is best dad.

Azhar gets sad and comes to his wife. Mariam prays that their house stays as their own. Mariam’s mum and dad cry. Mariam returns home. Aijaz sees her and calls her out. Rang de….plays…..Mariam waking up and recalling her mum’s words. Amna asks her to get up. Mariam argues. She goes to Meher and asks why are you so happy, your alliance broke. Meher says I m super happy. Amna says your mum won’t be glad seeing you happy.

Meher asks why. Amna says you won’t understand this. Mariam says its fine, I will understand this. Mariam collides with Mahira and fights with her. Her mum stops her. She asks Mariam to help everyone. Aijaz comes and says we should celebrate today, Majaaz did a great thing. Mariam’s mum says Meher’s proposal is called off. He says its good, they aren’t of our status and standards, they will get numerous proposals, where there are berries, there will be bees. Mahira says you will be proud of Meher when she becomes successful lawyer. He says If Lord wills. Mariam goes to study and hides, hearing Azhar/Majaaz’s talk with Omkar.

Omkar says what’s happening, so many problems, with whom did you get enmity. A man comes to threaten them and asks Majaaz to print an apology.He says person has to sacrifice respect, life and money to get famous, a man who has the responsibilities of three daughters, what sacrifice will be make, I have sympathy for you. Omkar asks him to get lost. The man says see your newspapers aren’t selling, its not easy to sell truth. Mariam plays the machine’s button by mistake, when the man falls over it. His picture gets printed on papers. Majaaz and Omkar save him.

The man goes. Majaaz asks Mariam what is she doing here. Mariam says sorry, Mahira has beaten me up, tell me today’s breaking news. He says later, not now. He answers her and says every day is a new day and brings new stories, we call them news. Everyone prays. Mariam doesn’t get any sweets. The kids tease her. Mariam tells what dad and grandpa tells. Her mum asks her to give halwa box to Omkar.Mariam asks for sweets. Her mum says just go and give this, its a good thing, do some charity. Mariam asks her friends to come. She goes to sell newspapers.

She tries ideas to sell truth and says that uncle was saying right, its tough to sell truth these days. The kids stop a car. Mariam greets the guy. He says get all your stuff inside the car, I will drop you home. She says I don’t want to go, I m selling dad’s newspapers. He says so sorry. She says we have found a way to sell newspaers with halwa. She shows halwa to him. He says it smells tasty, can I have it. She says you have to buy newspapers first. He says I will shall buy newspapers. He gives her money. The kids give him newspapers and halwa. Mariam feeds him. Kids run away.

Mariam eats food. Aijaz asks how is it. She says good. Aijaz says people should learn to live happily, we have a reason today, for the first time, your dad did something right, I believe he is the true heir of my Lordship. She imagines his words getting real and laughs. Aijaz says Majaaz whatever you did with Sarfaraz today, I m glad hearing it. The guy Zain says the land was really for school. His mum says business will work where customers come, school can be made anywhere. He shows the halwa made by Mariam’s mum. Zain’s dad eats the halwa and cries.

He says I just remembered something from the past. Omkar comes and says I was waiting for halwa, I thought to come here and have it. Mariam’s mum asks her. She scolds Mariam. Mariam gets sad. She recalls her mum’s words and puts some mirror cleaning gel in mouth wash bottle.Aijaz says I will tell you something. Mariam asks him to clean his tongue now. She gives the liquid. He screams. He says you will kill me one day.

She says you are roaring like a lion. She sleeps under the sky and makes a tortoise by connecting the stars. Majaaz comes to her and asks are you upset as your mum scolded you, did you have halwa alone, tell me. She gives him money. He asks what’s this. She says help for you. He asks help? She says I sold all your newspapers with halwa.

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