Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Thursday 14 October 2021


Mariam Khan Reporting Live 14 Oct 2021: The Episode starts with Fawad trying to say I love you. He gets stuck. Mariam jokes. She slops. He holds her in arms. O yaara…plays… They have an eyelock. She thinks just say it now. Aaliya asks them to come in the party. Mariam goes. Fawad thinks to do it tonight. He sends audio to her that he will tell her his feelings today. Mariam hears the audio and smiles. Akshay tells the kids about the game. The kids get glad. Biji likes the game. Mariam dances with kids. Fawad says I was trying to say that I…. Akshay stops the music. Everyone freezes. Mariam thinks what does he want to say. Fawad thinks why am I not able to tell her anything.

Music resumes. Everyone dances. Fawad and Mariam have a moment. Jaanun na….plays…. Fawad sees Zain and turns to go. Mariam stops him. He says meet me at the terrace. He goes.He waits for Mariam and rehearses to tell her I love you. Mariam asks Meher to take Aaliya inside. They send the kids on the car. Mariam calls Fawad. Goons come there. She says I will go to the terrace now, someone is waiting for me, I know what he wants to say, I want to hear it once. She gets kidnapped. Rifat looks on and smiles. Fawad says I wonder where did she go. Goon gets Mariam to godown and says madam will come to see you. She thinks who is this madam.

She says Fawad wants to tell me something, if he knows that these people kidnapped me, he will not leave them. Fawad says this girl breaks my peace, where is she. Madiha says Mariam isn’t answering my call. Meher says her phone was fallen outside. He says she must be around. Zain comes and says I searched the entire house, she is nowhere.Fawad sees Zain and turns away. He says where did she go. Rifat and Choti look on and rejoice. Rifat says before police gets this news, I will get rid of her forever.

Choti asks her to go, she will manage everything. Fawad goes out and sees the footprints. Mariam scolds the goons. Rifat goes out. Meher and Madiha stop her. Rifat asks why do they worry for Manjeet so much, do they have any relation with her. She speaks bad about Manjeet. Madiha asks her not to talk much. Rifat thinks matter can get worse if I go out, if Zain and Fawad know this. She says I was going to shut the door, its too cold, don’t you worry for Aijaz, what if he catches cold and falls sick. She shuts door and goes. Madiha says I wonder what’s happening. Mariam cries and asks Fawad to come. Fawad runs on the road and looks for Mariam.

Fawad getting restless and looking for Mariam. He thinks of her. Jaanun na…plays…. Mariam says if Fawad knows about you, he won’t spare you. Fawad searches for her till morning. The goon scolds Mariam and shuts her mouth. He puts her in some big crate. The goon says we have to keep her until boss comes. Some workers come there and pick some crates. Mariam also gets away in the box. The goon looks for the box. Choti asks Rifat not to go, Ballu will manage everything. Rifat says I won’t let Mariam come in my way, I can’t go there.

She calls Ballu and asks did you kill that girl, just give me her death news with proof. She gets angry and says Mariam has to lose today. Fawad misses to see Mariam. He calls someone and says we gave to save Manjeet. Madiha and Biji pray for finding Mariam. They ask Lord to hear their problems and save it. Fawad sees Mariam’s pic and asks where did you go, how shall I find you. He says Manjeet was with us in the party, who has kidnapped her. He thinks of Bhakti. He goes to Bhakti and ruins her cabin. He asks her where is Manjeet. She says I don’t know about her, believe me, I m saying the truth. He says I m trusting you for the last time.

He thinks of minister and goes to ask him. Minister is on the way. The driver stops the van and delivers the boxes. Mariam prays that Fawad reaches here and saves her. Fawad looks for the minister and reaches there. He shouts Manjeet. Minister gets the boxes burnt. He says we shall go now. Rifat waits for good news that Mariam is dead. Mariam thinks where is Fawad. He reaches and sees her dress cloth. He says Manjeet has won this dress in party. He tries to save Mariam. He makes a way to reach her. She faints. He takes her with him.



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