Mariam Khan Reporting Live Update Saturday 11 September 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Jibraan saying I get angry on you, as you can play and run, but I can’t do this, I feel bad. Mariam thinks of her friends and tell him. The kids miss Mariam and think of getting Mariam back. Jibraan and Mariam hide on seeing Aayat coming. Mariam’s friends ask people from where to catch the auto to go Lahore. The man says I have no idea. Mariam lies in Jibraan’s place. Aayat comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Mariam thinks I will be punished if she sees me.

Aayat says I think you are upset with me, its matter of few days, you can play as much as you want, take rest, you can come to me when you want to talk. Mariam thinks of Madiha and cries. Aayat goes. Mariam checks a book. Mariam’s friends hear the tempo driver saying I m going to Lahore. They smile and think to board the tempo.They hide their cycles behind the tree. Akshay lies to the man about the money note fallen. They get inside the tempo and get locked. Mariam sees the cycle pics and recalls her cycle. Jibraan says its my personal book.

Mariam says I have same cycle, I won cycle race by cheating. Jibraan says you would feel good breeze while cycling right, I can’t ride a cycle, Dada ji gifted me a cycle, no one takes me out. She asks doesn’t anyone take you out. Omkar comes and asks did kids come here, Gauri is worried. Majaaz says they aren’t here. Someone records them. They go to find the kids. The kids are inside the tempo. Majaaz and Omkar see the cycles. Mariam asks Jibraan not to get scared and just try. Jibraan says no, I will fail. Mariam says if you don’t fall, how will you learn. Hamdam and Junaid look on and get angry.

Mariam helps Jibraan cycling. Hamdam says we have to ruin their friendship.Jibraan says I will fall down. The tempo is brought to some place. The kids hide inside. The men go to have sweets. The kids come out and think where did we come, its a strange place. They check a pamphlet and get glad that they reached Lahore. Majaaz and Omkar report to police. Inspector says I have deployed two teams to find the children, don’t worry. Mariam’s friend check some map and think to find Mariam. They get shocked seeing the tempo driver coming. They hide.

The goons come and check the weapons. Inspector shows footage to Majaaz and Omkar and says it seems kids have got inside the tempo by their own wish, we are tracking the tempo, we will find them. Jibraan falls down. Aayat gets shocked. She gets angry on Mariam and calls her jealous of Jibraan. Jibraan stops Aayat from punishing Mariam. He says you are right, Mariam is jealous of me, I fell down. Aayat asks him to punish Mariam. Jibraan says she will be my slave today and do whatever I say. Aayat agrees. Mariam thinks of their friendship. She thinks he isn’t my friend.

Jibraan seeing Aayat and acting to punish Mariam. Aayat goes to make food for him. He stops Mariam from cleaning the room. Farhaan talks to his aides. The kids hear the goon. Farhaan smiles seeing Majaaz’s pic. Goon looks for kids. Jibraan gifts Mariam and says you have taught me to ride cycle. Mariam says you complaint to Aayat. He says I saved you, when mum’s anger gets down, I will tell her truth that you saved me, she will thank you, she loves me a lot. She says my dad loves me a lot. He says we will play now. They play.

Aayat comes to them. Goon threatens the kids. Aayat sees Jibraan troubling Mariam. Jibraan says Mariam will do work all day. Aayat goes. Junaid and Hamdam look on. Majaaz and Omkar are with police. They reach the godown. The kids see them and come out. They hug. Omkar slaps his son and scolds him. Majaaz stops him. He says we are in India, who got you here. Kids say we thought tempo is going Lahore and came here. Goons hide seeing police. Majaaz says we shall go home. The kids ask will we meet Mariam. Majaaz says its not easy to reach her, come. Goon gets relieved when police leaves.

Goon checks Majaaz’s pic. Zain plays guitar. Mahira smiles. He thinks of Rihaan and Mahira. She says you play guitar well, why did you hide this. He says we both have hidden a lot from each other. Choti says you know what happened, Shastri’s bahu eloped with her lover. Rifat says such relations are fake. She asks Mahira will you show us such day. Zain asks her not to joke such, he trusts Mahira a lot. Majaaz and Madiha talk to Aayat. Mariam says I want to talk to dad. Majaaz asks Aayat to make video call. Aayat asks Mariam to just talk as she told her.

Mariam says I won’t tell him anything. She talks to Majaaz and Madiha.Mariam’s friends talk to Mariam and ask if she is happy with Aayat. Mariam sees Aayat. She says I made a new friend. They tell about Rakhi. Majaaz says I will meet your new friend. Aayat asks him to talk later. Aayat asks who is your new friend here. Mariam says the cat in kitchen. Aayat says don’t befriend anyone here. Mariam cries and misses Majaaz. She thinks to tie rakhi to Jibraan. She sits making rakhi.

Gauri ties rakhi to Majaaz. Madiha ties rakhi to Omkar. Omkar says Majaaz troubles you, I will protect you. Wasim and family comes. Wasim asks Madiha to tie him rakhi. She hugs him and ties rakhi. Rifat calls Rihaan there. She asks do you have a sister. Rihaan says no. She says don’t worry, Meher and Mahira have no brother, they will tie you rakhi. Mahira gets shocked.

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