Love will never lie update Thursday 28 May 2020

Love will never lie 28 May 2020: At home, Mauli complains to Ishaan about Mishti’s odd behavior, she also pushed Pari hardly in the park. She narrates Ishaan the whole story of her car and Kunal’s offer to drop her, Mishti didn’t even wish a bye to Kunal.

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Ishaan says he will speak to Mishti. Mishti was in a bad mood. Ishaan offers her to go for a long drive, watch her favorite cartoons and have popcorns but Mishti doesn’t move. Ishaan looks around for Mishti’s lost smile. Dida and Mamma make their attempts. Mishti doesn’t move. Ishaan says Mishti must be angry because they didn’t let her have ice cream. Mamma and Dida hold their ears promising they will never stop her again.

Ishaan asks Mishti how her smile will return. Mishti recalls Mauli’s hand over Kunal’s on the tissue box. She demands Ishaan a kiss. Ishaan tries to kiss Mishti, Mishti demands a kiss from Ishaan for her Mamma. Mauli was resistant, but Ishaan kisses on Mauli’s cheek as it’s not any impossible demand. Mishti demands Mamma to kiss Ishaan as well. Mauli scolds Mishti for pointless demands. Mishti says other’s parents kiss each other, then why her mama can’t. Dida and Mamma tell Mishti that her Mama and Popsy aren’t married yet. Mishti says Mama doesn’t love Popsy, she loves Pari’s Papa because he is her Papa as well.

Everyone was taken aback hearing this from Mishti. Mishti says she heard what Mamma told Pari’s father on the day of engagement. Mauli’s eyes fill in tears. Mishti complains everyone for lying to her and leaves. Her words echo in Mauli’s ears, she steps back and loses her balance. Ishaan helps Mishti.

At home, Pari finds everything in her room messed up. She playfully brings everything to its place, then calls Kunal to scold him for such mess. Pari demands Kunal a chocolate in reward for all the work she has to do at home. She says nothing is at place, and she set everything at home. He even left his clothes on bed. She has been fixing the house for one hour. Kunal says he will bring her chocolate in the evening. Pari agrees and brings the clothes to Kunal’s wardrobe. She decides to set the wardrobe and pulls a shirt. A box fell down the wardrobe. She decides to check inside.
Dida also cries that the secret was revealed.

Mamma asks Ishaan to speak to Mishti. Mauli stops Ishaan and says she must speak to Mishti. She must be disturbed by the way she knew the truth, it even took herself years to come out of this truth. She must face the situation and clarify everything to Mishti, and asks Ishaan’s affirmation as well. Ishaan says if Mauli need him, he is here. She takes everyone’s approval and leaves.

In the box, Pari finds Nandini’s belongings. She turns the photographs of Nandini alone, with Kunal and then with Mauli. Pari wonders what Mauli aunty is doing in the photo.

Mauli comes to the room to speak to Mishti. Mishti was angry, she runs to hide herself in the wardrobe and asks Mauli to spare her alone. Mauli requests Mishti to speak to her.Pari finds some wishes by Mauli for Nandini. There was CD inside. Pari decides to play it.

Mauli requests Mishti to speak to her at least, she knows how bad Mishti must be feeling. Mishti says no one loves her, and no one understands how she feels. Mauli assures everyone loves Mishti. Mishti says she hates Pari’s Papa, he even left her. Mauli cries saying Mishti will understand everything when she is grown up. Mishti says she hates Pari and doesn’t want to see Kunal’s face; she hates everyone. Mauli asks Mishti to speak to her atleast.

Mishti opens the door which hits Mauli’s forehead. She was apologetic and tells Mauli she feels bad about Kunal and hates him. Mauli hugs Mishti. Mishti says she doesn’t like Pari’s father or Pari. Mauli promises Mishti they will never meet Kunal or Pari. Mishti asks her to shake hand in promise.

Pari doesn’t play the CD, she decides to hand it over to Mauli instead. Mauli doesn’t know she is the daughter of her best friend. Even Mishti will be pleased to know.
Mauli holds Mishti’s hand, hugs and kisses her.

Kunal had an emergency in the hospital and had to stay. He gets a call from Pari and says he is busy. Pari decides to go to Mauli’s house with Aasha and forcefully takes her.Mauli and elderlies send Mishti to park with Pramilla. Mamma says they must inform Ishaan about Mishti, he was really concerned and would come over for dinner. Mauli tells the Mamma and Dida that she tried to explain the matter to Mishti but can’t say how much Mishti understood. What’s clear that Mishti doesn’t want to see Kunal’s face?

Mamma asks what Kunal’s mistake in all the matter was, he was even unaware of Mishti’s birth. Dida interrupts and calms Mauli, she says it was a big matter and she is relieved they realized Mishti’s reaction in time; she is attacked to Ishaan and after Mauli’s marriage with Ishaan there would be least chances of confronting Kunal as well.

Kunal comes out of OT and calls Pari. Aasha was in car with Pari, worried that Kunal would now scold her. Pari takes the phone and tells Kunal she got a CD from his wardrobe. Kunal straightens up at once, worried. Pari tells Kunal that she is taking the CD for Mauli as a surprise. Kunal thinks he can’t let Pari hand this CD over to Mauli, he kept it secret for years.

Pari comes to Mauli’s house. Mamma greets her at the door and says Mauli aunty is busy. Pari runs inside calling Mauli. Mamma was worried that Mishti will be home anytime. Pari complains to Mauli for not telling her about her friendship with her Mama. She shows Mauli an old picture of Mauli and Nandini.

Kunal drove rashly towards Mauli’s house.
Mauli’s eyes filled in tears as she recalls her friendship with Nandini. Pari asks Mauli not to cry, her mama also left a gift for her. She hands the CD to Mauli. Dida warns that Mishti will be home anytime. Pari insists on Mauli to play the CD, she wants to hear what her Mama wanted to say. She takes the CD and operates the recording.

Nandini’s voice was weak, she says she feels really ill and weak right now. She always snatched from Mauli, even today she is giving Mauli the responsibility of her daughter as only Mauli can give her the love of a mother. She was apologetic to Mauli for what she had done and couldn’t gather enough courage to face Mauli but expect Mauli doesn’t let her down. Mauli and Pari cried hearing the recording. Mauli hugs Pari. Mishti had returned home and fumingly shouts Mama! Pari runs towards Mishti and smiles at her.

Kunal reached Mauli’s apartments.
Pari shows Mishti the photo of Mauli and Nandini. Mishti throws the photo away that fells into Kunal’s feet. Mauli goes to scold Mishti for her ill behavior. Kunal holds the photo. Mishti questions Mauli who invited Pari or her papa here. She shouts that Mauli had promised they will never meet them. Mauli and Mamma try to control Mishti but Kunal takes Pari away. Dida cries while Mauli’s eyes were also filled in tears.

Later, Mamma scolds Mauli for not eating anything up. Ishaan comes home. Mamma complains Mauli is upset, and won’t eat anything. Ishaan asks Mauli about Mishti. Mauli says she is in the room, angry. She tells Ishaan that Pari came over with a CD that Nandini had recorded for her.

She says Nandini had apologized her in the CD and requested her to take Pari’s responsibility. Pari is really innocent and cheerfully brought it to her. She hugged Pari in emotions, but Mishti was angry about it. They are all suffering from the consequences of what Kunal and Nandini did. She shares with Ishaan about her helplessness to handle the confused girls. Ishaan tells Mauli that they must speak to Kunal about it. Pari is Kunal’s daughter and also a victim.

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