Mariam Khan Reporting Live Update Thursday 19 August 2021


Mariam Khan Reporting Live 19 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with a lady saying I have to go India surely now, what could be a bigger sign than this, her features are the same. Everyone offers prayers. Aijaz feels tensed and thinks as if some storm is approaching. The lady lands in the city and says happy Eid Mariam, I just have to meet you today. Majaaz asks is everything fine. Aijaz asks where did Mariam go. Mariam says I will never go away from you and hugs them.

They all wish happy eid and hug. Majaaz asks are you feeling better now. Aijaz says yes. He sees Sarfaraz and Wasim. They greet. Wasim wishes Majaaz and hugs. Zain hugs Majaaz and gets emotional. Majaaz asks have we met before. Zain says no, I wish we had met. Fawad comes and asks Zain to come fast, he is hungry. They go. Mariam distributes sweets to poor people. She greets her friends. Majaaz comes. Majaaz asks what’s going on. Omkar wishes him. Wasim gets a call.

Omkar asks kids to buy anything they want. The kids run to buy toys. Majaaz sees Zain feeding the poor and hugging them. He gets impressed. Mariam sees Zain and says he is my Good boy, come I will introduce you to him.Zain sees Wasim. He goes with him. Majaaz looks for him. Mariam says good boy has left. Majaaz says its okay, we will meet your friend soon, come. He gives Eidi to everyone. He says let me have tea first. He finishes tea and says I want some biryani. He teases the kids. He gets a plate of biryani. Mariam says all your excuses got over. Rifat says there is just one problem these days, Majaaz Khan.

Inspector says no, Meher has filed a complaint for cheat and attempt to murder on Wasim and Sarfaraz.Zain asks Rifat was she behind the attack. She denies. Inspector says find their weaknesses soon. Madiha asks don’t you want eidi from me. They say Majaaz’s gifts are special.Majaaz gives special gifts to them. He hugs Meher. Mariam gets in between. He gifts a scale to Meher and earrings to Mahira. He says biggest gift is for Mariam, its a gift of wisdom. Inspector says if you don’t do anything, we can’t stop Wasim from going to jail. He goes. Rifat says we should go to their house. Wasim asks what.

Zain says I think mom is right, what’s wrong in talking. Rifat says I can’t see Wasim going to jail. Majaaz asks Mariam to face all problems and not be scared, fulfill all dreams. Mariam says you got late, what I thought is your gift from my side. He says younger ones don’t give Eidi. She says I have a surprise. He asks what. She gets a box. Majaaz laughs hearing her reporting. She gives him a camera. He says I gave it to you. She says this is not the gift, the promise is my gift, I promise to never leave my dreams, I will become world’s best journalist. He blesses her. She says now give me the camera, I will always keep it safe.


He gives her the camera and says I m proud of you, I m sure you will fulfill whatever you have said. They getting gifts from Majaaz. Mariam goes for reporting with her friends. Mariam says Aijaz will tell me everything once I find his ring. Her friends say there is no such ring, he fooled you, maybe its your twin sister in pic. Mariam thinks where is my twin sister. She sees Rifat asking for address and says enemy is coming to us. She turns away. Rifat calls her out. They wear masks and turn to Rifat. Rifat asks for Firdaus mahal.

Mariam shows the wrong way. Rifat goes. Mariam laughs.An old man sees Mariam in market and informs. Rifat sees Mariam and scolds her. Mariam jokes and says you won’t get Firdaus Mahal. Mariam wishes she doesn’t get beaten up. A lady comes to the market. Majaaz says Mariam is playing, she will come soon. Aijaz comes home and looks pale faced. He says I m fine, but I feel restless, don’t know why. Madiha goes to get juice. Chehra hai ya….plays… Everyone gets shocked seeing Wasim and Rifat at the door. The lady follows Mariam.

Madiha and Wasim cry and recall their childhood. They hug. Rifat hugs Madiha. Madiha recalls her words. Rifat wishes her on Eid. Madiha smiles and welcomes them. Majaaz asks the reason for coming. Madiha says you didn’t reply to my calls and messages, I tried so much to meet you, none could melt your heart, how did you come today. Rifat says this eid is special. The lady calls someone and says Mariam is alone, we have to take her, be ready with formalities. Wasim says I have missed you a lot Madiha.

Aijaz says I got emotional seeing your love, I m surprised that everyone knows our address, you took 20 years to find our house.Rifat says I told Wasim that Madiha did mistake to elope from home, I got him here by convincing him a lot, right. Wasim nods. Rifat asks what’s the use to dig out the past, forget it. Aijaz taunts them. The lady sees Mariam. Mariam asks for Eidi. Rifat thinks how will my motive get fulfilled if Aijaz holds old things. Madiha introduces her daughters. Rifat says we met Mariam on the way. Majaaz asks how did you come.

Madiha asks is everything fine. Rifat says we got Zain’s alliance for Meher, they know each other, maybe Meher didn’t tell you. Meher keeps meeting Zain, maybe she likes him. They get shocked. Madiha asks Meher is this true. Rifat says don’t scold her, I don’t know anyone to elope and marry this time, so I got Zain’s alliance for Meher.

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