Mariam Khan Reporting Live Update Monday 9 August 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 9 Aug 2021: The Episode starts with Aijaz coming to meet Majaaz. He says I wanted to talk to you. Majaaz asks him to see. Aijaz says you didn’t inform me about the land dispute. Majaaz asks how did you know. Aijaz says I m finding you worried since some days, but I got to know about Omkar about the problems, so much has happened and you didn’t even bother to tell me, I m elder of this family, its my responsibility.

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 8 August 2021

Majaaz says I didn’t wish to trouble you, what shall I tell you, the person who lodged the complaint is just the name, someone else is doing it, he is a businessman, all of us know him. Aijaz says oh, its dangerous to have enmity with him, I suggest you to drop this case.Majaaz asks how can I leave truth, I can’t be disloyal with my work. Aijaz says you were defamed and got difficulties, who is watching you, your daughter’s engagement broke off, the world is changing, you should change yourself too. Mariam is in school.

Fawad and his friends joke on her and go. She thinks to teach him a lesson. Fawad drops the teacher’s phone and says its not my mistake. Mariam says I have clicked your pic and will tell the teacher. He says don’t say anything, I will do what you say. She says you need to do my homework. He agrees. Majaaz comes to meet Wasim and asks when did you return from Mumbai, you maybe tired, come up with new methods to get the press. Wasim asks what nonsense. Majaaz says it was acceptable till it was between you and me, my daughters are getting crank calls, you attacked me and Madiha, you have sent me to police station.

Wasim gets shocked. Majaaz says if you involve my family, I will not spare you, keep that in mind, keep my family out of this, else….. He goes.Rifat calls Zain. He talks to her. He sees Mariam on the road and stops the car to meet her. He makes her sit on the car and says I m here to meet you, congrats. She says sorry, I won the race by cheating, so don’t congratulate me, I bagged the first place by mistake, I wanted a hoverboard, not trophy, but I got my dad’s camera, its prize of saying truth. He says I m so impressed.

She asks did you hurt your leg. He says no, I got hurt when I was a child. She shows her wounds. She asks his name. He says my name is Zain. She says I m Mariam Khan. He says we will click selfies. She calls her friends and introduces. He takes a selfie with them. He says I will develop the camera pics and then you can see it. She says send it to school or home. He says I have a surprise for you, its a hoverboard, your principal asked me to give this to you. She gets glad. Mariam comes home and rides the hoverboard. Everyone gets surprised.

Aaj ki breaking news…..plays…. Meher and Mahira also try. Madiha goes to Majaaz for a talk. She says you declined the minister’s offer, we are in need of money for daughters’ marriage. He says I can’t let the press go in any wrong hands. She argues with him and asks him to accept the offer, does he not care for anyone. He says you know my family is imp for me, even the press is imp, sorry I can’t do that, you know well who has sent that minister. Mariam goes to show the surprise to mum and dad. Madiha says I will take the decision, you have to choose between family and press. Majaaz agrees to sell the press.

He gets sad. Mariam looks on. She says I got the hoverboard when I told the truth to principal, he gave me this prize. She goes. Mariam takes care of Aijaz. His phone rings. He hides the phone.Mahira says filmi dialogues and laughs. Meher asks are you going somewhere. Mahira says hell. Mariam asks can we pass exam by passport. Mahira says we are barred from entering other countries if we don’t have passport. Servant asks for cooking oil.

Mariam says its same oil I m using for massage. Mariam runs. Aijaz gets the call again and talks to the lady. He says I can’t come to your place today, I m not well. She asks him to please come, his pain won’t win over her charm. He gets shocked seeing Mariam. She asks do you have to go anywhere. He says yes but….. She says I will drop you.Mariam helping Aijaz and taking him to meet his friend on her hoverboard. Madiha says Aijaz already has pain in his legs, if he falls, it will be big trouble.

Aijaz asks Mariam to lower the speed. Mariam leaves him on seeing Dadda. Aijaz falls down. Everyone runs to hold him. Aijaz says I m fine, I just slipped. Dadda says you are still kiddish. Mariam asks what gift did you get for me. Dadda says I got prasad for everyone. Mahira talks to Rihaan and leaves to meet. She asks Meher where is she going. Meher says I m going to get photocopies of my notes, I will do yours as well. She sees Mahira upset and asks her plans. Mariam says I want to go and have icecream. Majaaz asks what’s happening, take Mariam on a drive, take the car. Mariam eats icecreams. Mahira argues. Meher says Mariam is a kid, its good Mariam has come, you both have icecream.

Rihaan comes there. They see him.Meher sees Mahira and Rihaan signing. Mariam says Rihaan is Mahira’s friend. Mahira interrupts. Mariam cleans the table and spoils Mahira’s clothes. Mahira says come with me and clean my clothes. Rihaan tells the guy that its easy to please a girl, just confidence is needed, all the girls are dumb. He taunts Meher. She gets angry. She says you are nothing but a loser, road side Romeo. She scolds him. He says you can complaint against me, I know your family, I have seen your dad’s pic in paper. Meher says I will drag you to court.

Mariam scolds him too. Mahira controls them and takes them.Its morning, Mariam is in class. Teacher gets impressed with her homework. Her friends say Mariam has done the homework. Fawad looks on. She gets her book and thinks who got benefited by this. Teacher checks Fawad’s book and asks what happened, why didn’t you do homework. Fawad gets scolded. Mariam smiles. Mariam goes to help the painter and lands him in trouble. The man scolds the kids. Mariam and her friends color the floor. Fawad says let me color too please. She gives the brush to him before Sir comes.

Fawad and his friends get caught and punished.Majaaz listens to old songs and recalls Madiha’s clothes. Omkar gets sweet cigarettes candies for him. They recall their childhood. Omkar reminds his words. They laugh. He asks is this true that you are selling your press. Majaaz says I don’t wish to, but I think its necessary to stay connected with the family. Fawad tells Mariam that they will race in the ground, they won’t tell anyone. She agrees. Mariam and Fawad race on their hoverboards. He thinks you got me punished.

He locks her in the class and goes. She shouts for help. Mariam’s friends look for her.

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