Mariam Khan Reporting Live Update Wednesday 15 September 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 15 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Majaaz telling everyone about the military blueprint sent by Mariam by mistake. He says if they know Mariam has sent this to us, she can fall in problem. The goon checks junk and doesn’t get blueprint. Farhaan comes to surprise Mariam and Jibraan at hospital. He gives them flowers. He gets a call. He says you have to get that blueprint somehow. He gets the man’s call. He says my aide has gone to get blueprint. The man scolds him. Farhaan says I have to keep an eye on this girl. Doctor says Mariam has fever, we have to delay this operation.

Nawaaz says fine, we shall wait. Aayat says Majaaz will come tomorrow, he will never agree for this, I don’t care for Mariam’s life. Nawaaz scolds her. He says when doctor is saying we shall wait, why are you hurrying, I will explain Majaaz, I m sure he will agree, I trust Mariam, after all this, she is ready to give her bone marrow, she can explain her dad. She asks what if Majaaz doesn’t agree, you can’t lose Jibraan, decision is in your hands, bone marrow operation will happen today. Doctor makes her sign NOC. Nawaaz feels bad and sees innocent Mariam. He thinks both the children are dear to me, I will call Majaaz.

Meher asks Majaaz to call Mariam and ask her about blueprint. Majaaz gets Nawaaz’s call and asks about Mariam. Nawaaz says I need to talk something imp. Majaaz says I will talk to you later, make me talk to Mariam first. Nawaaz asks Mariam to talk to Majaaz. Mariam talks to Majaaz. She asks are you coming to me, I love you the most. Majaaz says I love you too, how did you get that paper. She says its Farhaan’s paper. He asks Hamdam’s son. She says yes, he stays with us, he is very good. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks her to give phone to Nawaaz or Aayat. Farhaan comes and takes phone.

Farhaan says its me, Farhaan, I m with Mariam, we are happy, we will take care of Mariam, you just take care of her card. He ends call. Majaaz gets shocked. He says Mariam’s life is in danger. Everyone gets shocked. Majaaz says Hamdam’s son Farhaan is a terrorist.Rihaan is at godown. He sees a parcel for him and picks it. Someone records him. He gets shocked seeing a gun. He throws the gun and says this place is strange. He goes. Rifat clicks pic. She picks the fake gun. She calls police to inform about suspicious man. She says I will send Rihaan’s pic.

She lies to police and smiles. She says you have to pay a price for making my son cry. Majaaz says Farhaan threatened me about Mariam. Servant says car is ready, when do we have to go to airport. Police gets Rihaan’s pic. Inspector says Rihaan is staying at Majaaz’s house, so that no one doubts at him. Senior asks them to arrest Rihaan. Rifat says I have bear much insult, I have to make this game dangerous. Mahira apologizes to Zain. He says I should say sorry to you, I couldn’t keep you happy. He promises to keep her happy. The police seals the godown.

Jibraan and Mariam talk to doctor about their operation. Zain says we are going to Mahira’s house to get her documents for divorce. Rifat says Mahira can go alone. She cries and apologizes for ruining their lives. Zain hugs her and asks her to stop crying. He says we have no complaints, forget it. Rifat hugs Mahira. Doctor asks nurse to prepare for operation. Mariam says we will watch tv for passing time. Farhaan asks goon to keep an eye on Majaaz, police shouldn’t get blueprint. Goon asks him not to worry. Farhaan rejects the man’s call.

Majaaz says I have to choose between my daughter and my country, I regard my country as my mother, I can never cheat my country. Everyone cries. Madiha says I want Mariam. The goon sees Majaaz with blueprint and aims gun at him. Police comes there.Majaaz saying Mariam’s life is in danger. He worries. Goon sees him with blueprint. Police comes there to catch Rihaan. Mariam and Jibraan see the news of police raid at her house. Nawaaz and Aayat come there with Farhaan. They see news. Mariam worries.

She says I want to talk to dad once. She cries. Aayat stops her. Zain and family see the news and get shocked.Majaaz and family go out. Police officers meet Majaaz and ask him why didn’t he inform them about Rihaan. Majaaz doesn’t understand that they are talking about Rihaan. Goon tries to get blueprint. Inspector says we have come to arrest him. Omkar asks who. Inspector says Rihaan. They get shocked. Majaaz says you are mistaken. Inspector asks where is he, call him, we have to interrogate him. He shows pic. Majaaz says you are mistaken. Rihaan hears music in his room.

Farhaan calls his goon. The man attacks him. Farhaan asks him for some time. Aayat asks Mariam isn’t she thinking for her brother now. Mariam says make me talk to dad once, please. Aayat says fine, I will call him. Majaaz disconnects call. Inspector says we have search warrant, ask Rihaan to surrender. Majaaz says Rihaan belongs to good family, he can’t do this, he is a student. Rihaan gets call. He doesn’t see. Police raids godown and gets arms. Rifat calls Zain. She worries for Zain and recalls what happened last time.

Inspector says you have made Rihaan run away. Majaaz says why will we, he maybe at home. Mahira calls Rihaan again. Rihaan misses her calls. Goon hides from police. Rihaan gets up and takes his phone. He goes out. Police sees him. Majaaz says Rihaan isn’t a terrorist, he is a nice guy. Inspector shouts catch Rihaan. Rihaan hears them and asks who is terrorist. He gets a call. He gets his phone from pocket. Inspector shoots him. Zain and Mahira come there and get shocked. Everyone gets shocked.

Rihaan falls down. Mahira and Majaaz shout Rihaan and run to him. Rihaan falls in Mahira’s lap. Everyone rush to him. Majaaz ask Omkar to call ambulance fast. Aayat says Majaaz would have called you if there is anything. Mariam asks why isn’t he answering. Aayat says we will call Zain and ask if everything is fine. Mahira says I love you Rehaan, please open your eyes. Rihaan thinks of Mahira and smiles. He thinks my story was short, I m dying in my lover’s arms, forgive me Mahira, I m leaving you this way. He dies. Everyone gets shocked. Mahira shouts Rihaan and cries.

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